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Old 07-09-2007, 01:26 PM   #1
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mmmcoffee HB User
May 30=quit smoking; July 9=gained 10-15lbs (so far) HELP!

Hello all...just need some advice/support I guess. . . . .

May 30 I quit smoking. Been doing great with that except for two thing
1---Coffee doesn't taste good anymore



So, here I am, smoke free and (so far) 10-15 lbs heavier. All I do is eat. Since I don't drink coffee anymore, I have no energy. I'd just assume take a nap instead of a walk (plus it's been rainy here---easy excuse) It's like I don't care and eat all the time. But I do care, I hate the fact that jeans are getting tighter and I always feel bloated. How can I get back into the drink lots of water, eat only when hungry thing? I'm stuck in this rutt and I know it, but part of me doesn't want to get out of it.

I can't begin to explain HOW good food tastes when for the last 23 years my taste buds have been numbed by cigarettes, and now they're not. Being Italian and having an italian father that's a great cook hasn't helped either!

Any suggestions on how I can get out of this rutt? What worked for some of you? (I even had my bathing suit on last weekend at the pool and didn't really care how it looked) Once summer's over maybe I can get back into the swing of things. I hope so. Any help would be great!


mmmcoffee (even though coffee tastes gross now....still like the

Old 07-10-2007, 10:04 AM   #2
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Hoochie HB User
Re: May 30=quit smoking; July 9=gained 10-15lbs (so far) HELP!

mmmcoffee- Oh I so know how you feel. I quit smoking about 4 years ago now(I think-pretty close anyways) and I totally lost my taste for coffee. The good news is that it's back. I am a bigger Starbucks fan than I ever was. Anyways, be careful with your weight before it takes off on you. I gained 25 pounds very quickly after I quit smoking. I have lost 10-15 pounds of that original weight but I sit at around 160 and can't seem to get down anymore from that weight. One week I exercise and eat well and then I will not care and eat whatever again. I think that you have to find the right lifestyle that can work and I still search for it. It seems like when I go on holidays, I can really motivate myself but I have a hard time when I come back home. I am learning to love my body a bit more than I used too. I have never got back to my weight before I quit smoking but I haven't given up hope. I hope that you can really pay attention to what you eat right now so you don't end up in my predicament. Stay on this board, there are so many inspiring people on here. Even if I don't reply to lots of readers, I enjoy listening to what they have to say. Take care...

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Old 07-10-2007, 02:41 PM   #3
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rubato HB User
Re: May 30=quit smoking; July 9=gained 10-15lbs (so far) HELP!

Congratulations on being an ex-smoker. I've been one for 4 1/2 years and my hubby quit 3 months ago. I gained 20-25 and my hubby has gained at least 25.Why? Food is yummy! I still deal with food issues now. I'm still 10-15 pounds over what I was as a smoker, but cigarettes always got me through the diet. When I was hungry or bored, I lit up. Both of us don't drink coffee anymore. The best part of the coffee was smoking.
The key is to give yourself some time. I craved a cigarette for an entire year. Dieting wouldn't have been an option. Extra weight is a lot healthier than smoking so don't worry. You'll eventually get through this part and slow down a little on eating. Drink the water even if you don't want to. It'll help flush out all the crud in your body from years of smoking.
Good luck with everything. The hard part is over!

Old 07-10-2007, 07:01 PM   #4
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Join Date: Jul 2006
Location: New England, USA
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mmmcoffee HB User
Re: May 30=quit smoking; July 9=gained 10-15lbs (so far) HELP!

Thank you both! You are both right----coffee isn't enjoyable anymore and food tastes SOOO GOOOD!!!! I'm still choking down 1 cup of coffee in the a.m. because I have 2 kids on summer vacation and I NEED it, even if it's not very good. My husband told me to try different coffees. So, I must have 5 different expensive ones sitting in the cabinet right now. Waiting until the day they taste

A friend of mine gained 45 lbs when she quit, and I said I'd go back to smoking before that happened! I'm too little to gain that much. I have good days and bad. Today I started out saying/thinking I would be good and have yogurt, salad and lots of water. Well, good intentions. I had yogurt for dinner, then messed up at parent's with some cookies, then had eggs/bacon/toast for dinner. I guess i have to just get my will power back.

Tomorrow is another day. Taking the kids fishing, and NOT packing a picnic! LOL! I will pack a water though. Wish me luck and thanks for the support!

Have a good night


Old 07-11-2007, 06:27 AM   #5
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velveeta HB User
Re: May 30=quit smoking; July 9=gained 10-15lbs (so far) HELP!

I feel your pain! I too just quit smoking and have gained a fast 15 lbs and can not beleive it. I have hit the road walking 2 1/2 to 5 miles a day to start and trying to eat better (whole foods) and drink plenty of water. The way I see it the hard part is over. I quit smoking and feel better and there is no reason I can't take this weight off. It is easier than quitting and I am looking on the bright side that I do not have to give up eating altogether. Good Luck to all you ex smokers battling the bulge!!

Old 07-11-2007, 10:09 AM   #6
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Lenin HB UserLenin HB UserLenin HB UserLenin HB UserLenin HB UserLenin HB User
Re: May 30=quit smoking; July 9=gained 10-15lbs (so far) HELP!


It's the name of the game...quit smoling and gain 15 pounds. AND it only takes about a hundred years to lose them.

It's worth it though.

And it puts us ALL on a diet!

I've never heard of the coffee-hate though...I drank my several potfulls before, during, and after quitting coffin nails (been 25 years now...2 packs a day!)

Hang in there and start counting the calories.

Old 07-11-2007, 12:48 PM   #7
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Hoochie HB User
Re: May 30=quit smoking; July 9=gained 10-15lbs (so far) HELP!


Quitting smoking indeed puts us all on a diet. I had never dieted in my life until I quit smoking.
I guess I used to have a "smoking body!!!" haha I do feel better now that I don't have a cigerette in my hand. I would much rather have good tasting food. It's really hard when you have never been overweight before though. Today is a good day because it is so hot outside, I don't feel like eating much. I tend to eat more when I am stuck inside and bored. Have a great day guys! Hoochie

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