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Old 07-03-2008, 05:14 PM   #1
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red64 HB User
new labs do I have thyroid problems or not ? Please help

Do I have thyroid problems or not. I am so confused. My TSH dropped from 2.51 last time to the 2.19 this time and here are my new labs. Remember I have family history , Grandmother , mom, sister, aunt, all are Hypo, and Hasti's. Please help me know if I should pursue this or not.

TSH 2.19 there range 0.4 - 4.0
Free T4 1.06 range 0.8 - 1.9
Free T3 3.0 range 2.3 - 4.2
ANA Antibodies 22 range <100
Cortisol Total 4.7 range 4.3 - 22.4 I lactate from my left breast
Prolactin 7.6 2.8 range 2.8 - 29.2

MRI of pituitary showed no tumer, mammogram, ultra sound and MRI of breast showed nothing to cause the lactation of the breast, and I am not pregnant ( no equipment left ) so how can this be ?

my CT scan of my Adrenal glands : report stated Findings compatible with incidental left adrenal adenoma - and that a non contrast CT could be utilized for further evaluation. The doctor said that was normal and I didn't need to worry about that , but I don't really know what it means ? Can anyone help with that one ?

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Re: new labs do I have thyroid problems or not ? Please help

Yes, you are hypothyroid. No doubt about it. Pursue treatment, if you aren't being offered it now.

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T4T3hell HB UserT4T3hell HB User
Re: new labs do I have thyroid problems or not ? Please help

Sounds like you need a new doctor.

I don't know who did your pit. MRI---but pit. tumors are notoriously hard to read---unless they are specially trained radiologists. Was your pit. MRI with and without contrast? That makes a difference too---along with the "strength" of the MRI machine. T1 machines do not give as much detail as T3 machines.

In addition, pituitary tumors are usually "gooey"---and not a "regular" hard" or well-defined tumor---so it's harder for them to be seen in images.

On top of that, if your doctor is going to tell you that it's normal to have an adrenal adenoma or produce milk from your breasts then he needs to go back to school for a refresher course.

On top of all that---your TSH is bumping up and down---and you have a family history of thyroid problems...this could be because your thyroid is swelling and then dumping out T3/T4---or it could be because your pit. is not functioning properly.

Is/was your doctor checking you for Cushings or pituitary or adrenal disease???

I think you need to find a good neuro-endocrinologist to help you sort things out. I suffer from pituitary disease---and for more than 15 years they blamed everything on thyroid. It was more---and more complex than what any of the local doctors could deal with.

Do some research and find some support groups that deal with this type of stuff. I'd definitely get references of doctors before I would waste my time and money dealing with them. I had to go to two different specialists to get to the bottom of my troubles---in part because local endos didn't have a clue as to what they were doing. I found many others in the same boat as me---but we've gotten answers, finally.

Good luck.

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red64 HB User
Re: new labs do I have thyroid problems or not ? Please help

Dear T4T3Hell,

Thanks for your reply, I have been going thru my hell for the last yesr with doctors on this one, have been lactating for 14 years and just now someone has brought up the pituatary. The MRI was done without contrast. I don't know which machine it was. However when I went to have my eye examed I had less then 50% of my left field vision, my eye doctor was suppose to send that to my doc. but hasn't yet, he wants me to come back for a more extensive test, but he was saying a pituatary tumer as well.

My GP wants me to go to a breast specialist, I asked why? they have already done a ultra sound, mammogram and MRI of the breast and everything comes up negative so what more can they do? They found a bulging disc with posterior central disc protrusion at L3-4 which I have back surgery before and she claims that all my aches and pains are coming from that, but that doesn't explain my weight gain, my body temp. running 95.1 -97.6 as normal. My dry skin, sleep apnea, or other thyroid symptoms.

The funny thing is when my TSH goes low I lose some weight, when it jummps up a few points I start to gain again eating the same amount.

I will keep pursuing this till I get an answer, it's not the first time I made the medical journals. When I was little I had Rhuematic Fever and had no Fever. I made history on that one.

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T4T3hell HB UserT4T3hell HB User
Re: new labs do I have thyroid problems or not ? Please help

Sounds like you've been patient long enough!!!

I think my local doctors forgot there was a pituitary. They were more than happy to offer my hubby an MRI of his sprained knee---but balked at me when I mentioned that I thought that my pituitary had to be involved in all the weird problems I had.

I've been thrown out of more than one doctor's office for bringing up diseases---like Cushings, Addison's, and secondary ends up that my problems were originating in my pituitary.

Be prepared to get dismissed as fat, lazy and depressed---if you have the symptoms I've had.

It could be your back problems are related to endocrine problems---so it's important to get doctors that can and will work together. Some of these guys get all bent out of shape over turf wars---which leaves us suffering.

I used to lose and gain weight for no reason. Then one day, my belly expanded by four inches overnight---and I gained 11 lbs from Saturday morning to Monday morning.

The office manager at the local endo's office told me that I was lying---and refused to get me into the doctor's office right away.

I continued to gain 30 lbs in about 2 months. It was crazy!!!

LOL!!! Your comments about being a medical oddity sounds strangely familiar---I kept insisting that weird things happened to me---but the slack-jawed local yocal endos and other doctors didn't believe me.

It's nice to meet someone who is a "freak" too!

Something is up. Your adrenals can get wiped out if your on too low of a dose of thyroid---it happened to me. I got to the point where I couldn't walk.
They did scans and said that my adrenals were ok---but I stiil wonder.

Hang in there---I think you've got some good evidence that more neuro-endo stuff needs to be looked at and tested.

Good luck!

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