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I have a really bad sweating problem

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Old 07-19-2006, 06:45 AM   #1
Ferrari Fan
Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: UK
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Ferrari Fan HB User
Unhappy I have a really bad sweating problem

Can anybody relate to this with me? Mine is awful! it doesnt smell, theres just lots of it lol. In school it comes through my shirt and my jumper, that proves how bad it is. And my friend keeps going on about her sweating prblem and she only gets a dot of swet on her t-shirts and im too scared to tell anyone. Noone know i think.

Can anyone give me advice or tell me if they have it as bad as me too? Thanks guys xoxox

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Old 07-19-2006, 03:21 PM   #2
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honeybeez HB User
Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

hello! I am so pleased to see i am not alone in this.. Today i soaked through 4 t shirts.. i always have big patches under my arms and yesterday i had it down my back on the bus too... currently i am testing different about 5 different types of deodrant.. i always take a deodrant out in my handbag and an extra top (just for this hot weather..)

ive tried everything.. in desperate mesures i go in a toilet cubicle.. take off my top and try to shake it dry!!

Maybe you could talk to your doctor about this? with me im beggining to think its a hormone problem.. but the doctor has ways of reducing sweat..

take care x

Old 07-19-2006, 07:13 PM   #3
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prisi_ort HB User
Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

OK their is this type of medicane that I got For My armpits u arent alone trust me I have this Problwm I cant Wear Colerful shirts cuz then U can See the Stains But Go To the DOctors and ask them about a a medican called DRYSOL ok Its A lIquid U Apply oN B4 U go to Sleep But It can Only Be perscribed by Ur DOctor But Yea I got It and It does work the next day I had No sweat at all Under My Armpits OK I have a bf and I try TO hide my sweaty armpits from him I dont put my arms on top of him when I hug Him cuzim afraid .... but Now My doctor gave me drysol and It works Its stops sweat the whole day trust ME It MADe Feel so Good and yea... the first time u use it its stings But DOnt use it after u shave trust me I did and Omg It hurt so bad SO You'll jus have to get used to it But Yea Ask Ur Doctor trust me It works really good

I swear I hope U get It TRUST mE iT WORKS gOOD !

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Old 07-19-2006, 10:58 PM   #4
A diffrent kind
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A diffrent kind HB User
Talking Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

hey there i have the same problem and nothing really works it is hard to hide but i get it from fall,winter,spring and summer and my goes throw my shirt it is so embarrassing so girl if you find shomething that works let me know!!!. Thanks

Old 07-20-2006, 05:48 AM   #5
Ferrari Fan
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Ferrari Fan HB User
Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

Thanks honeybeez, its good to know I have someone to talk to.

Priscilla, thanks very much. I would go to my doctor, but I would have to go with my mum wouldn't I, if your under 16 or 18? And i'm scared to tell him :P

You should try Priscilla's advice, A different Kind. But if I do find something else, I will share that with you

Thanks guys

Old 07-20-2006, 01:52 PM   #6
Junior Member
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prisi_ort HB User
Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

Hey A Differnt kind!
WELl Yea Just try Drysol It WOrks and DOes Work U Jus HAve to get it by your doctor trust me It Works!!!

To FErrari fan
O yea I guess U would have to go wit ur mom to get it I went wit my mom and Dad and Its embarassing to tell ur doctor But Who cares and It works for sweaty palms and feet but I Use IT For my armpits Cuz I hate It bUt Yea PPLs It WOrks !!!!

Old 08-08-2006, 06:42 PM   #7
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Ash71 HB User
Smile Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

I def. had the same problem ((bad)) all throughout school and still do. But i keep it under control with "Dry Idea"..and i got it from Walmart. Thought this would help if your not able to go to the doctor. Apply a very small amount at will sting a little bit, but nothing to worry about. Put it on for a few nights and then you will be able to go every other day.. and so on. I only use it about once a week and i dont have a problem with sweating anymore. You shouldnt have to worry about what you wear!! Just go get this and try it! It's a lifesaver.

Old 08-11-2006, 04:12 PM   #8
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ticktockclok HB User
Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

Hi, sorry about your sweating problem. I've heard of these things you put under your armpits, and they soak up every drop of sweat. My son said he had a friend who uses them. There is probably chance for embarassment with guys especially, but you should check about these.

But really, if you sweat, you sweat. Its kind of hard to do anything about it, and you have to live with who you are.

Old 08-29-2006, 02:51 PM   #9
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awkwardsilence HB User
Thumbs up Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

I'm a really bad sweater, too, and you'd be surprised how many people have the same problem. I always have to bring a sweater or jacket to school to put on over my shirts because I get sweaty immediately. It all started in 8th grade when a guy pointed it out to me, and I was humiliated. I came up with some really ridiculous story that he obviously didn't believe. But since then, I had always tried to hide it. I'm a junior now, and I've earned the rep of the loud, sarcastic funny girl. This summer has helped me a lot in finding myself. Now, I tell people about my intense sweating. I carry deodorant in my bag and use it during class when I need it. I've always been able to easily sweat through a tee and a sweatshirt, even a winter coat once. I regret allowing it to bother me so much because people really don't care. If it doesn't bother you, it won't bother them. So own up to it, show off your sweat stains, and carry deodorant!

If this really doesn't sound like your way of handling it, there are prescription deodorants you can get, but they made my armpits itch to a point where it was painful. Even after I sucked up to the pain and sleepless nights, my body ended up getting used to it, and I started sweating heavily again within a month. There are also Botox shots you can get now, which paralyze the sweat glands. I don't know how that is, I've never had them, and I don't know anyone who has.
I hope you just learn to accept it.

The following user gives a hug of support to awkwardsilence:
uga bcican (04-08-2011)
Old 09-05-2006, 09:43 PM   #10
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buckeye1 HB User
Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

DRYSOL does work really well for most people who have trouble with excess sweating. I feel bad that you are too embarrassed to tell a doctor - think of all the wierd things a doctor must hear all day long - hemoroids and sexual problems - I really don't think a doctor would freak out to hear about a little excess sweating. If you're that uncomfortable, then write it down so that you can just hand the doctor a note when you see him/her.

This is your health - sooner or later you'll be on your own to handle your health problems - you've got to learn to be comfortable talking about your health problems to a professional - just remember they've heard it all before and there are no stupid qestions. (it a doctor makes you feel that way, it's time to find a new doctor)

Old 09-07-2006, 12:30 PM   #11
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CA91 HB User
Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

Yeah, I've never been a sweater- I can make it through gym class easy without getting sweat stains.. In fact, I've never had noticable sweat stains(sweat stains= pit marks), I do have some friends like that though. One of which just sweats, even if he's just sitting down.. It's completely normal.

Old 09-08-2006, 03:58 AM   #12
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pinkey HB User
Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

hey there
just letting u know of an alternative solution i have the same thing as u guys have been talking the excessive sweats i was even sooooo embarrased i did the same thing always wearing jakets and stuff to hide behind it restricts what colours i can wear and my ardrobe!!! it sux. and when i told my mum because she doesnt have it she just assumed it was nothing and put it down to hormones man how many times have u heard that. well then i went to the doctors who were useless and only offered me the hydrosol deoderant stuff but that just made my armpits itchy and sore reeeeeal sensitive and made it difficult to shave nothing worse than hairy sweaty armpits huh well anyway after all that worrying and embarrasment (im an actress soooo it even restricts me with the parts i want to play incase i have to touch anyone which makes me freak out and sweat more!) i finally told my best mate about my problem and she was like what i never even noticed(becoz im soooo good at hiding it) but she said well have u ever tried going to a chinese herbalist!!!! and guess what i went and hes put me on sum stuff. if you would like to know more about what im doing let me know but otherwise i wont rant on and tell u what he sed because its quite long!!!BUT IF YOUR AFTERAN ALTERNATIVE LET ME KNOW AND ILL FILL U IN ON WHAT HE SED IT IS AND HOW HE EXPLAINED IT!!! IT MAKES SENSE TO AND U COULD PROBS RELATE LET ME KNOW K!!!!!!

Old 08-08-2007, 08:55 AM   #13
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slacco HB User
Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

+1 on the Drysol.

I had excessive sweating of my underarms for close to 20 years (since age 12). I finally told my doctor about it and he gave me a prescription for Drysol. When I mentioned my problem he looked like he hears people complaining about this every don't be embarrassed to talk to your doctor. If I had gotten this product when I was in high school, my last 20 years of life would've been much different as it was a huge embarrassment to me. Anyone who says you should just live with your body and deal with it obviously understand just how distracting and uncomfortable this can be. It controlled every aspect of my life before I tried the drysol. The drysol worked immediately for me. Definitely use it as it is prescribed to be most effective.

On the negative side, Drysol definitely makes my armpits itch tremendously for a day after I apply it. But I only need to use it once about every 2 weeks at the most. To me it was/is well worth any discomfort. I would still use it even if you told me I would die 20 years earlier because of it. It has worked that good for me.

Old 08-09-2007, 03:13 AM   #14
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joe8807 HB User
Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

I had a sweating disorder under the armpits :S like for a year (when i was 15 now 17) i thought it was odd so i went to the doctor which was much easier than i thought it would be i told him about that i had Hyperhidrosis which he agreed with he gave me a perscriptionfor 2 bottles of DRICLOR (60ml) which you just put under your armpits before you go to bed, and i assure you, you will never sweat there again . I got 2 bottles of driclor and i still on my first bottle and this is a year since i was given the suscription which is really cool Its gave me a great boost in confidence and i can wear nicer brighter clothes instead of wearing horrible black all the time as im not a goth :P. People dont be scared to see your doc there really nice and that i what there their for.
Anywho glglgl all the best with our problem it'll all work out

Please dont let it drag and drag on for ages if your gonna sort out this problem do it now go make an appoitment with your GP NOW!!!!!!!!!!, again GL

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Old 08-10-2007, 02:08 PM   #15
Suzi Q
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Suzi Q HB User
Re: I have a really bad sweating problem

I had the same thing when I was younger (as did my Mom) It started in 7th grade and went until my freshman year in college. ( I am 25 now) Mine would also stop when I was at home but be dripping all other times. I found mine to be the worst when I was nervous, like giving a oral report or something. There is some fancy medical term for it but I can't think of it right now. It isn't anything to worry about, although it is really annoying and was often embarresing for me!

But other than those medical routes already mentioned (botox and special deoterant) here are some tips I found that worked for me:

-black, light yellow, white, light pink and dark blue show the sweat the least.
-certain fabrics breathe better like cotton
-having a pattern, like swirls or flowers or just something busy detracts from the sweat ring visually
-knit sweaters often don't show the rings as much either
-Spray vinegar on your white shirts that are getting the yellow pit stains before they are washed, it will help to lighten the yellowness.
-certain deoterants will stain your shirts a lot faster than others
-in the fall/winter/spring I would just layer my shirts. the more shirts I had on the less likely the sweat was to go through all the layers

The sweating should go away in time. But it is the pits until then, literally.
Suzi Q

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