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New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st post)

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Question New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st post)

Hello everyone,

My name is Jackie. I'll try to be as brief as I can be, b/c this could stretch into a novel. And I apologize, because it probably will. Let's see. I'm a mid-forties aged mom of four. In fairly good shape - tall and petite/thin, usually 120lbs. My thyroid journey started about 12 years ago, after the birth of our third child, I was diagnosed with severe hyperthyroidism when she was about 8 months old. It must have got stuck after my pregnancy, my endocrinologist said. Took PTU and after 2 years thyroid levels normalized. Afterward however, I had a few miscarriages before being diagnosed with anti-phospholipid syndrome (sticky blood) and put on heparin during the pregnancy where I was able to deliver our fourth child. I was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes during that last pregnancy.

Fast forward to fall 2008. Around October, I started to become very tired. Since I work very late hours and sometimes all night when on project deadlines, I just chalked it up to excessive and erratic work hours and being a busy mom and wife. I'm also a runner (was, that is, too tired now), and I did strength training for years to control my asthma symptoms. For the past six years I've worked out 3 - 4 times/week at the gym with weights and lots of cardio, even despite previous surgeries - uterine ablation to control non-stop bleeding after the birth of our fourth child, followed by an umbilical hernia repair, and removal of my gall bladder. Back then, I went from doctor to doctor and test to test for nearly 2 years before my hernia surgeon said he would do an exploratory b/c I was so ill and tests were non-definitive, and voila, my gall bladder was diseased (no stones), he took pictures it was so bad - it was cool to look at afterward. Because of severe vomiting and adverse reactions to medication, my weight shrunk down to an anorexic looking 100 lbs by the time I had my gall bladder surgery, took about a year to put my weight back on. Point is - despite all that, my strength and will to keep up my exercise surpassed any physical discomfort I had during all this. I was volunteering at my children's schools too, cleaning our house, being a wife. I had boundless engery after my gall bladder was removed, until last October.

The first month, I barely noticed what was happening. I thought I was just tired from working so hard. In November, I stopped going to the gym. People there started to wonder why I was AWOL? I tried going again, because my pre-teen loves to go with me to work out and I found it hard to tell her no. But I was exhausted and spent most of the time supervising her. My skin got more dry and itchy than normal. I got deeply depressed. But it was winter, I thought. I became very constipated, for days on end, up to seven in a row! I thought it was because I couldn't exercise. The couch started to beckon more. Since then, my short term memory has been hijacked (I constantly have everyone around here looking for things that I cannot find, and I frequently stop midsentence, unable to finish my thoughts when talking to someone). My memory used to be sharp as a tack. I took great pride in it. And last spring actually, I noticed severe joint pain in my left hip when I was running races or doing cardio kick boxing. It caused me to fall a couple of times.

Last month I was hospitalized with what they thought were symptoms of a heart attack after I was taken to our ER barely responsive after vomiting that morning for several hours, and, unable to breathe easily, and shooting pain under my rib cage, and in my shoulders and upper back. They did lots of tests - echo, lung scan, all good. They couldn't do the heart CATH because I'm severely allergic to the IVP dye. ECG turned out, was abnormal in that the cardiologist said the readings were indicative not of heart problems, but of hypothyroidism! The test showed "low voltage limb leads" and nonspecific T abnormalities" called "T wave flattening." My blood tests, though, he said were both hyper and hypothyroid! I asked how could that be? He wasn't sure. When I was discharged, I was referred for a stress test (turned out normal), and sent back to our GP.

I've been on the couch sleeping off and on, 4 - 6 hours each day since last fall, and then, sleeping all night. I never napped during the day before, not even for 10 minutes. My husband sends the children off to school (he can't wake me up in the morning), makes dinner after he gets back from work, does the laundry, sounds divine doesn't it? But it's stressing me out because I can't get off the couch and do the things I love to do anymore - work out, go for a run, play with the kids, do homework with them, see our friends. I have an important conference to fly 4 1/2 hours to attend in a few weeks - I don't know how I'm going to manage the 12 hour days.

And I've also had severe bouts of Vertigo the last 3 weeks. Last Monday I'd had enough of the spinning motions and was unable to walk without veering to the left, and we went back to the GP that day. My BP was way low - 78/50 in his office, and my temp was 98.0. He ran more blood tests to check the thryoid, and sure enough, still reading weird, and positive for anti-thyroid antibodies (they didn't check those in the hospital). He said - you might have Hashimoto's Disease, and I said, Hashi - what??? He explained what it was, and felt it consistent with my symptoms and age bracket. That, he said, combined with my personal medical history, and my family history of auto-immune and thyroid problems as well, had to be it. He wanted me to see an endocrinologist. Since we've moved since seeing my last endo for my hyperthyroid, I picked one on his list that was closer to our home, and saw her this past Friday morning.

The endo glanced real quick through my labs from the hospital, and from last week. She smiled at me and I felt like I was crazy as I specifically described my symptoms and complex medical history. I told her I was depressed, a chronic sleeper, couldn't work out anymore. I was falling out of my chair in the exam room, ready to fall asleep as I was talking. My eyelids have become droopy and they always want to close. My quality of life was gone! I told her. She smiled some more and took my blood pressure. 120/95 she said - perfect! I looked at her -my top number has never been so high?? My BP typically runs 85/55, or 90/60 at the most, but the top number is never above 100, for as long as I can remember, and my bottom numbers are usually very low, below 65. She smiled again and suggested I might have been "stressed" and that's why it was higher than my typical low readings. She then goes on to say that my thyroid numbers aren't that far out of the range, and she even sees improvement in the numbers since my hospitalization - she said that my body was probably stressed in the hospital, and she said that can cause the thyroid and other numbers to be off (my labs were all over the place in other areas too). My billirubin, for example, always runs very high, but it was very high last month, and my APA (anti-phospholipid) numbers were critcally high, off the charts. So is my BUN/CREA (kidneys). She said she didn't believe that I was having thyroid issues, and she said she was confident that if I have another bloodwork done in a month, that the results will be normal. She kind of blew off my insistence about my previous medical history, family history of thyroid issues, and my severe symptoms. I told her about my conference coming up - she said I'd be fine. I don't think I will. She smiled again and kept writing up the script for the lab work in a month, she said it was highly unlikely that I had Hashimoto's. She was suprised my GP's office even recognized my ECG tests as hypothyroid indicators. I retorted that he is a good guy, super family doc, which is why we've been with him for nearly a decade now. The endo seemed to want to humor me with a request to have a thyroid scan? Why, I asked her, if she felt my bloodwork was normal? And, that's an expensive test! She shrugged and said it was up to me.

Here are my lab blood work results:

Hospital results (one month ago)
TSH .31 (Low)) lab range (.39 - 4.)
FREE T4 .80 lab range (.71 - 1.)
TOTAL T 3 .56 (Low) lab range (.58 - 1.)

And there was a note at the bottom - these results were confirmed by repeat analysis (they stuck me every hour on the hour in the hospital for 2 days).

Results from last week (billirubin and BUN/CREA still very high too, and this is new - glucose was slightly elevated, APA still high). My cholesterol, especially my triglicerides, is very low. My trigs are only 26. But they've always been very low despite the fact that I eat a lot of healthy fats.

TSH 3rd GENER. 1.74 lab range (.39 - 4.19)
TOTAL T3 .92 lab range (.58 - 1.59)
FREE T4 .69 (low) lab range (.71 - 1.48)
Anti-thyro EIA 22 (high) lab range <20
Thyroglobulin 20.6 lab range 2.0 - 35.0

Despite the fact that my numbers aren't off the charts - my body is responding full force with all the raging, debilitating symptoms of Hashimoto's. I was feeling a little "up" (in mind only) going to the endo Friday morning, thinking - finally - an answer! I wasn't crazy! And then I left there feeling like, "okay, maybe I am crazy?"

So I have to wonder - do I just suck it up? Prop myself up with cans of Red Bull or metabolism boosters and make my physical body move anyway so I can start living off the couch again? I'm going to see my GP again this week, to see what he thinks about the endo's response. We have an obscenely high deductible on our health insurance plan, so jumping from specialist to specialist is too expensive, and not an option right now. Was hoping I'd hit it lucky with the endo, I've been to a few dismissive type MDs in the past and I flee them quite quickly, but typically, I find wonderful doctors, like our GP out there.

I know you all can't give out medical advice here, I'm not looking for that....just hoping to see if anyone has had an experience similar to mine, and still be found to have Hashimoto's? Or could it be something else? I also can't wait to call our GP on Monday, and schedule another appt this week, at least his fees for a visit are reasonable, more reasonable than an endo.

Also just need to vent. Sorry this first post was far too long, hope I didn't bore anyone or waste your time. But this has been a strange odessey and my life is truly limited right now. Please let me know if any of you have had a similar story, or see anything in my post that I should definitely remember to bring up with my GP? Who knows, he might just up and decide to treat me himself? He's taken swift action before. We'll see. Meantime, I gotta get back to sleep. Soooooooo tired.

Thank you all for your time. Best wishes to all.


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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

I know that you want to punch a hole through the wall right now but don't fret. You will just have to find another endo. I see these things happening very frequently to my friends and family. My grandmothers doctor literaly almost killed her because he didn't know how to treat thyroid. But she found a new doc and Whah Lah, magic, her thyroid is better.

It looks like you are in the begining stages of thyroid failure with your blood levels bouncing in and out of range.

Bottom line. If you feel sick then our are sick. Find a new doc. Good luck

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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

I couldn't agree with TV in RV more. You need a new Endo. Don't ask me why, but i finally learnt a year ago that not all Endo's were made equally

I still have my test results from 1999 and my thyroid antibodies were sky high, but due to my TSH looking "normal", the Endo my doctor referred me to refused to medicate me, saying my thyroid was not causing my symptoms. At the time i had depression, tiredness, lower ferritin levels (later i became anemic as it kept dropping), problems with my once regular periods, abnormal hair shedding. It's only when i saw a Trichologist for my hair shedding that he did the entire thyroid panel test and my super high thyroid antibodies were found (again) that he sent me on to a doctor who he knew wouldn't mess me about. I showed my results from 1999 to my new doctor and he just shook his head and said that i ought to be have been medicated way back in 1999 as Hashimoto's doesn't just go away.

I sometimes wonder whether having left such a condition unmedicated for 9 years has made things worse.

When you do find a good Endo, they ought to be testing your adrenals too as often adrenal fatigue goes hand in hand with a thyroid condition.

Good luck in finding a new doctor. Above all, don't give up as there actually are some good doctors out there.

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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

Thank you all so much! I really appreciate the comments, makes me feel like I'm not alone. It's a shame that doctors vary so widely in their reluctance to either be good medical detectives, or to just brush the patient off. The first surgeon that my 3rd gastroenterologist, who suscepted gall bladder despite my tests because of my family history and my symptoms, sent us to told my husband and I that there was no way that my gall bladder was bad because my symtoms weren't typical and the test results were so close to being normal. She refused to do anything and inferred that I might actually be bullemic!

That's why the new surgeon took photos, so he could show how bad the organ really was. For some reason, the test results just didn't show it, but my body reacted and sure screamed it out loud. My husband always said that I should have sent those to that first surgeon who refused to do anything.

I'm hoping my GP will take some sort of action this week. In addition to my other symptoms, I'm always cold (that actually started to take hold last spring, as a runner, I was always able to regulate my body temp well). I keep a mattress heating pad on "Hi" on my side all night long, and set the thermostat at 78 despite the fact that it's not that cold at night anymore. I'm freezing all the time, my fingertips and toes turn purple! My family wakes up sweating in the morning. I bought a wool coat this winter for the first time ever, I never used to wear heavy coats even when it was very cold outside. My husband yelps whenever my feet touch his at night - they are that cold! My GP felt my fingers last time and said, wow, you are cold!

Your replies have given me some hope, this board is very useful and it seems like a lot of persons here have been through the same thing I'm going through in search of a doctor and treatment. So I don't feel alone. My children don't know what to think - their once vibrant mom who would be up at the crack of dawn multi-tasking is always sleeping now. I'd be outside gardening right now and instead my yard looks like a mess and I'm too tired to care. It's nearly 10 am and I just woke up. I feel like I'm missing everything, spring is my favorite time of year.

I can't wait to see what my GP says. Hopefully he'll come up with some ideas as to how I'll get through that conference. I've already had to cancel so many meetings in the last few months.

Take care everyone! And thanks again so very much!

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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p


So sorry you are going through this. First of all DUMP you Endo.. I saw 7 Doctors before I found the one I am with now and like him.

I wanted to make a few comments is that is okay.

The gallbladder gets diseased for some reason easier with women that have had a few children. Mine came out right after my twins. The Doctors used to say "fair fat fertile and forty " as a rule. Yes Doctors can be so rude. I was fair, almost forty, fertile but very thin at the time. The rule no longer holds true. More and more younger and thinner people are having their gall bladders out.

Since you have had gestational diabetes in the past and have had a few elevated fastings you need to get more testing done. Fatigue symtoms can come from blood sugar and insulin problems as much as thyroid. And sometimes you see them hand in hand. Make sure to follow up on that. While I was chasing my thyroid issues I had Insulin resistance and did not know it. That was causing my daytime napping and most of my symptoms.

I used to work 12 hour shifts, come home clean my house and keep a perfect house and never be tired... I raised 3 children alone and was a work a holic. Never missed the gym...... I can assure you that has all changed for me. I have to fly around for meetings and have a very stressful job. I have had to learn to rest more. I am no longer at the gym twice a day or once a day for that matter..... rest and take care of yourself....

Also FYI...... when you are a " multi tasker", runner, etc Doctors will look at you as a Type A and suspect all kinds of things like eating disorders and OCD, and so on.....So be prepared for that.... My Endo actually shared that with me.

Also your low Cholesterol is a tip off to them that you perhaps over diet or over exercise.... So make sure you are getting enough fat in your diet to raise that cholesterol up... A below normal cholesterol can make you feel horrible and cause all kinds of symptoms........Make sure you are getting you oils and fats in......they take one look at that and it is a red flag to them. I want you to be able to see into the minds of these Doctors. When we suspected one of my teen daughters was anorexic the first thing the Doctor checked was her Cholesterol. Take a tablespoon of Olive Oil daily or put on food.

Good luck and find a good Doctor...Rest and eat good. Cut back on your exercising until you get your health under control..Your body is telling you it needs rest.. Let us know what you find out.


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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

Originally Posted by Oleander53 View Post

Also your low Cholesterol is a tip off to them that you perhaps over diet or over exercise.... So make sure you are getting enough fat in your diet to raise that cholesterol up... A below normal cholesterol can make you feel horrible and cause all kinds of symptoms........Make sure you are getting you oils and fats in......they take one look at that and it is a red flag to them. I want you to be able to see into the minds of these Doctors. When we suspected one of my teen daughters was anorexic the first thing the Doctor checked was her Cholesterol. Take a tablespoon of Olive Oil daily or put on food.
Not getting enough fats in your diet is a big contributor to gall bladder disease. I had a ton of friends that went on the low fat diet about 15 years ago when it was all the rage, that subsequently had to have their gall bladders removed. There was also a link to the Slim Fast diet because while Slim Fast gives you all your nutrients through added vitamins, it has no fat.

I would put all my efforts into finding another doctor that would really play detective and get to the bottom of your symptoms. I don't hesitate to change doctors when I need to. There are too many out there to settle for one that won't take your symptoms seriously!

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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

Jackie, you have received some great advice so far including getting the FT3 tested and look for another MD!! Try checking the Armour thyroid site to see who prescribes in your area. No guarantees, but sometimes these MDs can be more sympathetic and willing to treat. There seems to be two schools of thought as far as Hashimotos goes......even with a normal TSH some docs believe in treating, some docs wait until the labs are outside the normal range. Sounds like you need to find the former. If the antibodies are outside the normal range, isn't that abnormal lab work and doesn't the condition need to be treated? It is crazy on these boards and you are not alone. I see some similarities in your story to mine. I have been going on three years trying to figure out what is going on. I was in the ER in Jan with elevated HR over 110 and high BP, but also elevated TSH...go figure. Low potassium, very low alk phos (could be indicative of hypothyroidism), low CO2, neutrophils at the very top end of normal.

I am a runner too so it is nice to have someone to talk to who can relate. I run every other day and on the alternate days I go to the gym and do the EFX and weights. I don't usually take a day off, quite frankly, I don't feel well if I do. I think it is the glue holding me together. I have some Grave's antibodies, but not enough to raise concern, and some Hashimotos antibodies, but not enough to raise concern. I can make it through the day fairly well, but by 6-7 PM I am DONE. Good luck, keep us posted, and please find a new MD!

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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

Hey Sparkie! Wadya know - another fellow runner too - we are a breed, aren't we? That's why I miss my exercise and my running so much, it's going on nearly 4 months now since I haven't been able to do either. I'm too tired to even take a slow walk with the family in our neighborhood. It's going to take me a while to claw my way back after all this. I always felt so good too while exercising, and the activity sure tamed my asthma sympoms, got off all those nasty steroid inhalers and medications, and only needed a puff or two once in a great, great while. Stayed out of the ER too, didn't need nebulizer treatments once I did at least 30 min of physicial activity 4 or 5 days a week.

Will be seeing my GP this week, definitely, he'll do something, and perhaps, I will also go see my old endo (might be worth the longer trip after all, since she is already familiar with my hyperthyroid eppy from many moons ago). I should have just bit the bullet and went to her first. The thing about being with our GP for so long is we've all build a relationship over the years and he knows the complexity of our family med history. And it's anything but typical. I inherited my father's tall lean build, but not his early onset heart disease thank goodness. And the man, I swear, ate whatever he wanted, ice cream, cake, Dagwood sandwiches at 3 am, but his cholesterol was always hideously low (which might be why cancer eventually got him in the end, doctors told him the body needs the good cholesterol to fight off cancer cell mutation). His chol and trig were practically non-existent, so I have him beat easily with a Trig of 26. He also had this low, low BP that I have too. And I love my snacks of Oreos and a big glass of whole milk, or just satisfying a good old fashioned junk food craving of a McDonald's Big Mac once in a while. But for my good fats, and so my family gets them too, I would cook every day with EVOO, fresh fruits, meats, fatty fish, and veggies. I love cheese, and we all go through 6 gallons of milk in this house before one week goes by. I listen to my body, I told our GP once - when it's craving salt, I give it salt, if it's craving sugar, then a sugar we will get.

My husband's cholesterol is sky high (in the 500's) if he doesn't stay on medication, and he's the one eating most of the green salads and watching everything he eats for fat and cholesterol contents. His dad had high cholesterol. And here I come with a big banana split for dessert, and it won't budge my cholesterol up an inch. And I LOVE bacon! The genetic mysteries are weird, very weird.

My mom struggled with her weight all her life. She remarked how my dad could eat all the time and still stay thin, and be so energetic. And then Mom had her gall bladder out. No matter how much she would diet, she would still put on weight. And she was always active too. The kicker with the disease that got my mom? Undiagnosed auto-immune induced disease (the docs didn't know which one they said) that damaged her liver and led to cirrhosis and eventually took her life. And Mom never drank a drop of alcohol. Total tea-tottler.

Mom was also misdiagnosed as being diabetic. The small town doc back home kept telling Mom she was borderline and "nothing to worry about", but then she had a stroke. And the big city hospital said nope, she's full blown diabetic, been that way at least a decade, that's what led to the stroke. One of my nephews takes more after my mom, weight wise, and just had his gall bladder out last winter, he's only 28.

Then there's me, with my mysterious rashes ever since childhood, allergies, appendectomy, and eventually, asthma, miscarriages in my 30s (not in my 20s when I had our first two children), hyperthyroidism, APA, yadda yadda yadda. It's possible that my mom could have been a carrier of some sort of auto-immune disorder and that's why my GP's office was so swift last week to put together my symptoms when they saw my latest bloodwork results and the antibodies present, and said - Hashimoto's, get thee to an endo. Yeah right, just that I went to the wrongest endo ever! But that will change, you all have given me hope.

I'll let you all know how it goes this week. Your comments have certainly cheered me about this thyroid thing and been super helpful. Spring is here, and I sure don't want to miss much more of my favorite season. Life's too short, we gotta live, love, and laugh, a lot.

Good luck to everyone here on this board that is battling this nutso thyroid stuff. There are more good docs out there, thankfully, than dismissive types. I wouldn't trade in my GP for all the money in the world.

Keep running Sparkie! Run a mile or two for me please, till I'm able to hit the trail and exercise once again.

Stay tuned,

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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

Exercise is the ONLY thing I have any motivation for. Like I said, I feel strongly this is what is holding me together. I am not motivated at my job or around the house. I just mopped my kitchen floor this weekend, the first time since, oh, the holidays? I don't understand this draining fatigue at 6 PM where I am DONE for the day. I really force myself to walk the dog in the evening, I love walking the dog, but it seems to take a lot of effort and my body just plain old aches later in the day. By 6:30 PM I too am firmly planted on the couch. I have things to do and errands to run, but they just don't get done. I rarely cook, the effort to grocery shop just seems too much. I had great visions of grilling Friday night, but it never happened. I am preaching to the choir. I am working now, but I will post again when I have time about my weird cholesterol.

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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

My gosh Sparkie, you sound so much like me! When I was sick with my gall bladder, I did make it to the gym, I swear it was the only thing that held my failing body together and it kept my muscle stronger for the surgery so my recoup time was quick. What forced us to seek help for me recently, and finally get with my GP was the terrible vertigo last week, and the fact that I haven't been able to exercise at all anymore. Everything around here is slipping. Mentally - yep, I want to do it, physically, I just can't. Ditto on everything else - cleaning doesn't get done, I don't grocery shop anymore, my husband does it all. Cooking, forget about it. I dictate from the couch, and my husband asks me how to make grilled chicken breast or an easy salmon dish for the fam.

MD update - I have an appt to see my GP again later this week, and I called my old endocrinologist that treated me for hyperthyroid 12 years ago. Their office was very nice, she said she couldn't arrange an appt till early May, but we agreed to put me on the schedule, and that way she said she could also put me on their wait list to call me immediately when they have a cancellation sooner, and she said, they will have a cancellation, they always do. They just have to give me some time to get there because it's at least an hour's drive away from where we live now. It was my husband that reminded me that it only took this endo one blood test to diagnose my hyperthyroid, because she coupled the lab results with my symptoms, and voila, I went home with my PTU script that very same day. Felt better in a couple weeks.

While I had her on the phone, I told the secretary at this endo's office about my upcoming trip exactly two weeks from today, she said to get my GP on board and get him to prescribe some sort of treatment until I can get in to see the endo. The sooner the better, she said, since my body typically reacts quickly to medicine, it might be enough time to give me that physical boost I need to keep working and exist as half a human being at least.

Eager to hear more about your weird cholesterol. Mine is so scarecly low and it doesn't react to my eating as many healthy fats as I can get into my body - milk, cheese, olive oil, etc. I eat egg yolks and leave the white (I love the yolk part). If anything, my GP said it seems to have gone lower since last year. My HDL, LDL, and, my trigs all plummetted by about 20 to 40 pts each.


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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

Hope you found a good Dr.

You are not alone, as all of us with thyroid problems seem to take forever to understand what our problem is. It is very confusing to us as well as MD's, and everyone in the health field. But if you keep trying, you will find someone that makes you feel really better. I hope so. * email address removed by hb-mod, moderator * I would be happy to talk with you so you won't feel so alone.

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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

Hi J...I am not a doctor just my personal thoughts.You sound like you are hypothyroid and need thyroid meds to get/feel better.Can your GP take care of you for this?Your endo sounds very uncaring and I would not go back to her.If your GP will treat you I would stay there.If not,I would go to another doctor.Please get as much rest and sleep as you can.Please let us know what happens...pinkprincess3

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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

I've been researching into gluten sensitivity + autominnume + thyroid issues and strangely they seem to often happen together.
Gluten sensitivity is also tied to the body dropping cholesterol (good and bad).. just a thought.. maybe something to look into.

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Re: New here: GP says I have Hashimoto's disease, but Endo will not treat (LONG 1st p

Hi Jackie,

Just read all of this thread and am very interested to hear how you are feeling now?

I am a thyroid 'sufferer' and I found your story very interesting.

Kind regards,

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