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breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

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Old 04-13-2006, 11:55 AM   #1
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iranika HB User
breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this, so sorry if it's not. Now my problems :

problem one : I gave birth to my baby 14 months ago. My breasts were size 36C before pregnancy. They got bigger with pregnancy and went to 38C or larger. I stopped breast feeding my baby 2 months ago and all of a sudden my breasts became awfully smaller like 32 or 34 ! Totally dark, wrinkled and very soft. They look like jelly and almost hang off my chest. This is very embarresing for me and I really don't know what to do about it. This situation has persisted for about 1.5 months and I'm making no progress.

problem 2 : My baby had a big head so when it came to final moments of delivery my vagina was almost torn off from bottom point (the stupid doctor didn't give me the famous cut which I can't recall the name for it right now. I'm sure you know what i'm talking about) The big wound took 5 months to become better but looks like the inside diameter of my vagina has increased too much and isn't going to shrink at all. My husband is not really enjoying having sex with me like before, although he doesn't say or show, but I can feel it. This has giving me hours of crying in my loneliness. Any solutions to make it tight like before?

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Old 04-13-2006, 12:05 PM   #2
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Timber HB UserTimber HB User
Re: breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

Short of having surgery, there isn't anything you can do to change your breasts. Getting on the pill enlarges them for some people but it's not a guarantee. Be as proud as you can of the changes in your body... they are reminders of the amazing, incredible thing it did. You earned them.

As for your vaginal problems, you should start practicing Kegel exercises. Are you familiar with them?

Old 04-13-2006, 12:13 PM   #3
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iranika HB User
Re: breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

You mean my breasts are not going to get back to their normal size ? That would kill me.

as far sa the second part, NO. I'm not familiar with that. any info?

Old 04-13-2006, 12:28 PM   #4
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lauralu2000 HB User
Re: breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

Your breasts may just be this way for good. Our bodies when we are preggers have so many hormones and extra blood ect running through them which make our breast get bigger. Along with milk production ect. But after baby is here and if you breast fed your baby and thats over with. The body has a big drop in hormones back to pre preggers state which cause your breast to also lose fullness. It also happens with age and the lose of hormones. It just happens. Some women this happens to more so than others. I have a sister in law that had very large breast before her pregnancy. Than after each child. She had 3, she lost more. Now she likes her size because she was too big (from her stand point anyway) before. I also know women who it never really made any difference with and others like yourself that lost alot of fullness. My sister had a boob job after she was done having babies because of how small her breast become.

About your vagina feeling looser and sex with your hubby. Are you certain this is just not your reflection about how you are feeling that is coming through and not that your husband actually notices anything at all? I think sometimes we feel so different after we have our babies that we forget that we just practically performed a miracle in itself just by getting through it all. It takes time I think to get back that feeling of feeling sexy again and when our bodies are diferent than they were before being preggers is sometimes really takes alot out of us phscologically. As the previous poster suggested. Do keegles on a regular basis. Having had a baby or not's a good way to work the mucles down there and like any other muscle when worked.... it gets more firm and tight. It works there as well.

Mabe have a talk with your hubby and find out what he truely is feeling. Maybe he is not feeling like you think he is and that alone will help what you are feeling as well.

I hope I helped some....

Kegels are where you tighten up all your pelvic floor muscles. Like when you gotta go to the bathroom really bad but you have to hold it because there is no bathroom in sight. Also while you are Peeing (sorry didn't know what other word to use) Stop mid stream/let go/stop and hold it again...before your all down. That is a keegel. Just do them when your not going potty as well. To much of it while your going potty I think I read soemwehre can cause urinary track infections. So don't make a habit of just doing them at that time.

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Old 04-13-2006, 01:02 PM   #5
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mayam HB User
Re: breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

I remember after I had finished breast feeding,,when my daughter was a year old, mine looked like 2 little prunes and I thought they would never go back to normal. Shock! horror! I was only 23 years old and I was so embarrassed.
I went to the gym and did aerobic and toning exercises, also got a good fitting sports bra. Swimming the breast stroke helped too.
I splashed them with cold water, alternating with hot water, about 6 times every morning, using a shower spray. This helps the stretched skin to tighten up again. I also used a skin firming cream on my breasts and abdomen. It took about a year and a half altogether afterwards for them to look good again so stick with it. Then I got pregnant with my second child so the whole process started again!
The post natal pelvic floor exercises, where you tighten all the muscles up and then release them, help to tone the vaginal muscles and prevent urine leakage in later life. I know they are a pain to do, when you have a young child, but they are worth it. I used to do 10, three times a day- more if I could remember. Yes, your body does change after you've been blessed with a beautiful baby and you probably care much more than your husband does. If he changed shape would you still love him and want to have caring sex with him? Why not tell him how you feel? Sound you could do with some support.
Please do not sit and cry in lonliness. Think positive, have patience and go and do some exercise. You will see gradual changes and the endorphins that exercise gives off will make you feel better emotionally and improve your esteem. You could meet new friends who are doing the same as you.

Lots of luck and TLC Iranika,

Old 04-17-2006, 09:34 AM   #6
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iranika HB User
Re: breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

Thanks for your supportive replies. The fact about my breasts is that they have reduced in size so terribly that I'm even afraid to look at them. They used to be so in-shape, firm and good looking ( according to my husband of course ) that I really loved them. Now i'm so busy taking care of my baby that I hardly find time to take care of my personal stuff, let go the things i have to do to improve my breasts. Gotta find a way to do them anyway.

About the second part, I'm saying that from the feeling I had and now I have with penetration. Before giving birth to my daughter, with every time of having sex, penetration was so feelable, sometimes a little painful ( in good way of course!) and pleasant. Now penetration is like 1-2-3 ! So easy that sometimes I don't actually feel it's already inside. The same way, I'm guessing that my husband will feel the same way since the male sexual organ feels the touch of skin more than the female one. I'm starting to take your advices on practicing with the muscles down there but I'm emotionally so volnerable that I get down on my knees with frustration and sorrow couple of times a day.

Beside that, we've just moved into a new place which needs total rennovation and due to big cocts of any installation, my husband is doing everything all by himself, from painting and installing flooring to the kit. cabinets and tiles and everything that we hardly find time to interact in any way. That has made me emotionally so weak, although I know he's doing all that for me to give me the best he can in our lives.

I do appreciate you sharing with me any personal experiences and advices you might have.

Old 04-17-2006, 04:03 PM   #7
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Frynd1 HB User
Re: breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

Im 21 with a 11 month old son and my breasts are saggy now

I didnt get the cut either but my vagina has gone back to normal.. I thought I heard someone say it might just be your imagination?

Old 04-18-2006, 09:52 AM   #8
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hillaryb HB User
Re: breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

You are probably also feeling hormonal. I was pretty weepy and sad for a while after the birth of my 2nd child. Kegels are a good suggestion. I had an episiotomy with my first child, she was pretty big, and sex isn't an issue now. Shame on your husband if he is telling you it doesn't feel good anymore. I'd like to see him have a baby. I know it's hard to see your body change and even harder to adjust to a new family structure, but I wish you luck and hope you feel better soon.

Old 04-27-2006, 01:10 PM   #9
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iranika HB User
Re: breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

oh, no absolutely not. As I mentioned he doesn't say anything and doesn't show anything either. Actually, he's become more sexual but I'm afraid he might be trying to keep the fact from me by doing it more than before because I don't see the same look in his eyes when he flows. Maybe I'm imagining. not sure !

Old 05-28-2006, 06:36 PM   #10
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rita HB User
Re: breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

Originally Posted by iranika
You mean my breasts are not going to get back to their normal size ? That would kill me.

as far sa the second part, NO. I'm not familiar with that. any info?
It is highly doubtful, very unlikely, that your breasts will suddenly fill out and lift themselves to be the way they were before. These are just the normal (but unwelcome) changes brought about by pregnancy and birth.
As far as your vagina, it sems likely as well that it simply got stretched out from birthing (happens especially after multiple pregnancies) and will not go back to its previous size. Kegel exercises can only help in mild case.
For the good? news, there is always the breast augmentation and there is a surgical procedure that tightens the vagina.

Old 05-28-2006, 08:50 PM   #11
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Thisby HB UserThisby HB UserThisby HB UserThisby HB UserThisby HB UserThisby HB UserThisby HB UserThisby HB UserThisby HB UserThisby HB UserThisby HB User
Re: breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

Just a couple of comments, hope you're still reading.

First off, never do Kegels while you're actually urinating, as that's actually harmful, not for bladder infections, but for the muscles. You're only supposed to do it that way once to identify the muscle, and then exercise the muscle at any time except then.

Also, vaginas do usually go back to their original size (maybe not all the way, but pretty close) unless you've had a serious unjury. In your case, since you say your husband hasn't said anything, maybe you should ask him. I suggest that because I'm thinking it's possible that the reason you aren't feeling it the same as before is because you've had some nerve damage. Is it something you can ask your doctor about?

Old 05-31-2006, 04:54 PM   #12
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Verlinda HB User
Re: breast size and vagina problems after pregnancy

You see its really kinda sad. Pregnancy and Mother hood put our bodies thru so much and saddly it never gets back to normal maybe close but never back the way it was...

The great thing is that your heart has changed as well and it will never be the same. Children can bring you the most amazing joy.

I am 22 years old and I have two children. I guess it sometimes is hard to look at myself when I get out of the shower. the loose tummy, smaller sagging breast, strech marks ....

BUT,I know that its just a small sacrifice and a necessary one in order to have such beautiful children. I also have a wonderful husband whom supports me and tells me that I am still Perfect to him.

Also be cautious that some of it may be mental… (not saying your crazy ) IF you start to feel very unhappy and depressed about this don’t feel stupid about talking to your doctor. Sometimes its not all on the outside.

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