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Old 02-04-2005, 09:44 AM   #1
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tlsims HB User
FNA results back

doc just called and said that the cells they took showed a tumor. they are setting me up with thyroid surgeon and it would be up to them to see if they will take all of it or just that part. what are the symptoms of thyroid cancer?

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LuvMyLilDoggie HB UserLuvMyLilDoggie HB UserLuvMyLilDoggie HB UserLuvMyLilDoggie HB User
Re: FNA results back

I don't know that there are any symptoms other than what are usual in hypo or hyperthyroidism. I know you're worried about it. Even if it were cancer, it's success rate is near 100%. I've heard it said that if you were to have to choose which part of your body to have cancer in, the thyroid is the best place to pick because of the cure rate. Please try not to worry. I know it's easier said than done.
I don't know if they would take part of it or all of it. That would be the surgeon's call. Some take the attitude that it's better to have at least part of the thyroid. Some take the attitude that it's better to be safe and remove the whole thing rather than remove half only to find out that the rest needs to come out too.
I'm sorry I couldn't answer your questions but hopefully someone who's been through what you're going through will see this and answer your questions and maybe aleviate some of your fears or concerns.
Best wishes to you.
Live, Love, Laugh.

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softcrush HB User
Re: FNA results back


Make sure you get a GREAT surgeon who does tons of these per year. You want an expert, not just someone who can do it.

Get all your research done in advance. Buy a bunch of books, and start printing stuff off the internet. Clear you calender. Make disability arrangements. Make sure family are going to be busy healing, and its going to be day your are up ...the next down. It may 6 or 10 months to be fully yourself again. Now THIS may not be your case you may bounce back quicker, and not have any troubles. Let hope you are one of those.

Just in case you have some set backs:

Make sure all your SIGNIFICANT relationships are put on hold, with all the grace you now posess, since later you won't have it...and you will be embarassed and mortified by your own behavior.

Any...big decisons, about cars, houses, career...etc. needs to be put aside...or taken care of now. Just because its not chemo therapy, doesn't mean you'll be presentable.

Make sure you don't minimize this. Its a journey like you have never been on, and people will think you look fine, when you will still be very out of it. They may judge you, mock you, and demean you. Protect yourself now.

Also, find a doctor now...who you like who will follow you properly. You want someone who knows that upper part of ranges feels good, is willing to test the frees, and knows that hypothryoidism is tricky, and sometimes you'll need extra help figuring things out.

Make sure doctor will let you have Armour if you chose it. Some are dead set against it..particularly in the case of cancer...which in my opinion is the very person who needs it most. You will be to weak to find a advocate that will stick with you through the entire hairy mess.

You won't be able to drive a car...because you will be out of your mind. Its called dimentia....and it feels like you have been separated from yourself. You may hallucinate, and feel like no one is on your side. Some refer to it as hypo hell. And, with very good reason.

The surgery is easy, compared to afterwards. You are better off prepared.

I'm telling you this NOT to scare you but to look out for you. Nobody gave me the heads up, and I've paid dearly. So, I'm giving you what I didn't have.

Please keep this in mind:This is not the kind of trip where you can have faith and just "figure" things out as you go along.

I know its a lot to take in all at once...but I couldn't NOT be honest. Remember though, not every one goes through the same thing I did. You may have a wonderful time, and be glowing in no time.

So there you have it...good luck!


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K9Mom HB User
Re: FNA results back

One ladies experience with thyroid cancer. She is a wonderful writer with a great sense of humor.

Dx Graves 4/99, tx w/Tapazole & Atenolol - Remission 7/03; Relapse 1/06, back on Tapazole, remission & off meds again 11/06.

Old 02-07-2005, 07:05 AM   #5
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tlsims HB User
Re: FNA results back

thank you so much. i have been so worried all weekend. now i know what to be prepared for. i am worried about the surgery cause me and that gas they use dont get along. i always develope pneumonia (sp). i wish they could do with sedatives and locals.

i am also extremely worried about afterwards when you have to hypo and like you said with all the demtia, mood swings i already suffer from panic attacks and some depression. would ant deppresants help with this after the surgery?

again thank you so very much you have answered so many questions and honesty is what i need now so i can prepare.

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Benzi HB User
Re: FNA results back

Hi, here are a list of the symptoms I had with my thyroid cancer it was a papillary, follicular mix and was 2.5 cm. I had a stiff, sore neck and lump that sent me first to a chiropractor. My glands were swollen and a off and on again sore throat. I noticed all the sudden that cold meds made me jittery (heart palps) when they never had before. I was real tired all the time. My labs however always came back fine. TSH was perfect, not hyper or hypo. My radioactive uptake scan came back fine also. The nodule was classified as warm. The surgery was a breeze for me but I had a very experienced Head, Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon. I felt great just 1 week after the surgery and missed about 5 days of work. The going hypo did not bother me until the last week of the aprox 5 it took to get my TSH as high as they wanted. Then I did have some mood swings but not real depression. I also gained about 20 lbs and my face swelled up some, this symptom went away real fast as soon as I was back on my thyroid meds. I also had chest pains, but they were not severe. I am not sure antidepressents will work, that will be something to ask your Endo. Be sure to tell your Endo about your problems with surgery before. I will repeat again also: Get copies of all reports, labs, the FNA report. Someday you will need them. If you have any questions I will be happy to answer.

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smileyk HB User
Re: FNA results back all that same preparation necessary with RAI also? Is it the surgery that does all that stuff or going hypo? I mean I know the recovery from surgery is definitely more serious than RAI...but I'm wondering if all those things also happen to people who have RAI and then go hypo?

Old 02-07-2005, 05:31 PM   #8
Join Date: Dec 2003
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softcrush HB User
Re: FNA results back


I would say "yes" to your question. Its the hypo stuff that really throws your life out of kilter. Docs think its a kin to handnail or something. Find one that KNOWS how severely it can effect your life, otherwise you will be doc hopping after treatment.

World champion skier Janica had Graves and her thyroid killed by RAI treatment. It took her a full year to get back into her competitive mode. It takes a matter how strong you are at the outset.

It took Rod Stewart (total thryoidectomy), nine months to get himself together with healed vocal cords into singing mode again.

So, you see...this is something that takes a LOT of patience to recover from, whether its RAI for Graves, or a thryoidectomy.

As far as anti-depressents are concerned my opinion may not concur with what others have to say. I'm really a big fan of getting your thryoid hormones balanced properly before your introduce any phsychotropics. The reason being, your mental symptoms are tell-tale signs you are off balance hormonewise. Without that indicator, you may never get balanced properly, which will leave your body vulnerable to other major issues on down the line.

Also, it is my opinion that the psychotropic drugs are less effective when your hormones are out of balance anyway. Its like you try to put something on top of something that has no solidity, so it just slides around on you.

You don't want that situation, expecially because some of those drugs are very addictive. To be stuck grappling with a drug addiction on top of hypo symptoms is not a good deal. It would be like turbo-charged hypo hell.

If you stick around the board long enough you'll see how many peeps are misdiagnosed for depression before the proper thryoid diagnosis. They report the strain of having the two hellacious problems and wish they had never been given the anti-depressents in the first place.

Just my opinion


Last edited by softcrush; 02-07-2005 at 05:45 PM.

Old 02-07-2005, 05:42 PM   #9
Join Date: Feb 2005
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smileyk HB User
Re: FNA results back

Wow...thanks are right...doc makes it sound like a walk in the park! "Yeah we'll just kill your thyroid with this pill (that we keep in a LEAD case--that you're not allowed to touch)--that you take and then you just take this other pill for the rest of your life and everything will be just great." Thanks again for the real story.

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