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Old 04-25-2006, 03:59 AM   #1
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SoManyFeelings HB User
Asked to take 5 aspirins a day for a while

I'm reposting this in hopes for someone to answer please.

Hi everyone, I just went for my 1st endo. appt. today and fortunately had a very nice lady dr. who seemed to listen (hopefully my next appt. in 2 wks will go just the same). Anyway, she said my thyroid is definitely enlarged ... and with all my many symptoms, and from the past initial TSH tests that have been done in the past 6 mos, 5.3 and 5.6 (AM) and 2.2 (PM), and with all my other TSH levels in the norm range from the past 10yrs plus (1.4 - 1.8), she's diagnosed me with Hashi's Thyroiditis. She's requesting the Free T3 and 4 bloodwork along w/a few other tests and also an Adrenal Testing (AM only).

My question is, in which I forgot to ask her why is, she wants me to take 5 aspirins a day (not ibuprofen or tylenol), until I come back in a few weeks for my next appt. Has anyone ever heard of this or done this before? And is this to try and calm down the thyroid? (What I do remember her saying was "since you had a severe allergic reaction to prednisone", that she wanted me to take aspirin), hmmm. Thanks for your help

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Re: Asked to take 5 aspirins a day for a while

Hi SoManyFeelings,
I missed your other post. Sorry!
I don't know if this is the reason, however, with my levothyroxine (T4) it lists one of the drug interactions as high dose salicylates (e.g. aspirin). I don't understand it, but I still don't understand all this thyroid stuff. It is SO confusing! I think some of the docs (MOST of them) are confused also!
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Re: Asked to take 5 aspirins a day for a while

Do you have a painful goiter/thyroid? The only reason I've seen to take high-dose aspirin is with the temporary, painful forms of thyroiditis, either acute or subacute. I don't think it will have any benefit to you unless you have thyroid gland pain.
There are rare cases of Hashi's which cause this kind of pain (most Hashi's are painless). But I found a small study that says, for those cases, aspirin taken with levothyroxine works better than steroids... but you aren't taking L-thyroxine yet, are you?

Aspirin is known to increase the proteins which bind T4, which may lower the availability of free T4 for conversion and cell use, and it can cause your total T4 lab level to be falsely elevated. If an MD only diagnoses/treats using total T4 instead of free T4, you might either not get treated at all or you may get underdosed.

If it were me, I'd ask the reason for the aspirin.

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confused725 HB User
Re: Asked to take 5 aspirins a day for a while

Hi somanyfeelings,

I agree, I'd call & ask because unless you have a painful goiter, why the aspirin? I havent heard of anything or anyone taking high doses except when the inflamation is really bad.
Call, its probably something the secretary will ask & come back on w/ the answer.

I too have Hashimotos Thyroiditis
Do you have possitives ab's?

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SoManyFeelings HB User
Re: Asked to take 5 aspirins a day for a while

Thanks all for your support

As to the aspirin, yes, it's to be taken in place of prednisone/steroid since I had spoken w/her during my visit of how I had lost my hearing in my left ear 2 yrs ago (74% hearing loss which is dx'd as being deaf) during my total hysterectomy surgery (no one knows if it happened from the anesthesia or all the meds I was given), and a month later the ENT had me on 60mg of prednisone and after 6 days I was ready to check myself into the hospital because I was certainly having an allergic reaction, my throat on the outside was huuuuge and my throat inside was sooo swollen and of many colors ... and I was high as a kite and felt so wierd, hard to explain, anyway, I went cold turkey off of it and with the help of my sisters on the phone, brought me down to reality, certainly took time/days that's for sure. Anyway, I didn't go into all those details with the endo but as to me taking pred, it's definitely "no" for me. But I've heard for many who take a very lose dose of it do okay.

Anyway, during my visit w/the endo, she felt my thyroid and all felt fine except when she pressed slightly at the bottom front of it ... it felt a bit tender but not excruciating ... kinda like the feeling when you're wearing a tight turtle neck shirt and it's a bit too tight. So, w/the slight minimal pain she wants me to take the aspirin to see if it helps ... also, she wanted me to check w/my PCP first since I have a hiatal hernia and GERD, in which I haven't called him yet and probably won't either ... but, I spoke w/my sister who's studying to be a Nurse, she'll graduate next May, 2007, anyway, she told me to buy the Bayer low dose - 81mg, safetycoated - ENTERIC which is alot calmer on the stomac than regular Bayer, which I bought last night but haven't taken any yet.

My endo and I didn't discuss any meds yet, she's probably going to wait and see how my tests come back. I went yesterday morning to have my blood drawn for all the Free T3's and 4's, etc., and adrenal cortisol test. As soon as the tests are back, I'll be at the lab to pick them up ... I'm one who never waits for the doctor, lol, always have my toosh in the front lab door to get my copy first, lol. I was told it takes about a week for the results, but, as soon as I pick up my copy, I'll share the results with you all first so we can help diagnose me further, lol ... so, at the moment she dx'd me with Hashi's thryroiditis by my symptoms, exam, and TSH results for the past 2 yrs ... but will be awaiting to see what the antibodies test show.

Soon I'll post my story in here but am sure it'll be quite lengthy, what I'll try to do also is show all my conditions/diseases along with symptoms instead of explaining each diagnosis, otherwise we'll be here all day

Thanks a million you all for your help, bye for now, Marty

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confused725 HB User
Re: Asked to take 5 aspirins a day for a while

Hi marty,

Looking foward to hearing the results......please keep us informed.

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