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kittens76 HB User
very large nodule in my thyroid. would love some advice.

Hi there. I hope you can help. Sorry this is so long.

My gyno recently found I have an enlarged thyroid. I had an ultrasound and blood tests. My thyroid level was fine but i have a nodule on my left side that is 7cm. I also have a vitamin D and B12 deficiency. My GP said he thinks my thyroid needs to come out.

I was referred to an endocrinologist. He had me redo my ultrasound (because he thought my entire thyroid was enlarged rather than it being a nodule) and my blood test. The ultrasound said the same thing: nodule is 7cm.

i had a fine need aspiration thursday. the nodule was mostly solid but he said some fluid and blood came out.

he does not think i need to have my thyroid out at all. he says unless it comes back malignant (which he is certain it won't) i should just leave it and recheck in 6 months or a year (i forget what he said.) i really thought this would need to come out.

i only have my latest results with me. my last results are at my dr's i think. will have to check. that's where the vitamin d was tested. i am on mega doses of d right now per my gp. after 4 weeks i switch to 1000mg a day.

t4 free, direct 1.13 (acceptable range .82 - 1.77)
tsh .916 (range .450- 4.5)
t3 122 (71- 180)
b12 258 ( 211- 946)
tpo 118 (0-34)
antithyroidglobulin <20 (0-40)

right lobe measures 5.2 by 1.9 by 1.7 cm. a lower pole hypoechoic nodule measures .8 by .6 by .6cm a mid pole hypoechoic nodule measures .3 by .3 by 0. the upper pole code nodule measures .4 by .2 by .3 cm.

left lobe measures 8.1 by 3.4 by 5.8 cm. the left lobe has been nearly completely replaced by a heterogeneous solid nodule with central cystic focus measuring 7.0 by 3.5 by 4.4 cm.

isthmus 4mm

i have not been tested for hashimoto. my endo told me that nothing will shrink this and that some drs will put me on thyroid meds but he is not one of them.

i will say apparently i went to this endo in 05 with an enlarged thyroid. i have no recollection of this at all. at the time he says he thought my nodule was 5 cm. when i came in this time he thought my thyroid was also 5 cm which is why he ordered the second ultrasound. he didn't believe the first one. not sure if this makes a difference but thought i should tell you everything.

my symptoms are:

-tired all the time. i have never been a nap person and now i can (and have) napped on and off all weekend and even in the morning after i take the dog out i go back to sleep for an hour or so before work

-depressed and very very very low self esteem. it's never been great but it's much worse now.

- super dry and cracked heels

- feel like i'm always either very cold and can't get warm or super hot.

- hair seems to be falling out more than usual. i haven't noticed any time other than the shower but i pull out like a handful every day when i wash my hair

- skin is dry- esp hands and legs. this is not something i ever noticed before

- gained 40 lbs since this time last year.

- totally brain foggy. have a hard time remembering words sometimes. takes me longer to think of what i'm trying to say.

- i did have pain on the left side of my neck for a while but it went away. i thought it was related to smoking (i quit for a long time and started back up a little last year).

i have been on the fence about whether or not these are symptoms. my drs seems to think it's stress/ anxiety and nothing else. i lost a close friend last year so i thought this was related to that. i know i haven't been holding back on the chocolate but i've also been walking more than ever. so many of these things seem like they could just be depression or my eating habits. but altogether they seem like something else.

would love your thoughts. i've been having a hard time finding much about nodules this large. if you think i should post this somewhere else too let me know. thanks!

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Re: very large nodule in my thyroid. would love some advice.

Hi there kittens,

I hope part of this helps you a bit...So you have a decision about taking out your thyroid, treating it with medication, or just keep watching it. I have a few thoughts just from your description of your thyroid nodule. First, if your last visit turns out to have been in '05, and it measured .5, and it has increased to 7 in the last eight years..that is not rapid growth, from how I understand it.

Does it cause you any discomfort, can you feel pressure or pain?

How much bigger would it have to get before removal would be the only option?

Is it causing any damage to any other structures near the thyroid?

Would allowing it to grow make future removal more risky?

I typically use the "if it ain't broken, dont fix it" attitude when it comes to surgery. I say keep your parts, because you thyroid is working. While it may need a tune up, it is still original parts. From your symptoms, and descriptions, I would not rule out those mineral insufficiency, as a possible culprit behind some of your symptoms. If you can get those going and raise your levels back into range, you might feel better.

About the B12, being low on that can really mess with your energy. I share your insufficiencies and have to go in a few times a week for injections. I am in kidney failure though, so I struggle in similar ways. I also have hyper-thyroidism, another level to manage. I also need iron infusions at times. I can understand why you are tired!

If you are experiencing any depression that is another thing that will drag you down as low as you let it,

I know you will make the decision that is right for you at this time.

I would love to hear how this works out.
best to you..

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Re: very large nodule in my thyroid. would love some advice.

Originally Posted by kittens76 View Post
would love your thoughts. i've been having a hard time finding much about nodules this large. if you think i should post this somewhere else too let me know. thanks!
Sounds like you have a nodule with cystic degeneration. The neck pain could have been because it bled out and got a bigger. I have a cyst that is about 6cm. It's just blood. When it showed up I had neck pain that lasted a few days and went away.

I found the same thing hard to figure out any real info. I think the answer is a nodule like that is a mechanical issue. So what to do depends on what problems it's causing. If it's not bothering you, you could just leave it. It's unlikely that it's effecting your hormone levels.

And if it's not cancer, I would be resistant to having my whole thyroid removed. Two options, if it's cystic PEI might be of help, much less invasive than surgery. They inject alcohol in the cystic part, burns it out. Or they could remove just half your thyroid.

Your labs I think look 'okay' TSH is thyorid stimulating hormone. Anything around 1.0 is perfect. Meaning your pituitary at least thinks your thyroid hormones are okay. And T4/T3 are middlish range.

TPO is high but not real high. I'm assuming that's TPO antibodies which is a sign of hashimoto's', but I think that can show up in healthy people.

Offhand I'd say, deal with any vitamin and mineral deficiencies first. Then reassess your thyroid.

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Re: very large nodule in my thyroid. would love some advice.

Your thyroid is growing out of control. It's been enlarging consistently over time. I think you can try a few months of thyroid hormone (your free t4 is certainly not in the upper part of the range where most people feel good).

If it keeps growing you will have to look at surgery, sometimes these things even grow down into your chest, and wrap around your neck structures and need to come out. It's likely not cancer, but might need to go either way.

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aspab HB User
Re: very large nodule in my thyroid. would love some advice.

I feel you should follow your endo. He is the best judge as to course of treatment. Regarding your symptoms, there is hardly any treatment. First take the vitamin D for which you are deficient. You should do some meditation, which will take out your anxiety and tension. You could go for some deep breathing exercises, which will help you stabilize your thoughts. There are alternative treatment available, for the symptoms catching you, it is in herbal medicine ( called Ayurveda in India ) and homeopathy...... for herbal if you take two tablets of Guggal twice a day ( you can get it from Himalaya Drug Company Ltd Bengaluru ... may search on net to get details ) along with 30 CC of wheat grass therapy empty stomach each morning .... it should help dissolve the growth or reduce it ...... I am following this , it has to be taken for 9 months to 12 months , and after 3 months eating if you find your nodules size not reducing you can stop it .... for that u may have to go US test done to be sure.... after 3 months .... nothing to worry..... it is rarely malignant ... and it is quite curable.... only thing you need is to tell your self 200 to 400 times a day with full belief .... EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY , I AM GETTING HEALTHIER AND HEALTHIER ... and your nodules will either stabilize or vanish .... it will remain benign is my experience .... but you need to be consulting always your GP/Endo to keep a tab on it .... no surgery may be necessary ... In Italy the treatment is by injecting the pure ethanol ......and it reduces the nodules upto 85 % in cases treated .... pasting below a report in this regard ...Hope this is of help to you... Take care, be happy donot worry and belief in your body to cure u fully..... with the help of positive treatment by doctors and your thinking
Department of Emergency Surgery, University of Pisa, Italy.


Sonographically guided percutaneous ethanol injection (PEI) has been
recently used with excellent results in the treatment of toxic and pretoxic
thyroid adenoma. The aim of the present study was to assess the efficacy of
PEI also in the treatment of "cold" thyroid nodules. Twenty patients, each
with a single thyroid nodule, underwent PEI. In all cases the nodules were
found to be cold by thyroid scintiscan. A total of 16.1 mL +/- 3.1 mL of
ethanol was injected once a week. No adverse effects were observed during
therapy. A striking nodular shrinkage was obtained in all cases, ranging
from 72.8% to 97.6% (mean 84.5%, p < 0.001 vs pretreatment volume). These
preliminary results suggest that PEI is an effective and safe therapy that
may be useful in the treatment of thyroid nodules as an alternative to
other therapies (surgery, L-thyroxine).
*Endokrynol Pol. <> 2005

*[Percutaneous ethanol injections in the treatment of nodular thyroid
disease--fourteen years of experience].*

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kittens76 HB User
Re: very large nodule in my thyroid. would love some advice.

hi. sorry i never responded to everyone. i don't know what happened here.

just yesterday i got a second opinion from a new endo. she thinks i should have at least half of my thyroid removed- considering it's size. she said that my levels indicate hashimoto's. but she redid my bloodwork so we'll see. i set up an appointment for a thyroid surgeon for nov 5th so we'll see what she says. i'm more confused than ever.

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