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Old 06-09-2003, 12:11 PM   #1
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microelvis2000 HB User
Question The eat only at night diet - question

I thought it was bad to eat at night? You eat still 2 -3 hours before sleep? Its a good diet because you dont have to count anything during the day, (but could, but its harder?), and how fast to lose weight? Did you exercise at the same time? Did you drink the 64 oz water a day? How fast did you get used to this, did your stomach make embarassing "feed me" sounds in public?

I read your posts but can't find them!

Thanks! I do think this seems healthier than diet pills or no carbs!

Old 06-09-2003, 12:14 PM   #2
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GoinCruisin HB User

I've never heard anything like this, but sounds very unhealthy. You should eat something small every 3-4 hours, average about 5 small meals a day. If you don't, you will slow your metabolism. I cannot imagine eating only at night. That just doesnt make much sense to me... I don't eat carbs at night, but I do eat dinner... Sounds like another gimmick to me, I would suggest eating a healthy balanced diet that includes 5-6 small meals a day, incorporating lots of water and exercise. Good luck!

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Old 06-09-2003, 12:23 PM   #3
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Location: la, ca, usa
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microelvis2000 HB User

Yeah, not sure about it. I think the person said she drank soup during the day if she was hungry...its posted here somewhere, but cant find it. I think it makes more sense to count calories during the day and spread them out, but there were lots of intriqued posters replying to those posts. ?:0

Old 06-09-2003, 12:27 PM   #4
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DonutsNCoffee HB User

If she was having soup during the day, then she's basically suppressing her appetite by filling the stomach with liquid. But the body will not get enough calories so the metabolism will slow down. This sounds like a terrible diet.

Old 06-09-2003, 09:29 PM   #5
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Lindarella HB User

I believe you're refering to me.

It may sound like a terrible diet but I lost 35 pounds and have kept it off. I started last April and it's June now, so it's been over a year.

I've done this all my life. It has worked all my life. I'm 43 years old so it's been awhile. I always weighed around 125-130 until I hit 40 and got a computer. I ballooned up to 156 in 3 years. My goal was 130, I'm now at 121.

I looked back over my life to see how I remained thin and not eating much during the day was the way I always did it. I never ate breakfast, ever, all my life. Even when in high school I didn't.

Anyway back to your questions. Here is a link to how I did it.

To answer some of the questions that I didn't answer in the link.

Did you exercise at the same time?
I've never exercised and don't plan to.

Did you drink the 64 oz water a day?
I didn't drink one glass of water. I drank quite a bit of coffee though. Frankly, I think drinking all that water is stupid. ;D

How fast did you get used to this
Well, since I had always done it, it wasn't very hard to get used to. It took some discipline at first not to go over the 1200 calorie mark as I wanted to eat a lot of junk.

did your stomach make embarassing "feed me" sounds in public?
If I felt pretty hungry, I'd eat something small around lunchtime just to take the hunger away. Something like half a turkey breast sandwich or a cup-a soup. I think that eating all the calories at night gave me plenty to last me throughout the next day as I wasn't using them at night.

Since the link I posted I've lost another 2 pounds to put me at 121. Now I'm trying to find a balance to maintain. I eat roughly 1300-1400 calories a day now.

While this diet isn't for everyone, it worked for me. This board is about posting our experiences. I'm very happy with where I am now. I wouldn't go back for the world....

Old 06-12-2003, 09:56 PM   #6
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microelvis2000 HB User

Thanks for the reply. I think a week od this wouldn't do any "damage," esp since you're getting the recommended is this bad?

Old 06-13-2003, 05:48 AM   #7
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northernlights HB User

i have found your "way of eating" interesting...
i've been doing atkins for about 7 months now. i made my goal...lost 32 lbs. i go back and forth on a couple of the pounds, and would like to go more back than forth.
lately i've really had a terrible time "sticking" to atkins...low carbs are awfully boring! i love my mocha coolatas from dunkin' donuts!!!!
i think i may try this way of eating...i'm petrified i will put the weight back on though. i hear horror stories about people who were on atkins, then when they started eating the carbs, they put their weight back on and then some. i've finally gotten down to the size 6 i was pre-children. i don't want to be a size 10 again. i'm only 5' 1" tall, and every lb. shows on me.
i have lots of willpower during the day...but at night, it's out the window. that's when i go bust! hopefully i can get up the nerve to try this, at least for a month to see which direction i go...

thanks for all your advice...wish me luck!


Old 06-13-2003, 09:08 AM   #8
Senior Veteran
Join Date: May 2002
Posts: 934
Lindarella HB User

Well northern, I don't think there really is any magic tricks to this diet. It's just your basic 1200 calories a day. I don't buy into the "only carbs cause you to be fat" thing. I buy into the "to many calories of any kind cause you to be fat thing".

The reason I adopted this (besides it having worked all my life) is that I tried the "eat 3 meals and two snacks a day thing" and would blow it at night every single time. I like snacks, who doesn't? I think it's asking way to much of ourselves to go from eating whatever we wanted when we were fat, to a strict diet with hardly any GOOD snacks. Just look at all the people who blow it. My philosophy is that if you limit calories, you can have whatever you please as long as you don't go over that calorie limit.

Now this isn't going to work for you if your plan is to eat as much as you please at night. You have to LIMIT CALORIES while eating what you please. I did eat what I pleased but NEVER (during the losing phase) went over 1200 calories a day.
I ate what I wanted. I ate candy, junk, fruit, literally ANYTHING as long as I stopped at 1200 calorie. I wasn't deprived of ANY snack and never felt deprived. I still don't feel deprived.

I'd advise using ****** for calorie control if you plan on doing this. Like I keep saying, you can eat anything but still can't go over your limit. Over time, using ******, you'll find what that limit is. 1200 is not a lot of calories and most people need more to maintain. If you're just going to try and maintain, I'd suggest starting with 1300-1400 a day and see how you do. If you gain, drop 50 cals off that until you come to a balance. If you lose, add 50 in. It really depends on how much you exercise. I have to eat fewer calories because I don't exercise AT ALL.

Good luck to you. I know it's scarey to try and maintain. I was scared at first too. Now I have this plan down so well that I just wing it. I don't count the calories anymore as if you never eat more than the serving size of anything, it's nearly impossible to get fat. The only time I started to gain was when hubby and I went on a rum binge during the holidays. We drank nearly a gallon of rum in two weeks. I gained 2 pounds from that. Rum has 65 calories a shot woo!

Old 06-14-2003, 09:04 AM   #9
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Join Date: Feb 2003
Location: la, ca, usa
Posts: 126
microelvis2000 HB User

So you do the eat only a night thing to lose weight, but go back to regular meals AS SERVING SIZE meals after you've lost the weight??

Intially losing about or around 5-10lbs a month at the beginning?

You could eat a piece of fruit if you're really hungry or soup you said?

Thanks for all your help it is much appreciated.

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