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ElleDi 01-29-2012 06:59 PM

At the risk of sounding dumb...
Here's me:
I'm hypoglycemic so I have to eat a certain amount. My diet is extremely clean and healthy (protein, whole grains, vegetables, limited fruit, no sugar or whites, etc), with my only "splurge" being some potato chips once a week.
I can't cut back on calories, and when I exercise a lot, I need to eat a little more.

At the risk of sounding dumb, my question is:
Will exercise (without cutting calories, and possibly adding 200 more per day) allow me to build muscle and trim fat (become fit and toned)?

I do about 2 hours of exercise each day -- sometimes up to 4 hours (waking, dancing, gym/weight training workout).

If I'm keeping my calories the same, or increasing slightly and doing this amount of exercise, can I expect to gain muscle - lose fat?

Because I've given up on "dieting" for a certain period of time or to get to a specific goal weight. I just want to be fit, trim and healthy... but with 10 pounds less fat!
Any opinions?

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