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im so scared that i will die of heart problems please read not long 3 kids under 10

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Old 12-08-2006, 08:46 AM   #1
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pursie HB User
im so scared that i will die of heart problems please read not long 3 kids under 10

please has anybody got advice, to cut a long story short i went on thyroxine after being diaged with hashis, i was put on 25 it was hard to cope with this and had to come off then up it gradually. anyway i saw an endo wow this is somthing in england and he said go up to 50, i did, i was ok then went really7 hyper, so i was knocked down to 37 1 and a half tablets then i had bloods done and it showed even morre hyper the doc said go down to 25, ive been trying to do this but ive been having some bad episodes, ive had seriose pakpitations really thumping and fast fast!!!! now ive had another episode and i took loads of valium to try and stop it my heart feels fluttery really fast skipping i get breathless despite it feeling racey i actually feel a bit hypo at the mo and i think the effects of reducing thyroxine are awfull, has anyone else had problems reducing the meds and how long did it go on for?? i was going to go to the hospital today and ask for another ecg to be on the safe side, ive really had enough of being unstabble and i now think im to hpo again any input i would be really gratefull and i also offer my full support to all on the healthies lol lots of love from katpurs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxpp s i have 3 kids under 10 years old the little one is only six and he would be lost without me im so scared or are theese irregularities normal for med decreasingxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx please pleas pleas post back if you could see me im really on my hands a knees praying you do but no pressure ofcourse lolxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxmy doc said there are no side effects to thyroxine withdrawlxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Re: im so scared that i will die of heart problems please read not long 3 kids under 10

I hear ya', kat. I don't know what to tell you... just want to let you know I'm here.
All I can say is, your heart is young and designed to beat hard during times of stress. It can take a considerable beating.
Just try to think calm thoughts. Don't forget that other things besides thyroid might be at work here.... anxiety or another health problem, like adrenals.
{{{hugs, Kiddo}}}

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Re: im so scared that i will die of heart problems please read not long 3 kids under


All sorts of things can interact with your T meds to promote those palps. You may be able to trace triggers. Get a notebook & start noting your episodes. Date, time of day, activity, pulse rate, and pulse characteristics (weak or skipping beats).

I have found I can induce tachycardia & palpitations by ingesting SUGAR or sugar-laden foods, honey, sodas etc. I can tolerate the equivalent of a tsp or two, or one small, plain cookie, but more than that & I'm off to the races. There is an interaction that occurs between cortisol, insulin & T hormone that can promote this effect. So obviously, for me, restraint on sweets is very helpful. I even have to take care with fruit juices, though I do better with whole fruit, perhaps because the fiber evens out blood sugar some.

The other thing I would ask you to check is that these episodes are not occurring within 2 hrs. of eating foods with a lot of iodine or iodized table salt.

There are some other home remedies that can help racing heart due to high thyroid blips, but I am hesitant to rec. them to you because I am not at all sure that such blips are the cause of your episodes. If these palps & racing heart are happening as you are reducing your thyroxine, they could be an adrenal insufficiency symptom -- or a low thyroixine symptom. Do have any concerns in the adrenal department? Have you had an ACTH stim test done?

Edited to add: Have you had any free T3 levels done, Kat. When you were on your highest T4 dose (50?), was the "hyper" simple determined from TSH? Or were you having a lot of hyper symptoms at that level?

Some of us (like moi) do get seriously depressed TSH, without significant elevation of free T hormones, when our supplementation is adequate. Sluggish (or smart?) pituitary stops sending the messenger TSH out. If I were treated strictly by TSH, I would be suffering a lot, and yes, I would be having a lot of palps, which I do have when my thyroxine is low. I also get them when my estrogen is low.

Midwest's advice, to calm down, is good advice. Do what you can to eliminate feelings of panic & that will be best all round. Treat the thyroid, adrenals, etc. as rationally as possible. Do whatever you can with lifestyle & observation to improve things.
Best wishes.

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Re: im so scared that i will die of heart problems please read not long 3 kids under 10

thanyou for your post so much i guess i can talk to you about things like this that i couldnt to freinds and family, mainly because youve really been there and you are a credit to the thyroid community i was so glad when i saw the replys off you guys phew!!!!!
yes it does sometimes feel abit adrenal and i have had strange cortisone readings in the past , but alas they did urnes 3 day runs 3 times and lost them all or blamed them on too much alkaline lol
the docs arnt so ifficient in the uk but they are free, i just want to stabalize, i think ive gone a bit hypo because my scalp is itchy i feel more cold and tired and put a bit of weight on my eyes look strange ive just had enough they do the t4 and the tsh not the t3 as the doc says the t4 mirrors the t3, i dont think its pure anxiety i dont get pannick until my heart does summersaults, im thinking should i still be reducing or going up a little or can this be expected to feel all theese heart symptoms while reducing this is far worse than when i was hyper, my last reading was 0.05 and t4 25 but the antibodies were high and this could have just been a antibodie attack i did have hyper symptoms though i was red and flustered talking ten to the dozennnnn so the doc downed me to 37, i think i should have stayed there and i think they tesyted to soon as it takes months for the hormone to come out, ive also been reducing really in little steps due to the horrible side effects, my swallowing has changed it hurts and my voice has changed, im at a loss and im scared cos of the kids that rely on me, im thinking about paying for an endo after xmas and woyuld they take it out, i just cant stabalize and im now thinking my body has had enough, im so sorry about all theese issues and questions, im at a loss, i cant let this illness beat me and ill be damed if its going to make me unable to look after my kids , yes and youre right there are weird gliches when reducing its hell i know im on a tiny dose but its alot to me and this disease may have been caught early but its here all the same all the docs are unaminus its hashis and its progressive right, im so sorry about all the posts and being the biggest pain in the world juast talking and ideas are helping me and a dvice but dont worry i wouldnt do anything without dr t running it by him first
the docs do knoe some stuff but i beleive the school of llife is the most important and we have that dont we so i think in some ways youre one up on the docs and its defo not all in those text books is it love from katxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxthankyou elmhar and midwest im gratefull for your time it feels better all ready like you put a band aid on me lol
im so scared and so tired of it allxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxand very emotinal i think this has defo changed my adrenals, im so sick of my cold hands i thought they would warm up with the meds lol i wish i could try the armour but its so strong it may be wrong for me as im sensitive to all this thyroxine lots of love and thankyou thankyou thanyou please post back if you can or if you want to talk about anything atall im here always katpurs************ respect***

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Re: im so scared that i will die of heart problems please read not long 3 kids under 10

im so sorry about that novel i just wrote , i guess there has been so much up down up down round and inside out theres so much to tell!!! lol sorry whoooopsss xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:diz zy:

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