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Old 06-29-2004, 08:24 AM   #1
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woodahs HB User
How many calories should I consume to lose weight but not go into starvation mode?

I don't want my body to fall into starvation mode, so I'm wondering about how many calories per day should I eat to lose weight and not go into starvartion mode? I was thinking somewhere around 1300 maybe? Also, should I decrease my calories on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday since I'm not doing as much exercise? I'm thinking about having my cheat day on Sunday

Any advice would be appreciated

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

The Firm (Cardio tape - roughly 50 min)
Mini Stepper (20min)
HIIT on treadmill (10min)


Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday


Bun & Thigh on Tues. [22min]
Upper Body on Thurs. [25min]
Adv. Body Slimming on Sat. [21 min]

Mini Stepper (20min)
HIIT on treadmill (10min)



Mini Stepper [30 min]
HIIT on treadmill (10min)

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Old 06-29-2004, 06:33 PM   #2
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spreeville HB User
Re: How many calories should I consume to lose weight but not go into starvation mode?

Hm, a lot of health nuts would say to have at least 1200 calories a day. Though I hear that diets under 1500 calories a day may weaken the immune system. I think when you refer to 'starvation mode' you really mean when you physically feel hungry, and that's when your body will start to store fat.

Old 06-29-2004, 06:50 PM   #3
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Quencher HB User
Re: How many calories should I consume to lose weight but not go into starvation mode?

I would think 1300 calories per day is fine. I've heard before that anything under 800 calories is starvation mode, but I suppose it's different for every person. Just stick with 1300 calories. It sounds safe. Make sure, though, that you're not losing more than 2 pounds per week, as that'll be really unhealthy. Good luck on your diet!

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Old 06-29-2004, 10:56 PM   #4
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modert HB User
Re: How many calories should I consume to lose weight but not go into starvation mode?

Regarless of what ANYONE tells you, the question cannot be answered without knowing your age, height, weight, gender, and activity level.

While its true that no human, regardless of these factors should ever eat less than 1200 calories per day, you might very well be in starvation mode if your basal metabolic rate is, for example, 1800 calories per day. You'll never know unless you calculate it. Do a google search on "BMR calculator" and look for one that factors in your activity level. Its generally safe to reduce your BMR by 10-20% for safe weight loss, but still never go below the 1200 calorie range.

Old 06-30-2004, 08:49 AM   #5
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zip2play HB User
Re: How many calories should I consume to lose weight but not go into starvation mode?

I'd go along with that 1200 as a bottom caloric consumption all adults.

But someone who is overweight but not obese and eating 3000 calories normally, who wants a reasonable weightloss routine might not want to get below even 2000 calories lest the "starvation response" makes dieting really difficult. This is me to a T. Anything below 2000 is counterproductive for me in the long run. (I'm 6'2" muscular and active)

That's not to say you can actually STARVE yourself at 1800 calories but your body can react metabolically as if you are. Thus your metabolism will hoarde calories in such a way that anything approaching the old habits will result in a MURDEROUS weight gain zig-zag often to a new higher weight.

You always want to lose weight with a tweezers instead of a cannon unless your immense weight presents an imminent threat to life!

Last edited by zip2play; 06-30-2004 at 08:57 AM.

Old 06-30-2004, 09:26 AM   #6
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dreamer89 HB User
Re: How many calories should I consume to lose weight but not go into starvation mode?

well the world health organization says that 2100 caloires is the minimum an adult should get for good health, (and I bet to keep out of starvation mode too) it is a good number to start with, at 900 caloires the world health organization says the body is dying.

personally from my experinece anytime you eat less than the body demands is starvation mode whether 1500 or 3000 caloiries. if the body wants and needs 2000 caloires a day to maintain good health, keep the engine reved up etc, then 1900 is starvation mode, even if it is not severe.

anytime the body is forced to use fat it will use muscle as well, even mild famines can triggor this in many people, now some peoples bodies have low famine sensitivity. it other words they can eat 100 or 200 caloires less than the body demands and the body will not feel threatened by it or lower the metabolism burn muscles and prepare for fat storage to survive the next famine.

men seem to be less famine sensitive then women and women tend to be more severe in their diets (thus training their bodies to anticipate famines or to become more famine sensitivie) by training the body in such a way probably explains why when a person tries a diet or reduces calaries is what i mean by dieting, they lose alot fast, but then the body gets them to replace it whether they want it or not, then the next time they diet again they lose a little less with the same effort, so naturally the person gets more restrictive and purges (whether through exercise or pills or whatever) and when the gain the weight back (and most will) the next time they try to lose again they lose even less

until the time comes when they only eat 500 caloires a day and the weight won't budge, because only a short time after starting a very low calarie diet their bodies release massive quantities of hormones such as galanine which stimulates extreme cravings for fat and caloires in general to replace those stores.

my experinece and research as well as others I talk to on a regular basis who are aware of what I just wrote above shows the only way to permanently lose without having to fight your body for life is eating. there is no other way, if you are overfat, and you still think you are eating enough or too much I am here to tell you you are not eating enough otherwise you would not be overfat, you are on what is termed a famine feast cycle,

your famines may be noticable to you or not or maybe they are, but you are famining and feasting even tho you may not even be recovering from a diet, you are just basically underfueling somewhere otherwise excess fat (if in fact you really are excessivly fat you may be right for your health size and at the weight your body wants you to be) would be maladative and your body would purge it for you.

the body purges in many ways, up the metabolsim, decrease appetite, increase appeitite for lighter fare, like fruits cereals vegies and lower fat foods such as milk, bread etc decrease in cravings for junk or fattier foods. when the body does this it uses fat to make up any deficit, but it cannot be forced it can only be gently coaxed to avoid triggoring that thrifty gene. this naturally thin way as it is called is slow, but the results and little signs of progress along the way before actual fat loss is very dramatic and sure is a different way to deal with obesity without all the side affects.

hope this helps.


Last edited by dreamer89; 06-30-2004 at 09:27 AM.

Old 06-30-2004, 10:03 AM   #7
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Location: Virginia, USA
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woodahs HB User
Re: How many calories should I consume to lose weight but not go into starvation mode?

Thanks for the responses everyone.

I calculated my BMR and it's 1485 (I want to lose roughly 25 lbs., btw)

I am going to keep my calories at 1300, so that would be a little more than a 12% decrease.

So this is basically all I need to know?

Thanks for all the help!

Last edited by woodahs; 06-30-2004 at 10:05 AM.

Old 06-30-2004, 11:06 AM   #8
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modert HB User
Re: How many calories should I consume to lose weight but not go into starvation mode?

Originally Posted by woodahs
So this is basically all I need to know?
Of course not! The body is a complex machine. That is like asking if all you need to know about your car is that it needs gas. hmmm...

Think of your metabolism as a campfire. Your mission is to keep the fire burning all day at an even steady pace. To accomplish this you would not put one huge log on it and cross your fingers, you would likely continuously add wood throughout the day and fan it a bit too.

Your diet needs to be spaced evenly throughout the day and it needs to consist of a balance of nutrients, carbs, protein, fat, etc. Knowing how many calories to eat is simply the basis for determining all other critical factors in your weight loss plan.

Want more info? Just ask!

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