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bpendrak HB User
Need help starting an exercise routine

I hope that somebody out there can help me out. I am a 300lb., 35 year old married father with Diabetes. I need to lose the excess for the betterment of MY life, my married life, and in the hopes of being around for my daughter as she grows. My main issue is simply not knowing what kind of routine to use. I realize that I have to start slow, etc. but am unsure of EXACTLY what that means. I have a treadmill but no other exercise equipment to speak of. I intend to start whatever program this week and WILL stick to it... I just need a little guidance. Your help and advice is appreciated.

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samester01 HB User
Re: Need help starting an exercise routine

Ok, I registered on this board just so I could reply to you. Something in your post spoke to me and I couldn't close the window without replying. So here it is: Since you are new to exercising, you're going to want to take it slow at first. Do not overtax your body because you could get injured, and/or lose motivation due to the difficulty.

Since you say you have a treadmill, I suggest you walk at a low to none incline at first, at a speed where you can carry on a coversation, but you'd rather not. Don't attempt to run yet, as it's very hard on the joints. When this seems like it's getting easy add a small increase to your incline if you have one.

I also suggest you stick to cardio at first as it's the best way to start losing weight quickly, especially if you don't workout on a regular basis now.

It's also extremely important that you lower your calorie intake, but don't go overboard as you can actually slow your metabolism. Around 1800 calories a day is good for a man to start off with. Stick to lean protein (chicken, fish, beef) and complex carbohydrates (anything with white flour or starch is bad). All fruits and vegetables are good for you! No Atkins ok? You want to eat small meals spaced throughout the day for a total of 4-6 small meals a day. The ideal is three meals and two snacks. Also make healthier choices.. grill or bake instead of fry, no high calorie sauces or dressings, etc. (salad dressings are secretly high in calories.. look for low cal ones instead)

Then once the weight starts coming off (this is the important part so pay attention!), you can start implementing weight training. Men especially react wonderfully to a strength regimen, and you'll be dropping lbs. in no time. You want to start off with three sets of 8-12 reps and build from there. Again Do Not Overtax Your Body! Proper form, and listening to your body is essential to avoid injury. However this does not mean that you get to stay in your comfort zone, it's going to be tough sometimes.. but there is a difference between tough and painful!

Strength training is always going to be more important than cardio, however don't take that to mean that cardio is a throw-away item. You need both, but once the weight drops dramatically that's when you focus on strength training and start implementing HIIT which stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

You get your heart rate up for around 30 seconds (let's say with moderate to intense cardio) then bring it back down with a recovery movement (such as a strength training movement or lower intensity cardio).

HIIT is the absolute best way to drop body fat.

I hope this made sence to you.. if not then search the internet for more info on the subjects I've touched upon here.

Don't get scared by all the body builders on there and Arnold look-a-likes.. their info is great for dropping body fat and gaining muscle (which everyone needs) and the transformation page is great motivation!

Good luck and Godbless, I hope you reach your goal and stick to it!

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Location: Atlanta, GA
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bpendrak HB User
Re: Need help starting an exercise routine

thanks so much for your help... This is exactly the kind of information that I need. When I was told I had diabetes, I lost about 25 pounds simply by giving up soda and cutting my food intake in half. however, I have put some (most) of it back on and really want to make a change for the better. My father-inlaw died of pancreatic cancer (caused by the TONS of insulin he was using to manage his diabetes without managing his diet and exercise) before getting to see his first grandchild (my daughter). I won't let that happen to me.

Again, THANKS for the help!

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samester01 HB User
Re: Need help starting an exercise routine

since you're diabetic.. white starch & sugar really is bad for you.. switch to whole grain (it has to say whole on the package) and the less processed foods the better

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samester01 HB User
Re: Need help starting an exercise routine

P.s.s. Sorry to hear about your father-in-law

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Re: Need help starting an exercise routine

That is so good of you to be ready to start your exercise routine! So many people aren't even interested and that makes it such a struggle. Sounds like you are a very positive person!

I also think it's a great idea to start off with walking. You will have to play it by ear and see what level works for you. Just start off with a zero incline and find a speed that isn't too easy, but not way too challenging. I try to pick a speed that's a bit faster than a regular walk. You can slowly add more speed or incline and increase the time you spend on the treadmill. Putting the treadmill in front of a tv is great so you can have fun watching a show or movie while getting in shape.

When you do decide to start with strength training, it's also good to start slow with this. I like to buy exercise magazines to get some ideas. I originally bought 5 pound weights to keep at home and now I use 10's. Since I'm not looking to bulk up, they work great. I also have a gym membership (2 actually) so I use the equipment there. I like the machines because they have user-friendly pictures on them that explain how to use them. Many gyms also have a free tour with a trainer or a free session so they can specifically show you how to use everything. I love going to the gym because they have all the neat "extras" that I don't have at home.

Good luck with your new routine! I hope it all goes well for you!

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Sweetgirl HB User
Re: Need help starting an exercise routine

I echo Samester's advice about HIIT. It has been repeatedly shown to help with weight loss and not compromise muscle mass. I have to gently disagree with TurRa about weight training. It takes a lot of training to look like Arnold. Muscle is your friend because it is metabolically active - meaning that it burns fat at rest. So, you want muscle! Your weight training exercises should be of the functional variety, meaning that they will help you with your everyday life. Machines don't give you that because they don't train the small muscles that encapsulate joints and help with balance, carrying heavy items, lifting things over your head, squatting down to pick up the kids, etc. I would get with a trainer for a few sessions to learn the proper way to do functional exercises - most of which can be done with free weights (dumbbells).

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