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How does T3 affect you?

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Old 12-25-2008, 12:08 PM   #1
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How does T3 affect you?

They killed my thryroid 10 years ago because of Hyper.. I take synthroid everyday. My aunt is always telling me about how she felt so bad on it and had to use Thyrolar 3. I will have an issue and she always says she did too, that it is the synthroid. I finally decided to try the thyrolar. I know I should have got it from the Doc, but I am stuborn and want fast answers.
I just wanted to know if anyone can explain how it effected me.
It would not allow me to sleep at all. 4 days of it and I had to stop. It seemed like it made my legs ache and sure enough when I quit it 4 days later, the next day my legs really ached. THe best way I can describe it is that for those 4 days, I felt like you do if you have been up 24 hours and take crap like no doze. I was not jittery like speed does you, but I was so worn out, but yet not sleepy. It almost felt like it was a mental drug to me, like a AD. Not all the symptoms when you start them, but it did feel mental a little bit to me. Does this mean I do not need the T3 or can it just take a while to get used to? I know you have to take stuff a while to see, but that was a strange 4 days. I could take 5 of my synthroid in one day I am sure and not feel anything any different. WHy is the t3 so strong and do my symptoms mean anything possibly?

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Re: How does T3 effect you?

I did some searching and it seems that Thyrolar 3 consists of 37,5 mcgs of T3 and 150 mcgs of T4, right? You should always be careful starting T3 since it's much more potent stuff than T4 (about 4 times as "strong") - many people start with 2,5 or 5 mcgs (I've heard that men are less sensitive to these changes but 37,5 is a pretty huge amount of T3). So if you wanted to start this combination drug you should cut it in pieces and slowly start increasing it and still take some plain levothyroxine with it in the beginning. I've also noticed that dropping the amount of T4 a lot (or sometimes at all) isn't good either. Many people use 10 to 20 mcgs of T3 per 100 mcgs of T4. The the ratio between these two needs to be adjusted to one's personal needs.

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Re: How does T3 affect you?

I am actually not sure what size they are. THe bottle does not say and my aunt cant remember. THey are white and yellow.
IT is 2 days now since i used it for 4 days and my legs are worn out. It is nothing serious, it is just like I have used my legs so much, they are not recovered. I also did not sleep to well again eventhough I Did not take the stuff yestersday. I have not been the same person since they killed my thyroid. WIth age, I thought maybe I was changing was all. But it seems I do not act like I did at all before they killed my Thyroid. I guess I am going to wait a month, then find out where I Can get a complete lab. Once I do that, maybe it can make since.
I will come back when I get that. Until then, does it make since that this stuff wired me out? The only thing is, I did not feel like shaky, or nervous like I Would on a stimulant. But I was every bit awakened.

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Re: How does T3 affect you?

I did some searching again and I found out that Thyrolar 3 has red and yellow dyes - don't know how they actually look like. T3 leaves your body in a couple of days so you should be back to normal soon.

Oh I remember when I first started T3 (Liothyronin) with just 5 mcgs - I couldn't close my eyes when just before I had great trouble keeping them open I was so tired but couldn't even think of taking my usual naps

I've heard that people have done well with just levothyroxine for years but then got symptoms. I do believe we need all the hormones produced by the thyroid and being without the others for a long time can cause problems. I too am on T4/T3-treatment but this is because of my financial state (my T4 and T3 cost me like $10 a month but changing to Armour would probably cost me like $70 a month ).

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Re: How does T3 affect you?

7am, can not sleep at all. Not one second. I see you said a couple of days so I guess this is normal. I can not belive what this did to me. ANd my legs, feel like they went thru hell. They just throb.
What is the diff in Aumor and Thyrolar 3? DOes the Armour also have the t3 in it? And If I did ever start this, I would deffinetly go the route or SLOWLY adding the t3.
My final thought is, because this blew me away like it did, does not have any meaning that it is not for me? THis would possibly do this to many people if they just started it at normal levels?

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Re: How does T3 affect you?

The stuff leaves in a couple of days but it still can have an effect on your body for a while - hopefully you'll be back to the actual normal soon

Armour is natural thyroid supplement, containing all the hormones that the thyroid produces including T3 (made from pigs' thyroids), Thyrolar is - I believe - synthetic as is Synthroid.

If you took that amount (37,5 mcgs or even anything close to that) of T3 it's no wonder it was a shock to your body and it doesn't prove that T3 isn't right for you - you just need to take it slow and have a trial period of several weeks (unless you get serious side effects even on small doses). It took me 6 weeks to really start to feel "among the living" after starting T3. And it's possible you could react to natural T3 differently - but a slow start is the way to go any case

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Re: How does T3 affect you?

THe problem with that is doctors act like it is not needed usually.
THe actual problem here is that I took for granted that this was no big deal since the synthriod has no real effect on me on a day to day basis. If I wouild have researched this, I would have started out with 1/8th of the thyrolar and kept taking my synthroid. Self medacating can be similar to health. It is up to you to research your poroblems as doctors over look all the time. And when I see a pharm rep coming from the doc office everytime I am there, common since says that they dictate the meds you are given.......

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Re: How does T3 affect you?

I agree with what you say about MDs and Big Pharma. But the fact that you admit you didn't research T3 before taking it on your own and that you are now suffering the real consequences of your neglect confirms that you messed up big time. For all their faults, MDs still know vastly more than you do about T3. You're lucky. If you messed up just a little bit worse than you did, you could've suffered a stroke or heart attack instead of just a few nights' worth of insomnia.

In the US, it's nowhere near impossible to find an MD who will prescribe T3 for you. I strongly suggest you "research" to find one who will agree that Synthroid may not be the best choice of replacement hormone for you before you disable or kill yourself.

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Re: How does T3 affect you?

I am actually not sure what size they are. THe bottle does not say and my aunt cant remember.

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Smile Re: How does T3 affect you?


Not sure if this reply is too late but here goes anyway.

I have an underactive thyroid, it is in my family on both sides.

I was diagnosed after my second pregnancy but I think I have had this problem for the last 12 years.

In January 2008 a doctor (GP) prescribed me with thyroxine (T4) after checking my blood levels. He said my test results showed hypothyroidism. He gave me 100mcg a day of T4 (levothyroxine). I asked about T3 and he told me it wasn’t important. 3 months later (and at the end of my wits) I went back. He did my bloods again, but only tested free T3 & T4. He said the levels were ‘normal’ now but upped my dosage to 150mcg per day of T4, because I was still complaining of most of the symptoms. I felt worse than ever.

I started to read about my condition. I found all the information mystifying and confusing, everyone seemed to be conflicting the next person’s advice. I read everything I could find.

I deciphered that from my symptoms I may have had more problems than just thyroid malfunction. I was possibly producing reverse T3, due to the very low amount of T4 I was taking. I also suspected that I may be suffering from Central Hypothyroidism.

One symptom I felt was coldness all the time, especially in my extremities. I recorded my temperatures over a period of 3 weeks. My average temperature was around 36, with lows of 35.7 and highs of 36.4C.

I am a pianist, and the carpal tunnel syndrome was super depressing. My mother also suffers the same hypothyroid conditions, and also has carpal tunnel. I discovered taking B vitamins could help, so I started regular doses.

I was on T4 150mcg per day only. Two months I changed my medicine myself following my research, to taking T4 and T3 combined, 100mcg T4 25mcg T3 (here the medicine is called Bitiron), plus various vitamin supplements including Iodine, selenium, magnesium, B complex.

For the depression I was taking 5htp 100mcg every night. I stopped taking this because I felt too drowsy and not refreshed after sleeping sometimes for 14 hours. I have since considered St John’s Wort but have decided against anti depressants of any kind, because I don’t want to mask the symptoms, I want to solve the problem.

All medicines here in Turkey are available (mostly) over the counter. I cannot get Armour thyroid here because I am told this is a Muslim country and they do not produce it because of the animal it is made from.

I was taking Bitiron (combined T3/T4, produced and sold here in Turkey). I improved since changing myself on to the combined T3/T4 but I knew I could feel better than that. My temp was still low, I was sleeping for 14 hours straight and still felt super tired, I still had carpal tunnel syndrome, I was still overweight, and had frequent headaches, my eyes were still dry, I still had constipation (not as bad as before, it was chronic) and various other complaints.

I used to suffer terribly from palpitations. The Doctor checked my EKG but it was normal. Following medication I do not have palpitations anymore, and have not experienced them for about 6 months now.

Two weeks ago I discovered that I can get Cytomel here. I am currently changing to T3 only. Initially I switched to 150mcg as prescribed initially by my doctor, plus 25mcg Cytomel. Slowly I weaned myself off the T4 and now I am taking T3 only, (Cytomel). I am now on 100mcg a day and feeling much better. Start very slowly increasing your dose by 5mcg a day, and also remember, t3 to t4 has a 1 to 4 ratio - ie for the same amount 100mcg T4 you must take only 25mcg T3.

The reason T3 is affecting you so much as no-one has pointed out to you here is because our body has two main hormones regarding Thyroid, T4 and T3. T4 is the levothyroxine. The body stores this and hopefully converts it into T3 for use. But if you are not taking enough T4, then T4 can have a negative effect on your body, actually slowing it down, and the doctors have no way to test how much your body is successfully converting T4 to T3 anyway, so it may be that you are converting not very much! And so when you took combined T3 and T4 it hit you like a train.These hormones are normally regulated naturally as and when we need them. But when you take hormone supplements, you get the whole whack at once! So you must take a small amount first and build up. You know when you are taking too much when you get shaky, and almost 'hyper' - because your body is working too hard then.

I probably swapped way too fast as well, but I didn’t have anyone to ask how to do it so I used my own logic, and listened to my body for it’s reactions. Sometimes you have to self medicate - and I understand your problems about the doctors' reactions.

I am feeling better in a way I can not explain. The brain fog has lifted, I feel like ‘me’ again, the constipation is so much better, my skin is less dry and my libido is returning. I feel awake in the mornings, and my weight has dropped by 2 pounds in 2 weeks.

If I remember back to my late teens early twenties I believe I have had this problem the whole time. I was tested at 19 - my levels were low but considered ‘normal’. I was never referred to anyone whilst in the UK.

I was depressed the whole of my twenties, I struggled with Chronic constipation for 8 years, I went up and down on the weighing scales from 10 stone to 13 stone. I had migraines all the time, sometimes as many as 17 in a month.

All the time the doctor said there was nothing wrong with me, and did I want anti depressants?

Hope you get better soon! Good luck.

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Re: How does T3 affect you?

Hi syrenwales..
thank you very much for posting your story. It is because of you I decided to join this board! (this is the first time I do .. ever!)
Your story is very close to mine: after second pregnancy... weight issues.. etc.
I would like to ask you a few questions:
did you have palpitations when you started cytomel (i'm taking t4 and t3). I feel that I need to up my t3 dose because of muscle pains, and brain fog, I increased it from 2.5 mcg to 5 mcg twice a day (which is not a lot) but still, I'm having palpitations that sometimes scare me.
will my body get used to it eventually?
could I damage my heart!?
are you still losing weight?
do you take any food with your med?

sorry for the many questions..
I would really appreciate your answer, since I live in a country where it took me more than one year to convince my doc to start t3, and he threatened me that if i continue I'll have CHF!!

thank you very much,
I think sharing stories is the best way to deal with problems.

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