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Old 06-19-2002, 05:55 AM   #1
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barry_3 HB User
Should I lose or not?

Hi, I am considering a weight loss program. I mostly work a desk job now but have a large frame from wrestling back in college. I admit to a few extra pounds, but overall think i am still in good shape for my age (see photo I am on left). However in candid conversation I found co-workers to disagree. I have been called \'soft\' and \'obese\' even, which I think is totally off-base. How they can say this I am unsure. Maybe by exaggerating the situation they feel better about themselves? I see 10-15 pounds I could trim from my waist but little more. I do not believe I am obese or in bad shape, but now feel some sort of obligation to lose weight anyways. Not sure if I want to though.


<IMG SRC="">

Old 06-19-2002, 07:33 AM   #2
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zabou69 HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?

Hey Barry, I think you look great and if you feel good about yourself thats all that matters.Goodluck to you!

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Old 06-19-2002, 08:45 AM   #3
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CC HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?

You can always determine your Body Mass Index (BMI) to determine if you are average weight for your height. I pasted a small explanation of what BMI is and how to determine it using a simple formula listed below. Hope this helps, CC


A relatively new term to people, Body Mass Index (BMI), is the measurement of choice for many physicians and researchers studying obesity. The BMI is a mathematical formula based on a person's height and weight and is a helpful indicator of obesity and underweight in adults. The BMI is the most popular tool for defining healthy weight, overweight and obesity.

The BMI is more highly correlated with body fat than any other indicator of height and weight. The relation between fatness and BMI is influenced by age and gender. For example, women are more likely to have a higher percent of body fat than men for the same BMI. At the same BMI, older people have more body fat than younger adults.

BMI ranges are based on the effect body weight has on disease and death. BMI is used to screen and monitor a population to detect risk of health or nutritional disorders. On an individual basis, other data must be used to determine if a high BMI is associated with increased risk of disease and death for that person.


The 1998 Clinical Guidelines on the Identification, Evaluation and Treatment of Overweight and Obesity in Adults, developed by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, recommend the following classifications for BMI:

Underweight BMI less than 18.5
Ideal weight BMI between 18.5 - 24.99
Overweight BMI between 25.0 -29.99
Obese I BMI between 30.0 - 34.99
Obese II BMI between 35 - 39.99

Morbid Obesity III BMI greater than 40

How to Determine your BMI

1. Using a mathematical formula
BMI = [Weight in pounds ÷ Height in inches ÷ Height in inches] x 703
BMI = Weight in kilograms ÷ [Height in meters]2

Old 06-19-2002, 10:28 AM   #4
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Location: Geneva, IL, USA
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joethejoe HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?

24.8 WOOOO!!!!!!!! CRAZY!

Old 06-19-2002, 10:29 AM   #5
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Location: Geneva, IL, USA
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joethejoe HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?

But couldnt that be faulty because of muscle mass?

Old 06-19-2002, 03:41 PM   #6
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barry_3 HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?


I tried your formula and got this

[225 % 70 % 70] x 703 = 32.28

I also played around with it to see what it says about ideal weight. I have to agree with joe, what about muscle mass? I would have to lose 50 pounds just to approach what this formula claims to be \'ideal\'. Don\'t you think that is extreme? When I wrestled I was 210 pounds. I have not gained much since then. Just because this formula says I am obese, would you all classify me as obese? I am interested to know.


Old 06-20-2002, 01:16 AM   #7
Senior Member
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Trinket HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?

Just cuz that thing says ur obese does not mean you are. TOM CRUISE is considered to be obese with the guidelines of what to call obesity these days!

Old 06-27-2002, 08:45 AM   #8
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CC HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?

The BMI is basically what my doctor uses to determine the healthy weight of people. It is also used to determine if people can be covered by their insurance to have various weight loss surgeries.
I like using the BMI because that is how the medical field is labeling individuals. When my doctor told me I was obese a few years ago, I almost passed out!! It is to make you aware that for your height, you weigh too much. There are several considerations - as with any mathematical formula. If you have a high BMI then the doctor prescribes a Body Fat Count.

Body fat can be tested by calipher (a pliers-like instrument used to measure thickness), electrical impedance, underwater weighting or dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (DEXA). (If your body fat has been measured and you are lean, we will not compute your BMI which is a calculated estimate of percent body fat. BMI is not an accurate calculation for lean athletes irrespective of body weight.) This determines your body fat – which will determine if you are really “obese” or not.

Old 06-27-2002, 08:53 AM   #9
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CC HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?

There is also a website, listed below, that offers a measurement called "Healthy Body Calculator" It is pretty good - takes a lot of things into consideration to determine what your calorie, fat, protein, vitamins, etc. should be to maintain, gain, or lose weight. <A HREF="" TARGET=_blank></A>

Old 06-27-2002, 11:59 AM   #10
Senior Veteran
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Lindarella HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?

Barry, by looking at the picture you are indeed overweight. It's good that you feel good about yourself though. <IMG SRC="">

Fifty pounds doesn't look unrealistic to me. Although you may have been a wrestler in school, are you still doing exercise everyday? The muscle you gained then, doesn't stay around long if you quite exercising. You look like you've been out of college for awhile now. <IMG SRC="">

Another thing to consider is central obesity. Take a measurement of your waist (about an inch above your belly button). Take a measure of your hips (at a level of maximum circumference of hips/buttocks). Waist circumference is divided by Hip Circumference to determine waist-to-hip ratio. Ideally, waist circumference should be SMALLER than hip circumference (a WHR of less than 1.0). If not you're at high risk for heart disease.

High Risk
Moderately High Risk
.90 - 1.0
Lower Risk

It's ok if you like yourself the way you are. You don't have to lose weight or listen to others. I don't think they're just telling you that to make themselves feel better as you are indeed overweight/obese. Maybe they're just concerned about your health? Good luck in whatever you choose to do. <IMG SRC="">

Old 06-27-2002, 04:19 PM   #11
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Aster HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?

Hi Barry,
You're handsome and fine with your looks; that's good. Although to me, you're much more than 15lb
overweight. My husband is fatter than you are but a lot older, too. I need to lose a lot of weight; more than you do I think. My weight, as often happens with females, is more in my hips and butt than my stomach.
I think if you lost 35lb you'd look terrific! I need to lose a little more than that. You know, it's so Unfair how men lose inches Very quickly when they join a gym.
If you went to a gym 3 times a week for an hour, in six weeks you'd look Amazing. And you'd have all those young, skinny girls to gaze at. Good luck, Aster


Old 06-27-2002, 11:52 PM   #12
Senior Veteran
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arkie6 HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?

Barry, exactly how tall are you and how much do you weigh? And what is your waist measurement (not pant size since most pants today run about 2” larger than actual size, i.e. a pair of 36” waist pants will easily fit a 38” waist – I know because I used to be there).

From the looks of the photo, you could stand to lose closer to 50 pounds than 15 pounds (I’m a 6’0” tall guy and lost 40 pounds about 4 years ago and went from a 39” waist to a 34” waist). And all that extra abdominal fat places you at a much higher risk for Type II diabetes and heart disease. Have you had your cholesterol, triglycerides, and bloodsugar levels checked recently? If so, are they elevated? What about your bloodpressure - is it elevated or are you on any type of medication? That extra fat in the belly is a prime marker for insulin resistance and Metabolic Syndrome X.

If you are interested in losing that extra weight and improving your overall health, I recommend that you get a copy of either “Dr. Atkins New Diet Revolution” or “Protein Power” by Dr. Michael Eades. Both of these books stress the need to limit carbohydrates in your diet (sugars, soft drinks, bread, cereal, pasta, potatoes, rice, corn, beer, etc.) to lower your insulin levels which allows your body to metabolize the extra fat around your middle. The paperback version of these books can be obtained at just about any store that sells books for around $5-$10. These low carbohydrate diets are the way to go if you don’t like to be hungry and enjoy eating meat, eggs, and vegetables, which is the main focus of the diets.

If your activity levels aren’t what they used to be, then it is definitely a good idea to cut back on the carbohydrates, since any excess carbohydrates not needed immediately for fuel will get converted to fat and stored.


Old 06-28-2002, 07:11 AM   #13
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Lady^ HB User
Re: Should I lose or not?

Barry, sorry buddy but you look a bit soft in the middle to me. You need to lose quite a bit of weight and start working out again.

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