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150mcg of iodine in the multivitamins

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cutejenny77 HB User
150mcg of iodine in the multivitamins

Hi, all.

I know many here are taking multivitamins as supplement, but I checked many products, and found every brands/types of multivitamins contain 150 mcg of iodine per tablet. I have a high iodine diet including sea fish, as well as iodine salt (40mg/kg), wonder if it is safe to take it in addition. I found the multivitamins for children contain less iodine than for adults, which seem to be 60 mcg of iodine per tablet. But it would not suitable for adult supplement.

What is your thought on it, it is safe for us to take it? Or it is just dangerous to take excess iodine for Hashimoto's hypoT?


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alikat709 HB User
Re: 150mcg of iodine in the multivitamins

that is a controversial question!!! there has been lots of research done on this subject,I myself take lugols solution, 6 drops which is equivelent to about 39mg. I had noticed right away how it helped with my heart palps, I stopped taking it for a few weeks because my doctor was so against it. 2 days ago I was back at the docs and was sent down the hall to cardiology to get a holter monitor because of all my heart palps. so I started my iodine again today lol, and when they go away Ill call him and tell him what the trick was lol... we cant quote websites here but the dr.s names that did the research are Abraham and brownstein. Search these guys out and you will see all the research where it is used to treat hashi's also. good luck

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Re: 150mcg of iodine in the multivitamins

VERY controversial subject. Iodine in the form of potassium iodine does not trigger an allergic response. We do need iodine to function. Predominantly because four are used to make every T4 molecule.

Now too much iodine is toxic. Too much iodine can kill and excess can drive you hyperthyroid. We get iodine in our food and in the US our salt. Depending on your diet, having iodine in your supplements may be too much for you. Hashimoto's patients, in the initial phase of Hashi's, still have an almost completely functioning thyroid. The issue that arises is iodine triggers an attack response in the antibodies when it is used to make more T4. If a person has HIGH levels of antibodies.. I had over 2000 at one point.. very intense antibody attacks when excess iodine is introduced. The antibody attack results in destruction of the thyroid tissue and temporary, sometimes dramatic, spikes in T4 concentration as T4 reserves in the destroyed thyroid tissue are released. Often in cases like this you, get a temporary T3 toxicosis period as your body goes into survival mode in an attempt to purge the excess T4 through rapid conversion and burn off of T3.

Early on in Hashimoto's OR if you are allergic to iodine dyes and seafood, iodine can cause rashes, palpitations, tachycardia, shortness of breath (note these are all hyperthyroid symptoms ) and other scary phenomena. Whether or not this will happen to you is something that you will have to determine through trial and error. I am allergic to iodine and cobalt dyes. I am allergic to seafood/shellfish that contain iodine. I was quite paranoid about iodine. but my MD assured me KI was allergen response free. So I tried a multivitamin with iodine in it in an attempt to boost my thyroid hormone output. My MD thought maybe I was iodine deficient. Well using it a year ago was enlightening. I couldn't take a vitamin supplement or use salt that had KI in it. With in 15 minutes of ingestion I would be thrown into a psuedo hyperT state, palpitations, rash, tachycardia.. it was a bit nasty. My MDs had to see it to believe it. My cardiologist lovingly calls me his out of the box freakette. My body never reacts as it is supposed to.. Since I didn't react to KI in a scratch test only betadiene and other iodine forms; I periodically tested my reaction to KI as time went by and my thyroid hormone levels dwindled. When my Fts hit the 5 and 10% range iodine in salt and multivitamins no longer bothered me. At this time I also began recieving treatment for my hypoadrenalism.. so whether it was an adrenal issue or thyroid reaction with the iodine, I can not say. I figure since I am near 100 mcgs of t4 now that my thyroid is near dead and it just can not make as much trouble for me. Since I am on cortisol for hypoadrenalism I need the excess salt as well. SO my body is beginning to behave the more pills and conditions I pile on.

No study says iodine is bad for a person.. with or with out Hashimoto's. Studies due suggest that people undergoing autoimmune thyroiditis attacks may be more sensitive to iodine. Now this is not an allergy, just a sensitivity where larger doses can cause mild thyroiditis flares. All in all in depth large volume human studies haven't been done to thoroughly evaluate this issue, as a result it remains controversial and a matter of medical opinion.

If we learn by our mistakes, I am working on one hell of an education.

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cutejenny77 HB User
Re: 150mcg of iodine in the multivitamins

Yes, completely confused by all the different stories from the same Hashimoto's hypoT sufferers...

For testing if one is deficient in iodine, on the ***book, it is recommended to take a iodine load urine tiring of so many tests, don't know if it is reliable for confirmation...

For the iodine controversy......I am thinking if high iodine could reduce the attack against thyroid/antibodies...Just yesterday, I found my medical records in the corner four years ago! couldn't believed that I did not pay much attention to it at that time, and did not receive any hormone treatment afterwards cause I am allergic to the prescribed thyroid hormone, and I also found some wierd things on the lab results! At that time I was living in another place where I could not have a rich iodine diet (I always have seafish, which is rich in iodine )

FT3 3.90 (2.7-7.7)== I don't know why it was even lower than 2 months ago, 4 years later, no treatment at all when tested for the labs, it is quite wierd
FT4 20.50 (12.2-28.7)
TSH 5.4 (0.4-3.1) ==That could be indicated I was subclinical hypoT, could it possible that taking correct treatment can prevent me from progressing to clinical hypoT as now? 4 years later I was tested as 32 in the morning for TSH! Or it is just a destiny for the destruction of thyroid?
TPO Ab >3000 (0-31) ==compared to 1000 just 2 months ago when I was "newly" diagnosed , 4 years later, why the antibodies decreased recently, which could be associated with one's general healthy state or even iodine? Low iodine diet=high antibodies? Or I suspect that is caused by my everyday soy soup at that time.

It is quite contradictory,,,right....

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alikat709 HB User
Re: 150mcg of iodine in the multivitamins

You need to look into the research on the contoversial iodine quesstion, There are many people out there with hashi's who use iodine and it helps them . The other day I was talking with a person who's antibodies went from 2000 down to 300 within 6 months of iodine supplementation. There are iodine savy doctors out there, and other groups with alot of people using the iodine, the breastcancerchoices is a good place to start. kathy

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