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Old 09-16-2008, 07:30 AM   #1
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Queensland
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temera2 HB User
TMJ has defeated Temera... am i done for, my tmj friends? please respond

Dear Friends, i havent had access to a pc , please forgive me for my late reply... but the news is dull...

the last post i wrote i had explained how i was going to see my dentist as the foward position of my jaw was still causing pain, however im atually worse off now..

My dentist was actually really nice last week and spend over 2.5 hours with me ( she was there until 8 - 2 hours over time) maybe that $300 she gained from me would of been of great reward ( small cynical joke) .. but yeah she put my jaw back in the old position sort of like dont foward but now the bite is how it used to be, she also said that i shouldnt adjust my splints for 3 months or so( hopefully just allowing my jaw to settle in and be symptom free - if only it were that easy) .. and also i stop seeing chiro and just wear the 2 splints ( which are called double block splints) and hope the pain eases... so off i go hoping when i return i will be pain free but NO my pain has sort of worsened.. i have jaw aches all day and a shrap stabbing pain in on or the other ear which kanes so bad , ths occurs every 4 hours or so .. again i only look foward to putting on a heatpac and sleeping so i can escape life...

She was saying hopefully she wont have to see me until November and that i wil be great but no im not! Why have i worsened friends.. why .. i just got a sharp pain...

My dentist also says theres no point in me seeing another person like that expensive lady as she has conducted basically the same thing on me... she was being honest here ... and claims that any other dentist would just do the same thing..

In regards to the night splint she says i really dont need it and that she would just be ripping me off $2000, as she says it shouldnt make a difference, as my jaw has gone back to the other position shes hoping it will allow the muscles to settle and the earaches to disappear..oh gosh when when when....

When she redid and adjuste my splints last week i was under a JBI whatever its called.. it hurs alittle but it allows your jaw to go the most relaxed position.. my dentist has done all she can .. she made my jaw foward ( that didnt work) and she made it back ( also didnt work) .. ive done EVERYTHING.. im beyond help.. when will my earaches go.. will they ever go forever...they hurt so much when they come..

Also i went under this other machine and apparantly my clickings gone but why does my ear hurt.. im scared incase im bone on bone..also when my ears hurt should i click them?

What can i do .. any ideas? Please HELP! im worse off now , earaches are in both sides now! Why why why! and my jaws hurt!

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Old 09-17-2008, 12:44 AM   #2
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Queensland
Posts: 380
temera2 HB User
Red face Re: TMJ has defeated Temera.. am i done for my tmj friends.. please respond

hey friends , can someone please respond.. im really scared.. please respond..

Should i change dentists?

Old 09-17-2008, 05:12 AM   #3
Join Date: Jan 2008
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gorgee HB User
Re: TMJ has defeated Temera.. am i done for my tmj friends.. please respond

Oh my goodness, I feel for you. At this moment, I am close to crying in pain from facial pain, and earaches, this morning. I am at my wits end, I have been dealing with it for 8 years now, since dealing with a traumatic experience, and since last September 07, it has been with my ever since. I have traveled to more surgeons, many hours away, been told I need surgery, my right condyle is dislocated, my discs are gone, or going, and my left condyle is 1/4 worn down. I had a splint made in May, and I was so hopeful, I would say I was on an even scale of pain, still in pain, but I could somewhat deal with it, then a couple of weeks ago, my left ear started hurting again, my left side swelled up again, my teeth throbb, and the pain is fairly severe, also my right neck I cannot move. I am a mess, the left side of my face is so painful, I can barely stand it, and I am going to try not to talk today, or talk with very little mouth movment. Does this sound familiar?

I am wondering why my major flare up came on at exactly the same time as last year, is it the cold weather coming on, as fall is here, and it is cold at night, is it some kind of stress that I have in the back of my mind that keeps popping up at the same time?

I feel for you, do you have any medication help? I am greatful and very thankful for my doctors. I have valium, flexeril, and pain medication to help, but I am afraid it is sometimes not enough.

Hang in there, and I know what you are going through. I would like to know what you are going though and maybe we can swap notes.

Good luck, and you are not alone.


Old 09-17-2008, 07:00 AM   #4
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Location: Olean, NY
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angel72 HB User
Re: TMJ has defeated Temera... am i done for, my tmj friends? please respond

Temera, I am sorry you are going through all of this pain and emotional turmoil right now, but please keep in mind that the earaches do not go away for a long time. They are the last symptom to disappear. I too have severe ear pain as my primary symptom. I have had a splint for 6 months and they are no better. They go away a few days after an adjustment to my splint and I will be pain free for a few weeks, but as soon as I start to wear it down just a little they come back. They are constant and throbbing. I have found that if I do the things I love to do that I don't think about the pain. I know it is difficult but you need to try and have a life. Also, every time you have an adjustment your pain might worsen for a few days. Furthermore, as your jaw is resetting your pain might worsen. My pain is worse even though I am making progress. When I learned that the pain might not go away for a long time I realized I had to decide between letting TMJ rule my life and ruling my TMJ. I have chosen to rule my TMJ. Only you can decide whether to change dentists but it sounds like he is doing everyhthing he can for you right now. You might ask for a very strong NSAID medication such as Anaprox, I use this and it does help. Because your jaw is not in the correct position it will compress the nerves in your ear, causing pain. I have read from your posts that you have some serious displacement, so please be patient and try and manage your pain, don't let TMJ destroy your life! I sat on my a** for 6 months and even though my pain is still bad I feel so much better now that I am active. Margaritas help loads too:-)

Old 09-17-2008, 07:04 AM   #5
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Location: Ireland
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pipdog HB Userpipdog HB User
Re: TMJ has defeated Temera... am i done for, my tmj friends? please respond

Thanks for that input angel - living up to your name

Old 09-17-2008, 10:01 AM   #6
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Location: TN
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nynavey HB User
Re: TMJ has defeated Temera.. am i done for my tmj friends.. please respond

Oh hon'! Do you get any relief? Are there any circumstances that make it more bearable than at other times? Have you tried medication? I am just trying to think of everything, and you've probably tried it all. I don't really have ear pain so I can only imagine how it must feel. Are you absolutely sure everything in your ear is OK though? No nerve damage, eustachain tube issues, etc.? It would be awful to be suffering and blaming this on TMJ when it might be something else. You've probably already checked that out, I'm just trying to brainstorm. What does your dentist say about all this pain? Surely he doesn't just give you the old, "hang in there", does he/she?

Old 09-18-2008, 12:07 AM   #7
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Queensland
Posts: 380
temera2 HB User
Question Re: TMJ has defeated Temera... am i done for, my tmj friends? please respond

Tmj friends when i read your posts , tears welled up in my eyes.. gosh i don't know what i would do without you guys and without this wonderful board..i have a support network.

Do you guys ever feel like you're in a nightmare..? As we all haven't been born with tmj , we have all had our good years , the years we had no idea what tmj was... i cant help but keep mesmorising and crying about those days .. i miss them so so much .. we all do hey ! I keep asking how did this happen to us? Do you guys know why you have tmj or what event led to it?

See to answer the questions , first Kass when i have a flare up i just get a sharp pain on either ear.. and jaw pain , i suffer nothing more.. like can you go further into your flare up symptoms? Kass have you worked out what is wrong with your jaw, you've been told so many conflicting diagnosis!...

Cold weather can seriously aggravate tmj.. did something traumatic cause your tmj kass? I would certainly like to swap notes with you on a regular basis.. you know the drugs you take , do they help alot? And how do they work? i will have to go to the doctor hey about there anything which gets rid of earaches like we have Kass. i have no other symptom except my earaches are accommodated with jaw pain...? But write back and let me know

Angel72, oh my gosh how are you? You are the one patient who is suffering exactly the same thing as me.. your advice has helped me so much (everyones has) but you go through the exact same thing.. can you tell me more about your condition.. the thing is when it aches i don't know if it will get better.. ?? How long were you told the earaches will take to fix? Are you suffering a displacement also? Which ear aches more? Mine comes like for a second then leaves but still when it happens i feel ill..because the matter of the fact is i don't know if i'm getting better or worse.. What kind of splints do you wear angel72.. please respond back and tell me more..! See if i knew i would be better by October i would stand tough but the thing is i have no control of anything and for all i know i'm worsening What do you think? Do you get your ears itchy after the pain... like theres something crawling in there?

pipdog thanks for your support also , i love you all!

nynavey hello gorgeous! No i have never been put on any medication? Who do i ask to get medication? and what type do you think? I don't trust my doctor as he diagnosed me with neuralgia and put me on some antidepressant.. how scary is that .. ? Then the surgeon was like i don't suffer neuralgia.. i was fuming at my doctors negligence...with the Eustachian issues and nerve damage how can i get that checked up? i'm quite certain i have tmj though as i get clicking sometimes and the earaches relate with the jaw pain etc. Also have you asked that lady friend of yours how her ears were better?

My dentist has no clue about the pain and she doesn't even bother with the hang in there comment.. all she can do is trial and error, she pushed the jaw back .. bad , and then forward.. bad and then back .. bad... shes lost for ideas.

Well if anyone other member who hasn't written on this thread please put in your input.. and please write back everyone ..

Love you all lots.

Old 09-18-2008, 07:44 AM   #8
Join Date: Aug 2008
Location: TN
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nynavey HB User
Re: TMJ has defeated Temera... am i done for, my tmj friends? please respond

My friend's ears are much better, but it took her the better part of a year with 24/7 splint therapy before she saw improvement. She is much older than you and that may have had a part in her healing. Everyone's is different.

You can get your inner ear checked out by what we call here an Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist. I'm not sure how that might translate to where you are. I believe a nerve specialist is called a neurologist. It wouldn't hurt to get checked out by either if you can afford it to rule out other causes of your earaches.

Old 09-19-2008, 01:53 AM   #9
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Location: los angeles, ca, usa
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CaydenJ HB User
Re: TMJ has defeated Temera... am i done for, my tmj friends? please respond

Hi Temera,

I felt like that too during the climax of my symptoms. It felt like there was an icepick in my ear and my eyeballs felt like they were going to pop out but they didn't! The only thing I can suggest is to check out all the affected areas. If it's not tmj then it might be your vertebrae or something else close to your ear canals. Maybe even search the human anatomy and start deducing. I'm sorry things are looking grim for you right now but I'm also sure that there's a proper diagnosis for you out there.

Old 09-19-2008, 07:08 AM   #10
Join Date: May 2008
Location: Queensland
Posts: 380
temera2 HB User
Re: TMJ has defeated Temera... am i done for, my tmj friends? please respond

thanks again for replies.. i love you guys! I really cant imagine where i would be without you guys.. i shudder to think...

Firstly nynavey do you know how you say you're friends ears are much better.. what do you mean? Like have the earaches gone away completely..?

And Cayden you speak about your earaches in past tense , have your earaches gone away.. and what did you do for them to leave..?? The icepick thing is 100% accurate to my pain.. i feel as though i have been cursed with the worst possible pain.. i haven't put on earrings in a year or headphones let alone gone swimming.. my whole entire life has been altered due to my ears .. this is the worst pain i can wish upon someone..

anyone know any suggestions to my questions?

What everyone says is valued to my heart .

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