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izzee HB User
Red face Low TSH, High FT3, High FT4

Hi there everyone,

I'm a newbie so forgive me and please assist me in case I violated or double posted a similar topic. I just wanted a second opinion on my lab tests..

Well my original doctor is out of the country till August and I am scheduled to a new doctor next week but I still haven't got my recent Anti-TPO test. Again, I apologize in advance in this post in case this has been posted before but I don't have the time to search through all the posts here. So far I got little (and I mean little) from the internet on explaining this because usually the cases are Low TSH, High FT4 but Low-Normal FT3.

Last year, December, I got diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. Symptoms I was experiencing were trembling hands, strong heartbeat, HIGH sensitivity to heat, goiter, and fatigue. For some weird reason I've been gaining weight instead of losing weight. My weight last December was 100lbs (height is 4'11") and now I'm 120lbs. So like I said, my doctor referred me to a new doctor considering she's out of the country and with that, I need to take new batch of lab tests.

Lab Results (taken last week):
FT3 RIA 19.9 (4.2 - 12.0 reference range) -- HIGH
FT4 RIA 44.66 (8.8 - 33.0 reference range) -- HIGH
TSH IRMA 0.01 (0.27 - 3.75 reference range) -- LOW

Lab Results (December 20 2011):

Anti-TPO Over 2000 IU/ml (less than 100 IU/ml reference range)
Sorry this is the only test I was able to keep last December aside from the Thyroid Scan which only confirmed my enlarged thyroid glands.

I'm hoping that I can have some information for (advance) second opinion in what is it that I really have because my parents and I are a bit sceptic about my last doctor. I did lose the trembling symptom but my body is physically worst. My goiter's BIGGER, I've been getting bunch of breakouts like pimples all over my body and hives, and eczema within the last 6 months. I used to have eczema when I was a kid but it stopped for more than 10 years now. It's like I became insanely sensitive to ANYTHING. I went to dermatologist, allergologist (not sure about the name), etc because I got sent to ER after a sudden breakout of uncontrolled hives that didn't subside regardless of all the antihistamine and steroids injected to me for a week but I got nothing. They kept on giving me meds for treating me "now" and not for completely curing me because hives, body pimples, and eczema kept on coming out and what's worst is my goiter.

Any information will do and thank you for the time. Sorry for the long post! :s

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izzee HB User
Re: Low TSH, High FT3, High FT4

Thanks in advance for the mere reading of this post!

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Re: Low TSH, High FT3, High FT4

Welcome to the board although I'm sorry for the reason you're here.

You mention you've been diagnosed with hyperT last December, did you receive any treatment for that, if so which one? were you put on antithyroid drugs and if so what was the dosage? I cannot imagine you received proper care, if so your levels should have been within range already for a long time.
Both your FT4 and FT3 are still high and over the range and consequently you're still hyperT (which makes me wonder about the treatment you received).
No wonder you feel bad!

Since you're hyperT, you want to have your TSHreceptor antibodies or TSI antibodies tested (which are the ones relevant to Graves).

hang in there!

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izzee HB User
Re: Low TSH, High FT3, High FT4

Hi there lisa789, thank you for the insight! At least we have another inline thought that maybe I didn't get the proper care or what. Thank you!

She diagnosed Tapdin 20mg when I got diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism and that's the only medication I got directed on since. So yeah, I'm feeling pretty crappy after 6 months knowing that well for one, my goiter's bigger. 2, my skin/system is acting over the extreme with all the episodes that's been happening to me repeatedly since. I don't know, I'm just so disappointed of my doctor. She handled my case poorly.

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sammy64 HB Usersammy64 HB Usersammy64 HB Usersammy64 HB Usersammy64 HB Usersammy64 HB Usersammy64 HB Usersammy64 HB Usersammy64 HB Usersammy64 HB Usersammy64 HB User
Re: Low TSH, High FT3, High FT4


Sorry for the reason you're here but, glad you found us.

Unfortunately, mismanagement of thyroid disease is rampant.

I am unable to determine the status of your thyroid based upon the labs you posted because the ranges just don't seem appropriate for the results you shared.

The ranges you posted for FT3 actually look like the ranges for T4 (not FT4) and I've never seen ranges like the ones you posted for FT4 - is there a chance those results are actually FTI (as in Free Thyroxine Index)?

Would you please take another look at the lab report and type all the words as they correspond to those two results/ranges?

The two desired tests will look something like this on most lab reports:

FreeT4: T4 or thyroxine, free, direct
FreeT3: tri-iodothyronine, free, serum

It won't be the first time but, your doctor could very well be running obsolete tests and making inappropriate determinations about your thyroid status.

I'm wondering if you're not actually hypo right now.....
The reason I say this is due to the rash you're experiencing - it could be due to hypothyroidism...or it could be due to the fact that your meds dose is too high for you right now (which can make you hypo or develop a rash).

What dose are you taking now?
Graves' 2007...remission 2009....hypo 2010

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bee01 (05-31-2012)
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Re: Low TSH, High FT3, High FT4

I think the rash/hives is likely due to the high TPO antibody titer. It theoretically could be reduced by taking a selenium supplement, but I wouldn't recommend that unless you are proven to be hypo at this time and no longer hyper.

I agree that the labs/ranges are quite odd. The range posted for FT3 actually looks like a typical one for total T4. Have never seen anything like the one posted for FT4 anywhere... Not even for FTI, that I can think of.
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hyperthyroidism, second opinion

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