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Old 09-22-2003, 02:19 PM   #1
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SueBdoo HB User
Post New...can anyone help me understand these #'s?

Hi everyone,

I'm new here but have been reading for awhile since a very good friend, who's a member here, told me about this site...She says there are ALOT of very well informed members here and especially about all these numbers...I've recently been DXed with Hypothyroidism...At my insistance, my Dr. ordered the Thyroid testing since we had tried everything else to find where all my many problems were steming from. He just ordered the usual ones and because I was insisting, he told me to just tell the girls in the Lab what others I wanted...Like Free T4, Free T3 and Antibodies....

Well I did this and they had to look up the FT4 in their huge books as they never do that...And they never found a FT3...said there wasn't one...I was livid because I knew from all my research that there was...but I finally got fed up and told them to just do what they could find of the ones I wanted....The FT4 and Antibodies would have to be sent out of town to be read...Good Grief!!! ...And they said...IF there is anyone that CAN read them...You can imagine how mad I was when I left there... I knew I wouldn't get all the info I needed without the Free T3 but maybe I could get "something"...and knew that I WILL be getting it myself one way or

Anyway, here are what results I got back...My Dr only says that the TSH is a "tad" high but that's all....I think this says different but would like an experts (you guys ) opinion on that one...He put me on Synthroid 25mcg...I took it a total of 4 days. The 3rd day, my left arm went completely numb. Early the 4th day, about an hour after I had taken the Synthroid, my heart start pounding so horribly fast that I thought it was going to come out of my chest....Then it would take about an hours break from that now and then and during that time, I had lots of fluttering really bad...Plus, all day, I had this awful pressure over my heart area. I also got worse and worse as the day went on and that night...felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin or something..I was miserable...I know my BP had to of been thru the roof....BTW, I've always had very very low BP my entire life until right before we started trying to find out what is going on with me...Out of the blue, it was like 150/100...That was thru the roof for me....

I would have gone to the Dr during that awful day's happenings but I simply could not get out of about a scary day and night....I didn't take another pill the next day...but slept the entire day away...finally after 2 days of no more pills, I felt back to the way I did before taking to the Dr that day and he said to take no more and he was sending me to an Endo...Well, naturally I have no idea when I will be getting an appointment...the Endo is in a large town 2 hours away and when the Nurse called to make appointment and send my files, the Endo's nurse said that the Dr would have to look at my file and decide how soon he needs to see me...Sheesh!!! (I could have given him a hint) AND he was out of town until Oct 14.!!! I'm sure you know how thrilled I am over all this....The testings started like 2 months ago and finally after my insistance, we did the Thyroid testing and finally got some answers..

But now, I'm no better off than I was when I started...And from all I've read, I'm kind of dreading this Endo visit...So help me, if he gives me any problems or acts like I'm fine, I think I will most likely go balistic! I've had about all this monkeying around I can handle and I want to finally start doing something to feel better...I've had 0 energy in a year at least, not to mention ALL the other problems I'm having...All of which can be found in the Hypothyroidism symptoms....Shoot, some can even be found in the HYPER symptoms...So who knows..

But, I am hoping some of you ladies can help me out a little bit with understanding these numbers...I want to go to this Endo as well armed as possible and to sound like I know what I'm talking about when I see him....And also to know what to argue with him about if I'm not agreeing with what he says.....So any help will be much appreciated!!

Thanks to anyone who can help...Sorry this is so long but I just cannot seem to make short posts...There is just so much to say about this
**************************************** **************'

TSH 5.19 ------- 0.4-4.2
T4 8.15 ------- 4.2-12.0
TUptake 23.8 ------- 25.5-37.2
T7 1.94 ------- 1.07-4.46
FreeT4 0.91 ------- 0.78-2.19

Thyroglobulin Ab -------- 3.4 ----- 0.0-2.0

Thyroid Peroxidase ABs (TPO)----- 1.3 ---- 0.0-2.0
(under this TPO it says...This assay detects anti-TPO antibodies)
**************************************** ***************

Does this make any sense to any of you ladies? And what would you do next if it were your results? Thanks for any and all help on this....


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Old 09-22-2003, 02:44 PM   #2
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girlygirly HB User

It looks like you are hypo with antibodies. I don't know why you reacted to the medication like that unless you have hashi's and you swung into being hyper. Synthroid isn't the ideal med anyway. Perhaps you need a med that has t3 & t4 in it. Since you have a good rapor with your doctor why don't you talk to him/her about trying a different med with t3 & t4.
In the meantime why don't you take selenium supplements, they help convert t3 into t4 and they also help to reduce antibodies. Get the type that is made from yeast as it is the most effective. Find one that doesn't have soy in it also. I take zinc and vitamin e as these three work together. It's worth a try until you can see your doctor.

Old 09-22-2003, 03:10 PM   #3
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SueBdoo HB User

Hi there...can you tell me more about what exactly the Antibodies are and what they do?? I haven't been able to learn much about those yet....

Just from all I've read here, I've been thinking about the Armour alot...But not familiar about all this stuff to know if my numbers warrant that or if it's the right way to go yet...but I'm certainly willing if you guys say what you've seen shows I need that...And I also am pretty sure that I can just call my Dr. anytime and tell him I want to try it and he'll let me...He's always been pretty darn good like that...I really hate having to just sit back doing nothing and waiting for that appointment with the Endo which could be months....And there's no guarantee that he will be anything but a jerk after reading so much all over the net about all the problems everyone is having with Drs! If I can learn enough about this stuff and actually be able to "retain" it long enough to talk to my Dr here....I would rather he be the one to treat me in the first place...But I have to know more about what I'm talking about first...that's why I came to you ladies...My memory is just one of the symptoms I have come up with and it is just about non existant darnit! I hate that!!!

Thanks for your reply and I'm going to print out everything you all tell me and study it...make lots of notes and get myself an've already been to sooooo many Thyroid sites but only came away more confused than ever...I "use" to be pretty smart and caught on to anything easily...not anymore!!! Did I mention...I hate that??? LOL

Thanks alot..


Old 09-22-2003, 08:17 PM   #4
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SueBdoo HB User

One more question I'm trying to find the answer to is..How do I know..or can I tell from the labs if I need the T4 and T3 like in Armour (I think) or just the one in Synthroid and the likes?

This sure is confusing trying to get everything straight so you can be informed enough to go one on one with your Dr if need be...I already have a desk load of printed out materials on alot I've found out but right now, it's all going around and around in my poor NO memory brain...But I'm determined to understand this stuff then if I decide I want to try it, go inform my Dr I want to try Armour....

Right now, I just don't know what makes you need this as opposed to something like the Synthroid...what Labs tell you this or how do I know? Thanks again everyone...I know I am going to get some invaluable information from you...I'm ready.

Thanks again...

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Sky_Eagle1 HB User

You really need what works best for you, and in the long run that will be Armour. Your thyroid makes lots of different things, yet the doctors only supplement back the T4. With T4 it may work for a while, until your extra T3 is depleted down and the body can not convert the T4 (inactive and unusable) to the T3 (active and usable). This will leave you crummy, but with a low TSH, since the presence of any thyroid chemicals lowers that. That is one reason why seeing the Free T3 and Free T4 is important, so we can tell your true thyroid condition and not an arbitrary number like TSH.

Originally posted by SueBdoo:
One more question I'm trying to find the answer to is..How do I know..or can I tell from the labs if I need the T4 and T3 like in Armour (I think) or just the one in Synthroid and the likes?

Old 09-23-2003, 08:14 AM   #6
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girlygirly HB User

Most patients feel better with t3 & t4 levsls in the high end of normal range.
T4 converts into T3, T3 is at the cellular level. Most people do not respond well to T4 therapy because their T3 levels are too low (at the cellular level) The Free T3 and Free T4 are the tests that will show you a more accurate picture of how your levels truely are.The reason I sugested the selenium supplemnets is because it helps the t4 convert into t3, so it can help you.It also has been found to reduce antibodies.

Antibodies means that you have hashimotos. What this means is that your thyroid is being viewed as a foreign object and your antibodies are attacking it trying to destroy it. (I'm trying not to be technical, just spelling it out in simplistic terms.)

I hope I cleared up some of your qustions. It took me a while to figure out the whole t4 and t3 thing.

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lovemythreeguys2002 HB User

Hi....I don't really know if you are positive for antibodies since it was so low, but that means Hashimotos disease, which is an auto immune disease, and the body is destroying your thyroid.

Being your TSH was a little high, I think you need more meds, I have read that sometimes being on a low dose can actually make things worse.

At DX, my TSH was 3.56 and I started on 50 mcgs of Synthroid and that brought me down well under a TSH of 1.

No meds, waiting for scan

Old 09-23-2003, 03:38 PM   #8
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SueBdoo HB User

Thank you all, very much....I think I'm starting to understand all this stuff much better...Altho I'm sure I'll have other questions....

Also wanted to say that after reading LOTS today and all your posts that I could find to help me, I called my Dr and asked him if he would give me Armour so I could try it....especially since my Endo appointment is going to be so far off....He said...SURE, it might be just what you need!!! He's always good at doing what I Pharmacy called tho and told me they don't keep that and would have to order it...but it would be here tomorrow if the company has it....So, I'm happy with my Dr..Gotta LOVE that man!!! ....Not sure I actually am ready to start taking it until I find out more information about it and what I can expect tho...but intend to keep reading...I am SOOO ready to start to feel better but definately don't want to go thru what I did with just 4 short days of Synthroid again....

Thanks alot've helped alot...And if you have any good info or suggestions on taking the Armour or what to expect, I would LOVE to hear them.....


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