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Do you have shortness of breath?

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Old 11-07-2004, 07:25 PM   #1
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Do you have shortness of breath?

Everyone, thank you for sharing your symptoms and insights. It is a great help to me because I am new to hypothyroidism.

Can shortness of breath be a low thyroid symptom? I have had this for some time. When I started on low dose Synthroid about six weeks ago, it got better. Not completely better but improved. Now it is bad again. Do you think it is thyroid related?

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Re: Do you have shortness of breath?

Yes, it can be related, and probably is in your case, due to the fact it got better after starting treatment. It's likely worse again because you're due for a needed dose increase. Symptoms come and go, get better and worse, during the time it takes to reach your optimal dose.

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Re: Do you have shortness of breath?

YES! I definitely can be thyroid related! Prior to being diagnosed myself, for a few years I noticed, or, my husband noticed, that I got out of breath quite easily. Like it was happening after ONLY going up 4 steps (back door) I was extremely HEAVY at the time...but this was a "new" symptom (at that time) for me.

Plus, I was noticing when I laid down to go to sleep at night, I'd have periods of wheezing when I exhaled....and it got to be a pattern, when I started hearing that sound, I KNEW a "cold" was lurking in me. And sure enough, no matter what I'd TRY to do, it would ATTACK...and it would be HORRIBLE. It would start in my sineses and eventually go into my lungs! I'd cough SO HARD it would pull muscles. It would LAST forever too! (weeks) AND because I wasn't thinking straight, I'd be bullheaded and NOT go to the Dr. Basically, because one time I had, and the STUPID DR. didn't GIVE ME ANYTHING because he said "Well, I'm not going to give you any antibotics, because this is the problem, people are just resistent to antibotics these days, you'll just have to let it wear out of you." And...he gave ME nothing! I WAS SOOOOOO TICKED I was, sick and going to the Dr. FOR NOTHING! ~ I believe IF he would have been a better Dr. he would have SEEN all of these signs in me.

So, for a couple of years, this same cold would "hit" during the fall and winter months....and every year it would do the same thing.....wheezing, sinuse drainage, coughing, enlarged lymph nodes, hurting back to my ears, and eventually respiratory problems in my lungs. BUT, I didn't GO back to the Dr. because I reasoned "why?" they won't GIVE ME ANYTHING! Why bother? BUT...EVER SINCE taking my synthroid, It doesn't do that, I don't get SICK like that. However, when I was on generic thyroid (for 3 months), those symptoms started to happen...the FIRST SIGN OF WHEEZING when I lay down and I KNOW something wants to get started. I switched back to synthroid, and sure enough, it's cleared up.

This happens when it's colder, I don't know if it's the COLD or the allergies from pollen, or mold or what...but it's something. We have weaker it strikes us, especially those who haven't been diagnosed with thyroidism.

One time, when I was first diagnosed with thyroid, I was taking my medication, but, for whatever lame brainness I have, I had decided that "no, I don't NEED THIS medication, I'm not someone who's got any problems" (I'm not very BRIGHT sometimes! lol) and for a week, I had gone off it. I sell crafts on weekends during the fall and Christmas..and we do outdoor shows....and I live in OHIO, and during the fall, it can get REALLLLLLLLYYY COLD in the fall when you have to "set up" in the dark (early mornings) and it's damp. Well, at the end of that week, during the show I got REAAAALLLY SICK, and it was DUE to me thinking I didn't NEED that medication! WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My point is...after this long YES, it's connected. and IF your still feeling it, more then likely your STILL undermedicated. You Dr. maybe just to "conservative" and/or my wish to frieghten you, or tell you YOU SHOULD TRUST THEM, but, be VERY WARY! Because many of them simple don't KNOW anything MORE then what they've been force feed by their education and FOR PROFIT PRESCRIPTION COMPANY'S!!!!! ~ Synthroid MAY help many/most of us with this condition, but it's a very good chance that it's not addressing ALL of these issues, and alot of these issues can be addressed...but only ASTUTE Dr.'s have ANY CLUE!

May I suggest Mary Shomon's book Living Well with Hypothyroidism. It's an AWESOME BOOK...and it's a GREAT learning tool for someone NEW to this! Learn all that you can, because so many of us are in your same shoes!

Sorry for the length.


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Re: Do you have shortness of breath?

Here, here! Same EXACT thing. Short of breath during very hypo periods and then BLAM! out of nowhere as I turn hyper or more normal, it seems my lungs just open wide, almost like I took a shot of antihistamine or an asthma inhaler.

I also wheeze from just under my Thyroid when my goiter swells up. I don't wheeze from the lungs at all, but its almost certainly coming from my thyroid area, probably crushing my windpipe when its swollen.

I actually tend to breath much better when its colder out than when its warm and humid.

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LynnHan HB User
Re: Do you have shortness of breath?

I've learned over time to know that somethings not right IF I feel it starting. It's especially annoying when you want to fall asleep and you hear it wheezing. ANNOYING! I bet your more's from the thyroid area, not the lungs. And when I get "sick" from it, it ends up making me HACK horribly...and heads for my ears too! Last year was "better" but prior years before synthroid....I'm surprised I lived.

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Re: Do you have shortness of breath?

Thanks everyone for your replies. It is good to know this is a thyroid symptom. It is pretty intense sometimes. I believe I do need a higher dose. I have been on the lowest dose of Synthroid for about 6 weeks now. My test results did improve and some symptoms are a bit better, but I am still having symptoms. I pray that my doctor will be open to it without a long, dragged-out fight. What do you do if they believe you are on the right dose, try to find another doctor? Egad!

I will definitely get the book you recommend LynnHan.

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Old 11-10-2004, 05:04 AM   #7
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LynnHan HB User
Re: Do you have shortness of breath?

Yep. Find another one. Don't put yourself through the STRESS of trying to convience. That's what I'm trying to decide now to do myself. DO I hang in there with my current Dr. who FINALLY had been influenced by a compounding pharmacy to give me all of the proper testing, and even then I STILL had to "help myself" to insure I got a good full baseline for the compounding pharmacy! So? Do I hang in there and PROVE to my Dr she's not had a clue all along, yet she will have to witness my IMPROVEMENT, and I make her a better Dr. once she get's over her EGO? OR, do I just simply go find one who's "got it"???

But, I have to get rolling with this compounding pharmacy and hopefully it will properly address my needs and I start seeing results? Time will tell. Trust me, IF I DO see results....LOOK OUT! I'll be trying to convience you all to look into this for yourself?

I've only "suffered" I believe, my whole entire life from thyroid issues, only until I was 415 pounds, short of breath, achy, sick as a DOG, puffy, and heading for diabetese, depressed, feeling worthless, PMS'y (big time) did ANYONE EVER BOTHER TESTING ME! But, hey, no biggie, right? LO WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, if you don't know where to turn, I suggest looking into a compounding pharmacy..and calling them and asking for a referral to a good thyroid Dr. I'll bet they know.

I'm glad your going to get that book! Let me know IF you thought it was informative and helpful? Read it, and it too will empower you with idea and options. It did me!

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