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Old 10-18-2002, 02:17 PM   #1
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antoni HB User
Post Has anyone filed a complaint with state medical or dental boar


Has anyone tried filing a complaint with the state medical/dental board from botched TMJD surgery or bad dental work.

Believe it or not I found a consumer advocate group that is encouraging me to file a complaint against the dentist that placed the 9 unnecessary fillings which messed up my bite and brought on my TMJD symptoms. They may review it before I submit it to the state dental board.

has anyone tried anything like this before taking legal action. A couple people have told me why even bother, they are just in it for the money and there's no disciplinary action. It will be my word against the dentists and they will take his side so why even bother.. What has spurred me on to complain as well is what all the dentists told me "just let it go". I mean "just let it go" when I an unnecessary quack dental procedure brought on the TMJD and ruined my quality of life. No way. These dentists wish I would "let it go" just so they don't get caught so they can continue to ruin people's well being for the money.

I feel like filing a complaint just to inconvenience all the quacks I have dealt with who acted like I was crazy whenever I complained. At least the paperwork required for them to submit to the board will detract them from ripping off and victimizing others just for the $$$$$.

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I am have filed a complaint with the dental board. It is still being looked into, but they have treated me wonderfully!!!

I highly recommend filing a complaint. It is not hard for you to do, just some paperwork, and maybe it will put a scare into the dentist. You never know, but it is definately worth getting down on paper so it will be forever recorded.

Goodluck! And definately go for it!!



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Old 10-21-2002, 06:24 AM   #3
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antoni HB User

Thanks alot Cat.

I am so sick of everyone (espescially other dentists of course) just saying "let it go". How can you let something go that you are stuck with for the rest of your life??

Right now I am writing it up so hope to get it off soon. In today's day and age people are getting tired of getting ripped off whether it be through businesses or healthcare providers. I think by letting it go, these bad practicioners are getting away with murder.

In my case the unnecessary filling scam, the same thing was done to MEdicaid children in the Southwest. Practically every tooth in the mouth was done in one sitting - Ugh .It messed up the kids bites and they couldn't get braces just for the insurance $$$$$$. A big lawsuit was one. I mean being an adult and having this happen people don't want to hear it, I can't imagine when you are a kid and trying to get adults to listen about whats wrong.

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Old 10-21-2002, 09:09 PM   #4
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rhody HB Userrhody HB Userrhody HB User


Sorry to hear about your troubles. I've read a lot about your stories in the past. It really sounds bad.

For the rest of us, it may be hard for us to understand how just a little bit of change in the teeth can cause so much problems. But something happened to me recently that made me understand better this problem.

Being the season for blackberries, I put a lot of them in my cereals. Occasionally, I'll get one of those small seeds stuck in the tooth (molar). It's so uncomfortable. I can't wait to brush it out. It's so tiny. But it made me realize how such a small thing can make us feel so miserable.

I'm the one that had all my mercury-silver dental amalgams replaced for cosmetic and health reasons. I had (I think) porcelain white fillings that were done correctly. After hearing all your stories, I'm so glad that I had a great dentist. He removed the black-gray fillings and made a perfect mold for me, that was used to design the porcelain filling. It was cemented in later.

That seems to be the best way to put in these white fillings, so that the shape of the tooth isn't altered. Again, sorry to hear about your troubles. I just had to tell you about the blackberry seeds. It made me understand somewhat. I hope you feel better.

Old 10-21-2002, 10:14 PM   #5
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gshoemate HB User

Well you have made me think about filing a complaint. Back in 1997 my dentist put braces on my teeth for cosmetic reasons by my choice. But he failed to explain that by just putting them on the top teeth would offset my bite therefore causing jaw problems. He also asked me if I had problems with grinding my teeth in my sleep because there were signs of it, but he did nothing to correct it. So since 1997 I have suffered.


Old 10-22-2002, 06:49 AM   #6
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antoni HB User

Thanks everybody.

I really wonder if it is worth all the trouble. So many people have been discouraging that it won't do any good because dentists always mess up things and they get away with it. They have ways.


I think that's the best way to go having molds done of the exact shape of your teeth -- there's no reason for it to be "too high" or shaved too much. That's why I feel noone understands because most of the time, dentists know to do that much right. Everyone that has regular fillings thinks I'm nuts. With fillings it's still suppose to feel like the natural tooth.
NOt made mishapen by some machine that abrades the dentin with spray(the air abrasion process).

It's interesting with my current prosthodontist he suggested doing the composites(resin) "buildup" then do the exact same thing with porcelain. But I'm scared because if the buildup doesn't go smoothly the jaw will act up again. See if they just do it on your natural tooth to begin with -- no problem. I feel I have to complain to the dental board because it was such a scam-- doing multiple filling with a preventative "sealant-filling". I mean it is appropriate for kids not a person in her late 30;s. All the dentists I saw don't even use this machine because they know it doesn't work properly. It was blatant GREED and no regard for the patient at all.

And whatever happens happens.

Old 10-22-2002, 05:07 PM   #7
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*Cat* HB User


Please don't give up. Even if the dentist does get away with it, so to speak, at least you have gotten the chance to tell your side. I really am hoping you will go through with this! I'm considering hiring a lawyer, but the money will probably be beyond my means.

Also, what do you mean about the sealants? I understand about the mulitiple fillings scam, but what is the sealant procedure and machine you are talking about??? I'm worried, because I finally found a good dentist(knock on wood!), and he suggested putting sealants on my molars that have no cavities. I haven't had any issues with those, so I'm freaking out now! hehe.

Thanks! And keep your chin up. This really is so hard, physically and mentally. If I had only known what I know now......



Old 10-23-2002, 08:55 AM   #8
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antoni HB User

Hi Cat,

In regard to the sealant/filling scam. This is how it works(I've learned the hard way), but check that your dentist is upfront about this because mine was not and that's why my teeth were cut very imprecisely.

The air abrasion machine is a powder spray that cuts the tooth just like a drill. It is used to correct enamel imperfections(blotches,chips, what have you) and for "shallow" cavities. Air abrasion can be used for a sealant(where a coating is just put on the surface of the tooth and NO ENAMEL or DENTIN is removed and the tooth structure remains the same). BUt ask your dentist to be sure when he puts the sealant on that he is leaving your tooth ALONE(NO ENAMEL OR DENTIN REMOVAL). A sealant can be put on without an air abrasion machine. THe dentist can use a brush with the coating.

WIth the air abrasion machine sealant/filling scam the dentist can say "OH I don't know how deep I will have to go to remove the early decay I see"(it can just be brown on the fissures who knows what it really is)". By how deep it means how much he has to remove. If they go below the enamel into the dentin it is defined as a FILLING. That'S where the abuse comes in FOR THE MONEY. The dentist deliberately cuts more into the tooth to bill for the more expensive filling procedure when in fact only a sealant is needed. THE rule of good dentistry is "DON"T CUT A TOOTH UNTIL ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY(LIKE BIG CAVITIES THAT SHOW ON X-RAYS".

Check with your doctor exactly what equipment he will be using on your tooth, what will be put on it, and what if anything(enamel or dentin) will be removed.


P.S. todays a bad TMJ(I have neck pain, jaw discomfort, ear popping).

Old 11-01-2002, 04:53 PM   #9
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Location: Maine
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*Cat* HB User

Thanks Antoni

I was unaware of all of that!

My sealants so far were placed by the dental assistant, and were painted on. No drilling or air abrasion.....but I will definately be aware when I see my dentist in December!

I cannot believe the amount of lies told out there in the medical dental world!

I hope you filed your dental report. Mine is in an advanced stage now, and all I have to say is "LIAR!". But, I expected the dentist to lie. What else could he do? But, I'm being firm in my stance....because I know more is at risk then his TMJ pain is at stake.

Hugs, and please let me know how you are doing!


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