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Lab results.... advice appreciated!

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Old 03-11-2011, 11:33 PM   #1
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tigerlily88 HB User
Lab results.... advice appreciated!

Hey everyone!

Getting more & more frustrated with each passing day. I have been going through hoops trying to get a diagnosis from my doctor... making some slow progress I suppose, but why it's so incredibly difficult I'll never know. I was FINALLY referred to an endocrinologist since my doctor obviously has no idea what she is doing!

I feel like it is a debate and I am pleading my case to a judge over and over regarding my symptoms. Then getting looked at like I am some hypochondriac that is over exaggerating how I feel! Then she keeps wanting to give my antidepressants... good grief! I told her, I find it amazing that you have no problem with wanting to prescribe me anti psychotic meds, but you won't even consider giving me a hormone that my body is obviously lacking and I could actually feel human again. She gave me a dirty look for that one, but I couldn't help it. I have been going through this for too many years and I am tired of not getting better and being shunned away and ignored. Its simply not fair and I cannot continue on this path. My kids deserve to have their mommy back!

Any way, all that crap aside... does anyone know what the treatment or proper protocol for Hashimotos thyroiditis is? And how can you determine if you have hashimotos or hypothyroid? What is the difference and how can you get your doctor to acknowledge how you feel? I am so far beyond frustrated I don't know what to do anymore. I am starting to feel defeated... I cannot afford to go outside of my insurance to find a holistic type doctor either... help!

And am I mistaken??? If you have a TPO result of 85 and it is supposed to be less than 60... is that not proof that you are having issues with your thyroid function?

My TSH is 4.74
FT4 is .9
T3 is 108
TPO 85

Help! What does this all mean?

I feel like I am losing my mind. I feel AWFUL... I have to work full time, I have 3 kids and I can barely function at work. I am so tired, I suffer from chronic headaches and my menstrual cycle is ridiculous. I also have some other odd symptoms that have recently started and I am not sure if this is related at all, but my fingers are tingling like the are asleep! I have ear wax build up in my right ear, but no pain. My vision will go blurry out of nowhere and I have been so scatterbrained that I cannot think clearly or retain hardly any info that was said to me!! I feel like my brain has turned to mush!! Its embarrassing!! I also have this feeling like there is a pill logged in my throat. I cannot feel it from the outside so my doctor today said that there is nothing to worry about then... is that true???

Needing advice, wisdom, anything!
Thanks all!!!

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Re: Lab results.... advice appreciated!

Your TSH is high and your FT4 is most likely close to the bottom of the reference range (would need to know the range to be more precise ) so this definitely looks hypoT. Hashimoto's is the autoimmune disorder that causes hypoT and it's usually confirmed by high thyroid antibodies (to be absolutely sure you'd need a biopsy) - your antibodies are slightly high so I'd say you have it (you've gone hypoT and Hashi's is the most common cause). There's not much you can do about it - selenium is known to lower those antibodies but it won't cure the hypoT, maybe just slow down the destruction process. Replacing the missing hormones is really the most important thing.

So you really need a doctor that would listen to you and give you medication.

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Re: Lab results.... advice appreciated!

Don't give up. I went through 3 doctors to get the right treatment.

I don't think you can make most doctors change their minds once they're made up. In my experience, women MDs are more stubborn than men. Just saying.
If you can switch MDs within your insurance plan, don't hesitate to do it. You still might be refused treatment initially, but maybe the new MD will be easier to sway into doing what you need and want instead of furthering their own anti-depressant agenda.

Good luck.

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tigerlily88 HB User
Re: Lab results.... advice appreciated!

Thanks for your advice! I will look into the male doctor... that's funny and probably true too. My mom has said that to me before ha ha ha!

Any how, for the TSH my reading was a 4.74 (0.35 - 4.00)
FT4 .9 ( 0.81 - 1.54)
T3 108 (58 - 159)
TPO 85 (<60)

So would being on something like synthroid help alleviate my symptoms as far as heavy menstrual cycle and feeling chronically tired? I am so tired of pushing through the way I feel... its been awful. I think a lot of people believe I am over exaggerating how I feel including family certain members. Its been rough, I feel completely alone and when the doctors just keep saying the same thing over and over you do feel like you're going a tad on the crazy side. I would give anything to feel alive again! Its getting unbearable and I don't know why doctors are almost in this power struggle with it. Its not right especially when we have the resources to know better, there is no reason one should have to feel like crap day after day after day.,

Thanks again! It sounds like I am not alone on this feeling. I just cannot fathom why its so hard to get properly diagnosed???

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Alexandra23 HB UserAlexandra23 HB UserAlexandra23 HB UserAlexandra23 HB User
Re: Lab results.... advice appreciated!

Hi Tigerlily,

A Heavy menstrual cycle and being chronically tired are symptoms of an underactive thyroid and when you are on medication and get to the right dose for you these will be relieved.

I suggest you google "hypothyroid symptoms" and look at all the range of symptoms you can have. The thyroid gland regulates the whole body so there are lots of possible symptoms a person can have. Print a list out and check off all the ones you have then show it to family and your stubborn doctor.

I'm really happy for you that you are standing up to this doctor and not just going on anti depressants. I was prescribed them for years until I got a thyroid test. They just won't work if you have a thyroid problem and I agree with you 100% when you said to your doctor, why on earth are you so eager to give me anti depressant medication and not thyroid meds that you need. It's not like there is a blood test for depression they base it on symptoms... but she not treating your symptoms which point clearly to hypothryoidism.

Also your TSH is 4.74. Ask your doctor why she is not following the American Association of Clinical Endocronogists guidelines that:

In the Fall of 2002, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE) announced that what was normal the year before, thyroid-wise, would now be considered abnormal.

According to the AACE, doctors had typically been basing their diagnoses on the "normal" range for the TSH test. The typical normal reference range levels at most laboratories ran in the 0.5 to 5.0 range.

The new guidelines narrowed the range for acceptable thyroid function, and the AACE was encouraging doctors to consider thyroid treatment for patients who test outside the target TSH reference range of 0.3 to 3.0, a far narrower range. AACE believed that use of the new range would result in proper diagnosis for millions of Americans who suffer from a mild thyroid disorder, but have gone untreated.
Although if you can change doctors, from what she sounds like I would change as soon as I could!

I wish it weren't a struggle for people with a thyroid problem to get diagnose and get the right treatment and support, but it seems to happen often. I hope in the future they discover a better blood test because doctors seem to keep looking at the blood test not the symptoms.

I hope that when you get proper treatment all your family will understand better through seeing you "spring to life" again. I've suffered thyroid symptoms for over a decade and it was hard for me to say to family "I'm hypothyroid, that's why I've struggled all these years. You thought, Alex not getting up in the morning (cause of bad sleep), Alex having to have "little rests" during the day, Alex being depressed, Alex not coping in life, Alex being etc. was Alex's PERSONALITY. Well it's not. So please go back over a decade of your memories and change it to - Alex was unwell. And until I get the right dose of medication, those symptoms are my illness not ME as a person."

I've only told close family and a few friends, it's difficult to tell others, I don't think they'd be able to understand the scale of the illness and how it's affected me. The good new is that I am getting better. I've been on medication for 8 weeks now. Gone from 50mg to 100mg and my mind is clearing, I have less anxiety about doing difficult things, I'm starting to get more refreshed sleep. I'm feeling positive that when I get my next blood work and go up a dose I'm going to improve more :-)

When you do go on medication, let your family know that it does take weeks for the medication to get into your blood fully and then months to get the right dose.

Good Luck! It may take time to sort your doctor and for the medication to work but you're on the first step of the road and I'm positive things will work out well for you at the end of it!

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Re: Lab results.... advice appreciated!

Ditto what Alexandra says.

Don't think of Synthroid (or other brand of thyroid hormone, there are others) as something that fixes symptoms. It doesn't. It fixes your body. That's why I don't understand any more than you do why the h*ll doctors won't prescribe it and choose to prescribe a profit-driven chemical soup that makes you just not care that your broken body doesn't work right and is killing you.

Don't give up, my dear. Before you try your case before a new doctor, get a copy of Thyroid for Dummies so you'll understand how the thyroid works and what happens when it doesn't. You'll be able to more clearly articulate what you need and how you won't take no for an answer.

You aren't alone here. Most of us have been through the exact same thing.
Good luck!

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tigerlily88 HB User
Re: Lab results.... advice appreciated!

WOW! I wrote this whole message back to you... and accidentally erased the whole thing....OOPS!! Good grief!!!

Any how, I wanted to thank you for your advice and support! Its reassuring knowing that I am not alone on this one! I am so tired all of the time its unbearable.... does anyone else find it hard to even stand up sometimes??? I feel like I have heavy weights all over my body holding me down. Its horrible. I am praying that this endocrinologist has a heart and will actually LISTEN to what I am saying and not ignore me and give the old... "we'll check you again in a year" bit cause I think I will lose it on him! I am going to be a difficult patient that day because I am going to REFUSE to leave with out treatment! I cannot live like this, its absurd! Like I said my children and my husband deserve to have me at my best... and so do I! And I really do not think that is too much to ask for.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to read and write me back.... its nice to have something in common with others .. especially ones that are going through the same thing. Thanks so much!!!

Old 03-12-2011, 11:15 PM   #8
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tigerlily88 HB User
Re: Lab results.... advice appreciated!

Thank you so much, I am going to head to the store tomorrow to look for that book. I think it is sad that we really do have to advocate our own health care. Sometimes I really wonder what doctors do??? It seems like they are always in a rush and that they never really listen to their patients.... its disgusting considering that these people make tons of money and they aren't even that good at what they do and our lives literally are in their hands!! Scary thought!!

I just hope that something in the health care changes soon, its not right for how much we pay out of our pocket for these so called doctors to treat us, when so far.... I have been the one pushing for what I believe is really wrong with me. I am the one that called my doctor to have her add an iron studies and Vit D to my my lab work... then she said wow, you were right! She said, you are iron and vit D deficient, but yet she argues the thyroid??? .... whatever!

And yes, it is amazing that they are so quick to treat the symptoms, but not put all the symptoms together to find the root cause. I honestly do feel like I am going on 7 years of this slow progression of thyroid issues. And since I have had my 3rd child it has just gotten worse. Today my mother in-law is watching my kids... I had to practically beg her to keep them for the day (which is a whole other story in itself) so I could do some house work.... the sad thing is, so far no housework has gotten done, but I did manage to sleep for four hours on the couch! Bad thing is, I am still wiped out!!! I feel like I am dying. I am even on iron supplements and vitamin d and so far I still feel awful! This is why I know there is more than meets the eye and I refuse to take no for an answer when I see the endocrinologist. Hope they don't commit me lol... cause I probably will look like some crazy lady!

Any how, thanks again! I will not give up.. no way! Now that I know better there is no way I am gonna let them ignore me for another second!

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