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Old 02-28-2005, 09:25 PM   #1
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MachOneMustang HB User
Question Powdered Green Foods: An empty stomach the only way to go?

Hey Guys.

A couple weeks ago I purchased Maximum Greens Complete from GNC. The directions say to mix 1 tablespoon with desired drink, and to do this once or twice daily. What it does not mention is whether or not to take on an empty stomach.

I would figure since it does not say, it does not matter. But is this truely the case? While at GNC that day, I took a glance at the other "Green Foods" supplement powders that were offered, mostly those that were not products of GNC. I remember distinctly the directions on these prducts said specifically to leave a certain ammount of time before or after meals before drinking them. Why is this?

On top of the newly added Maximum Greens Complete, my regimen consits of 1 Ultra Mega Gold (Mega multivitamin), a calcium supplement, and an MSM tablet, all of which I take once twice daily with food. As we all know, the high potency of certain B vitamins cause the urine to become almost flourescent in color. However, I noticed once I started adding the Maximim Greens Complete to my regimen (taking it right after breakfast with my other supplements listed above), my urine lost its flourescent nature. In fact, it almost had a slight (very slight) green tint to it, and it definitely looked rather dull. Excuse the details, please.

My question is this: there has obviously been some sort of a change in the absorption in my supplements. Is this change good? Does the absence of the bright flourescent urine mean that more of the vitamins are actually BEING absorbed (since theres obvisously less in my body's waste product)... or does it mean more of the vitamins are NOT being absorbed?

Or, could it just mean that the natural greenish pigment of the green foods themselves are masking that flourescent color?

The Maximum Greens Complete has digestive enzymes that help in the breakdown of the nutrients contained in the product, so I would not assume that its just passing through my body. And, since it has these enzymes, I would assume it's NOT wasteful to take on an empty stomach, just for safe measure.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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Old 03-01-2005, 09:03 AM   #2
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Michael01 HB User
Re: Powdered Green Foods: An empty stomach the only way to go?

I'm taking Greens Today and have been for some time. The instructions read: "Take Greens Today Formula once or twice daily on an empty/light stomach. Pour 8-12 oz of water, juice, soy, rice or almond milk into a shaker container." I prefer to mix it in a blender with juice. Also, this product comes with a scoop. I take a scoop a day although it could be 1/2 scoop twice a day. I take it in the morning before breakfast. You may want to compare the product you're taking with Greens Today. I also plan to do the same with the product you're taking.

Old 03-01-2005, 08:35 PM   #3
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browneyedsusie HB User
Re: Powdered Green Foods: An empty stomach the only way to go?

I use a product called Greens+ and it says best to take on an empty stomach. I can't say I noticed a difference with the peeing!! But did with bowels!!

Old 03-08-2005, 04:11 PM   #4
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MachOneMustang HB User
Thumbs up Re: Powdered Green Foods: An empty stomach the only way to go?

First off, I'd like to thank you guys for responding!

Michael01, I looked up the Greens Today formula's, and I have noticed a distinct difference. My supplement, as does yours, contains many plant, fruit, and vegtable extracts, as well as some herbs and such; but yours also contains significant supplementations of vitamins and minerals. Mine, on the other hand, does not. What I do like about Greens Today is that they list how much of EACH ingredient there is in a serving, where as GNC's Maximum Greens Complete does not... I wonder why.

Browneyedsusie, without going into too great of detail... please elaborate what differences you've noticed. More frequent? Less frequent?

Both of your supplements are similar enough to mine that I have made the decision to start taking mine on an empty stomach before breakfast. I look forward to your replies!

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Old 03-29-2005, 09:07 PM   #5
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TheHappyMan HB UserTheHappyMan HB User
Re: Powdered Green Foods: An empty stomach the only way to go?

To all You GREEN PEOPLE...........

I take "Bio-Greens" every day, which is from the Vitamin Shoppe, and I assume it is similar to what you other people are taking.
The Bio-Greens I take are also loaded with Vitamins and Supplements (BUT IN VERY LIGHT AMOUNTS)

I only take it on an empty stomach, in the morning. I take my Bio-Greens in a big glass of low sodium V8. And, I add a dash of Tumeric and some Worcestershire Sauce for flavor.

What a wonderful way to wake up...................... Why do you think I am so happy ???

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Old 04-02-2005, 02:53 AM   #6
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Ogilvie74 HB User
Re: Powdered Green Foods: An empty stomach the only way to go?

Several years ago I tried a powdered mix by Nulife. I forgot what it was called but it comes in a small can and the label is primarily purple with pictures of vegetables and fruit on it. I remember that it did change the colour of my urine. When I stopped taking it, the urine went back to its regular colour. In your case also it may be the supplement that's causing the change in urine. I don't know if this means more nutrients are being absorbed. I currently take a supermarket brand mix that is basically the same as Greens ++ but I don't really notice a change in urine or bowels. I basically only notice changes in bowels when I take more fibre or when my IBS is acting up. My urine changes colour sometimes from yellow to more clear and back again but I have no clue as to why this occurs.

The mix I take now says to take it in an empty stomach or at least 15 minutes before a meal. Most of these green mixes that I've seen say to take it on an an empty stomach or "x" minutes before eating. I suppose the one your are taking is no different.

Last edited by Ogilvie74; 04-02-2005 at 02:55 AM.

Old 04-06-2005, 03:54 PM   #7
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Join Date: Nov 2002
Location: United States
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MachOneMustang HB User
Thumbs up Re: Powdered Green Foods: An empty stomach the only way to go?

TheHappyMan and Ogilvie74, you are both most likely correct, for I am sure there is no sigificant difference between my cupplement and your own. Taking it on an empty stomach seems it really IS the only way to go, regardless if GNC says it on their label or not.

On the matter of urine discoloration, I have yet to determine whether or not the alteration it its color is a poisitve or negative effect. In the ingredients label on Maximum Greens Complete, I did notice that there are "spirulina and chlorella, to naturally supply chlorophyll," which, if I'm not mistaken, is what responsible for a plant's greenish tint right? If I am indeed correct, this may hint to why my urine took on a greenish color as well. But is this necessarily a good thing? Does this mean it's passing right through me? Or just a little? You see, theres so many variables that goes into this kind of thing, it many times drowns you in probability with no chance of a definite answer.

As far as it having negative side-effects, I'm sure its not harmful to me; but even the notion that its passing right through me and I'm wasting my money would be negative enough. Maybe once I get some more free time, I'll be able to research the matter more in-depth and possibly come to a definitive answer.

Ogilvie74, regarding why your urine color fluctuates between yellow to clear could very well be due to, as is the obvious answer, the water content in it. Surely, the more water you drink, the more dilluted, in a sense, your urine will be. But this is the obvious answer, so I think it may not apply?

Either way, thank you to all for your input. Talk to you guys later.

Old 04-06-2005, 07:26 PM   #8
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Join Date: Dec 2004
Posts: 259
browneyedsusie HB User
Re: Powdered Green Foods: An empty stomach the only way to go?

ok..without to much detail (hehe) I found my bowel movements sometimes take on the color of the Greens+. I also do chlorella in a pill form (9 a day) for 3 weeks at the change of every season. Now that I think about it...this is when I notice the bowel change. And yes chlorophyll is what gives a plant its rich green color. Hmmm all we need is a little soil!!!
Now on a serious note....I really do think you are benefiting from taking your green product it is full of nutrients and vitamins the average person does not get from diet alone. It is also a form of a cleanse...this is why I started in the first place. So who knows if the color is from the chlorophyll or not but I will ask my Naturopath what she thinks and get back to you on it.....L

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