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lose weight right

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Old 08-24-2006, 08:35 AM   #1
Junior Member
Join Date: Jun 2006
Location: Robbinsville, NJ, USA
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ThisIsJess HB User
lose weight right

Okay, before I start this post I just want to tell everyone that I am not trying to pretend that I know EVERYTHING about weight loss, or that you should all listen to me exactly. I hope this doesn't come off as obnoxious, you can tell me if it does. I started eating healthier in May of this year. In 3 short months I lost 25 pounds. Those pounds are permanently gone, because I lost them the right way.

I've been looking at this health board and I see questions about diet pills, grapefruit diets, liquid diets. These are all quick gimmicky diet ideas that people put out there for the sole purpose of making a profit. There is no way you will lose weight on these, and even if you do (I'm sure some of you are saying, "hey! i started taking diet pills and lost 15 pounds!), that is not a permanent loss. The minute you stop taking those pills, or start eating regularly, you will gain that weight back, and probably more. I have tried the liquid diet, the fasting, diet pills, everything. Trust me, unless you want to shell out big bucks every month for the rest of your life, these diets do not work. I would even say the same for weight watchers and nutrisystem type diets: they work great, but don't start them unless you plan on staying on weight watchers and paying for those meals forever.

The best way to lose weight, believe it or not, is to EAT HEALTHY AND EXERCISE. think about it. is it healthy to live off of fluids and grapefruit? is it enjoyable? no,it's not. it is possible to enjoy your food and still lose weight. just eat healthy! switch to wheat bread and brown rice, lots of fruit and veggies, lowfat yogurts, skim milk, lots of water. There are even desserts that are okay! Fat free frozen cool whip, low fat ice cream, 100 calorie packs - all of these are great! And if you HATE exercise, like i do, then just start off really slow. i started with 20 mins on the treadmill at the gym. Now I go to the gym atleast 5 times a week, and try to walk atleast 2 miles. It really does get easier, i swear! If you don't have time at the gym, just go for a brisk walk around the block in the morning and at night, buy an exercise video or some weights, and do a quick exercise program right at your house!

I love pizza, and after a few weeks I realized it was not something I could live without. If there is something you absolutely can't live without, don't even try it! I tried staying away from pizza and ended up gorging myself on 4 slices. Now I allow myself a slice every now and then, so I don't overdo it!

Ladies and gentlemen, underneath all of you is a healthy and happy person waiting to come out! Don't starve your body, nurture it and treat it right by giving it healthy foods and allowing it to exercise! I started eating healthier when I realized my size 10 pants were getting tight. I'm now a healthier and happier size 4!

Good luck everyone - I know you can do it! Just think to yourself:

Nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels!

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Old 08-24-2006, 10:53 AM   #2
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nikki2kids HB User
Re: lose weight right

Nice post. I agree. I've tried it all. The lastest attempt was to give up carbs except for vegetables. I just couldn't stick to it and gained everything back. Now, I'm eating everything (not junk) - I eat wheat bread, I eat cracked wheat, I eat beans, along with the vegies and protein. I also started exercising 1/2 hour a day, 5 days per week. I've lost 15 pounds and I don't feel deprived and I don't feel like attacking food, which is what I used to do.

Old 08-24-2006, 11:19 AM   #3
Miss Romantic
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Miss Romantic HB User
Re: lose weight right

I totally agree with you. I actually wanted to post something like that, haha. I saw so many posts about all these fad diets and pills and stuff and I was like, wow.

Old 08-24-2006, 09:59 PM   #4
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Fireball76 HB User
Re: lose weight right

That's great that your plans worked for each of you. But I'm going to say that not everything works for everyone.
I've noticed that threads like this start up from time to time until the mods close them because everyone has their own opinion on this topic and before too long a debate starts. And maybe that's what I'm doing by not agreeing. But as tired as you are of seeing the threads about pills and fad diets, I'm just as tired of seeing threads like this where someone who has no idea about why people are asking about these options, just assumes that the posters aren't willing to do it the "right" way.
Why post a thread critisizing how someone else wants to lose weight? These are "support boards", not "judge other people because they aren't like you boards".
It's great that each of you have been successful with your individual plans. Awesome. And if someone is following a similar plan then you are fully equiped to help them out.
No one here knows what other posters lives are like, what they've gone through, what they've tried in the past. So, no one who comes here has the right to ask why people do what they do. And no one plan is right for everyone, what may work for you might do nothing for the next person. So don't be so quick to judge.
And if you've actually read some of these oh so horrible and irritating threads about pills and fads, you'd see that on several of them potential buyers have changed their minds because of the advice they've gotten here. This is an excellent forum for people to see what's out there and find out what might be best for them.
Like I said, it's great that you lost 25# and are now in a size 4. Congrats. I'm taking a prescription from my doctor, I've also lost 25#, and I'm down to a size 14. Hope that puts it in perspective that everyone's situation is different.
So, how about not venting your frustration about the other members lives, just stick with giving advice when you can and skipping the posts that you can't help with.

Old 08-25-2006, 07:03 AM   #5
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chevyman HB User
Re: lose weight right

Well usally if a person takes diet pills, its to curb the apitite (obviously) and most people will stop taking the pills once they start loseing and keep loseing, I guess you might say the pills are a good jump starter.

your right about all the fad diets.
the best way I found to lose weight is by not eating so much, count every little calorie you put in your mouth and keep it at a low low rate daily,(moderation) and do some sort of exercise daily, thats the best and safe way.
eating healthy exercise every day is how to lose weight..its not eazy to do that at first but it gets eazer when the weight starts falling off.
you not only start to feel better you look better and your more secure about yourself, it puts a whole new meaning in self esteem.
If a person finds a way to lose weight in a safe manner for there health, I see nothing wrong with it.

Old 08-25-2006, 02:52 PM   #6
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lola003 HB User
Re: lose weight right

I can't agree more. I come from an overweight family. Since I was 16 I vowed not to look that way. I have watched my weight all of my life and up until I hit menopause, every was great. DIETS do NOT work. Portion control and excersize is the key.

Now, any advise on women going through menopause? No matter what I do, I gain. Oh well, its the price of getting older.

Deb in ct

Old 08-25-2006, 05:36 PM   #7
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Natasha2006 HB User
Re: lose weight right

I agree with the OP to some degree. I lost weight using a method that some would consider a quick weight loss scheme but guess what? I have kept the weight off for a year. That quick weight loss scheme helped me to devise a better eating and exercising plan. Basically it was the boost I needed to lose 70 lbs. I am still trying to lose more weight but at least now I know what is good for me and what is not.

I don't knock anyone for trying to lose weight. By whatever means they chose. I have battled with weight all of my teen and adult life. I understand the desire to lose weight at any cost. Don't judge if you don't fully understand. There are some people that are considered obese and are desperate to lose weight. My losing weight would be on my mind - DAY AND NIGHT. Of course some people are going to try anything but that is their right. To all of those that haven't won the battle but still fighting - I am in your corner 100 %

Old 08-25-2006, 05:54 PM   #8
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janx HB User
Re: lose weight right

I could not have said it better myself.

Old 08-25-2006, 06:53 PM   #9
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Location: Michigan
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Fireball76 HB User
Re: lose weight right

Not a problem!
Congrats to everyone who is trying to lose weight and to those who have been successful. It's a battle I've struggled with since I was a teen (even as a pre-teen I was bigger).
What everyone needs to keep in mind is that you can't stop trying, I've tried crazy plans n the past that didn't work for me as far as the long term, or didn't work at all for that matter! But I can't let set backs keep you from trying. Eventually you'll find the key that works for you.

Old 08-28-2006, 08:27 AM   #10
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Location: Robbinsville, NJ, USA
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ThisIsJess HB User
Re: lose weight right

Fireball76 - I appreciate your honesty. I'm not judging people based on their diets, just suggesting what worked for me, and what could work for a lot of people on this website. Just like other people suggesting diet pills and quick fixes, I'm suggesting something as well, a diet that is much healthier than a lot of the diets on this website.

I used to use diet pills and went on many quick fix diets, and those led straight to an eating disorder. I suffered with anorexia for over a year, and was driven to the hospital for overdosing on diet pills. OF COURSE i'm not suggesting this will happen to anyone that takes diet pills! But I am just telling everyone on this board what happened to me personally. I believe it's a free country and I'm just suggesting an alternative diet plan.

Ladies and gents, good luck with WHATEVER diet plan you choose, and I sincerely hope that you achieve all your goals! I know what it feels like to be both overweight and underweight, and neither of them is pleasant at all. So I really hope that you all find a weight that makes you happy and is still healthy. Good luck to all!

Last edited by ThisIsJess; 08-28-2006 at 08:28 AM.

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