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Old 08-29-2008, 08:38 PM   #1
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catk HB User
Grave's symptoms

Could anyone help me out by describing your own personal symptoms you have with Graves Disease. I realize everyone is different. I would just like to get some input from others that have the disease and what led them to go to the Doctor. Thanks for the input!!

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michelle221 HB User
Re: Grave's symptoms

I am having thyroid issues and was speaking to my cousin today about her symptoms with Graves.

She said at first she just felt bad and had anxiety they put her on paxil for years. She got pregnant and the dr did a thyroid test and then she was diagnosed with hyperthyroid. She was put on ptu while pregnant. They did not keep up with her levels and told her she should feel better soon. She was on ptu and they would only see her every 6 months. She had heart racing anxiety nervousness losing weight when pregnant, and then after the birth felt really horrible. She was crying and thought she was dying maybe with a bad flu. They went to the urgent care and said she was fine. She kept having nervousness, anxiety sweats at night behind her head, tremors in the hands, fatigue, weakness and nausea and trouble eating bad menstural cramps tingling hands and feet, hoarsness upset stomach and weird throat pains. She lost weight then started losing hair in clumps. She then went to a new endo and they did uptake and found graves throught the uptake her labs were normal. She had rai once and it did not kill it . She did not go back since insurance ran out and could not afford it. She has symptoms now, but not as bad as after the baby, like racing heart nervousness and hoarseness. She only takes a beta blocker so hoping she can get it fixed.

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Old 08-30-2008, 12:58 PM   #3
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lucy2 HB User
Re: Grave's symptoms

I started getting sick in November of last year. Seemed to have the 'runs' all the time. I was afraid to be too far from a toliet. Then I started getting panic attacks and crying all the time and started to lose weight. I went to the doctor and he said I was depressed and gave me Cymbalta. I took it for 2 months, but didnt feel much better. The last week of December we had a big xmas eve dinner of prime rib. The next day I got really bad diaharra. It was purely water most the time. and I blamed the meat for awhile. I couldnt eat anything without it going right through me. That kept up for a week and a half. Went to the doctor and he gave me something for the runs and switched my depression meds. I got worse and literally crawled into his office the next week. He finally took a blood check. Four days later he calls and says my tsh was .10 and I need to see an endo.
I actually started loosing weight without trying 2 years before that. I went to the doctor and he ordered a colonoscopy...said I had ibs. Whatever. Can you believe this is my doctor yet? Yes, i still see him after my tt in June and he already wants to lower my meds cause he says I am hyper yet. I am frustrated and I think I need a new doc. So baically my biggest indicator was the panic attacks and weight loss. And by the way, this doctors office never takes your pulse, so later I checked my machine at home and my average pulse was 126 during this time. I was concerned about the high blood pressure I was having and didn't even pay attention to the pulse. My head pounded alot and that could have been a combination of higher blood pressure and pulse. At his office if the top reading is 140 he will do something. Mine was always 138-139 when I went in. I told them it was high for ME, but they did nothing. I am now back down to 117/72.
My eyes were also swollen lots of the time. My eye lids, under them and on either side of my nose. That got better after the tt, but this morning I look like someone smacked me in the face, minus the black and blue marks. Don't know why it came back today.
Anyway, thats my story....and it continues. I am supposed to be hypo now, but I dont know. I chose surgery over rai. Now I wish I had bought the book Thyroid for Dummies, first. That doctor says you can take meds a long time. My endo was pushing for an answer to surgery or rai right away. Said I couldnt take meds for more than 18 months.
I am ok with my descsion, but not liking the way I feel now. Hopefully it will get better.
Best of luck to you.

Old 08-30-2008, 05:26 PM   #4
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: Columbus Ohio
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catk HB User
Re: Grave's symptoms

Thanks so much for the help.... When I was told I had it..I really didn't think I had any symptoms. I had the "runs" also. Seems like I had it a lot. I always just thought it was from stress. I have trouble sleeping. I don't have any trouble with bulging eyes or anything like that. I cry sometimes, but who doesn't (LOL). The doctor says I have a tsh level of .004. I don't know what that means, except I have a hyper thyroid. As far as how BAD that is..I don't have a clue. If anyone can tell me if that is bad, I would appreciate it.

Old 08-30-2008, 09:04 PM   #5
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lucy2 HB User
Re: Grave's symptoms

I am not an expert like a lot of the people on this board who have been around a long time, but I think ,or know that your tsh is really low and not good. Mine dropped to .05 even on methamizole for awhile, but came back up in another month.
I did have shakey hands before I was diagnoised with graves, which i thought were part of the panic attacks, and I did take a beta blocker to slow down my heart even with the hyper meds. I too, remember puking several times, too. For awhile I thought I had the flu. But it was so sporadic...puke one day and then not for three days and do it again. It was just so weird. I was really sick though. I missed four weeks of work. My boss was so understanding. I couldnt tell them what was wrong with me, but that I was sicker than heck. Those pills the doc gave me for the runs didnt work, by the way.
I did get a thyroid scan with the low radiation dose. My first 4 hour check was 36 and 76 at 24 hours. I think normal ranges are 7-30 or something like that. I cant remember exactly. They said my thyroid was really big, but I didnt have a noticable bulge in my neck.

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llovell67 HB User
Re: Grave's symptoms

I found out I had Grave's on a visit to a new internist. I noticed I had lost some weight, was jittery, had night sweats, etc., but I had also just had my gallbladder out a month before so I really didn't think anything of it. I think I had some symptoms for a long time, but my (now ex) doc never took me seriously. She just did the basic thyroid tests and said the were 'in range - you are fine'. Needless to say, I was so thrilled with my new doc when she took my elevated heart rate seriously and did more in depth testing.
I went to a fabulous endo, started on Toprol for my heart rate, and Tapazole. I went HYPO in about a month so now I am adjusting meds to get me on track. My doc and I are hoping that I will go into remission, but all of this has happened so quickly I'm not sure.

Good luck to you and know that you can always come to the board for answers! It has been a Godsend to me!

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