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I think I have cytolytic vaginosis...Please help

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Old 09-25-2007, 04:56 PM   #1
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sb111 HB User
I think I have cytolytic vaginosis...Please help

I am in serious need of help. I have had had symptoms of a yeast infection for over a year now, and no doctor seems to be able to help me. I have seen everyone from a gynecologist to a urologist and they all tell me that I am normal. I have had every STD test possible (all came back negative), and all of my cultures for yeast and bacteria come back negative too. All of my urine samples come back negative as well. My symptoms are as follows: constant burning feeling (sometimes worse than other times), itching, a vaginal discharge that ranges from thick and white to thin and watery (so much discharge that I have to always wear a pad), pain with urination (burning), and pain with intercourse. Every single doctor has told me that eveything is normal, but I know that it's not. I am a 23 year old girl, who up until now had perfect health, and I know the way I feel now is far from normal.

I called my doctor last week because I just couldn't take it anymore, and he decided to put me on a boric acid suppository treatment (once a night for 30 days). He said that maybe I have a resistant form of yeast or bacteria that doesn't show up on cultures.

I have been doing some research, and I think my condition sounds a lot like cytolytic vaginosis. It does get a lot better during my period and then starts right back up again. My question is, if I continue the boric acid treatment, and it turns out that I do have cytolytic vaginosis, can the boric acid just make the condition worse or can it help it? Also, I have read that you can take baking soda baths for cytolytic vaginosis. Can I take the baths while also doing the suppositories at night?

I am sorry this is so long, but I am just so fed up with all of this, and besides the chronic uncomfortableness, it has really taken a toll on me emotionally. There is not one night that goes by where I don't cry. I just want my normal health body back, and I want to be able to enjoy my life again.

If anyone can help me, I would forever be grateful.

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Re: I think I have cytolytic vaginosis...Please help

I am glad you posted this because I have had several ongoing symptoms like yours over the past few years, but I thought they could be yeast infections that I keep passing back btw my boyfriend and I. My symptoms do not get much better w/ OTC. I was diagnosed with HPV and mild dysplasia which I was treated for and is not relevant to the itching and discharge.

I did a search based on cytolytic vaginosis and it read it can be treated with baking soda and the itching could be relieved with baking soda paste. It also read that things we do and use to relieve a yeast infection makes cytolitic worse. So I would only try one treatment at a time.

I know what you are going through and it is very uncomfortable. For some reason mine seems to strike more at night? However, I really do not know if mine is an ongoing yeast infection or what. I am going to make another appt w my doctor tomorrow.

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meow28 HB User
Re: I think I have cytolytic vaginosis...Please help


I understand how you feel...I have suffered with CV for years and visited just about every dr you can imagine, even crying in the dr offices, feeling hopeless. Many dr's have never heard of it and mis-diagnose as a yeast infection. Most don't know how to treat it at all.

I tried everything...boric acid, baking soda, etc. I did find that the baking soda helped. anyway, I decided to check my started when a doctor told me to take calcium, I did, along with the baking soda douches....eventually, I stopped both....I stopped drinking OJ (too much sugar), and cut down on sugar intake overall, and started to drink one glass of 2% milk EVERYDAY....and for over 2 years, my symptoms have almost disappeared. I have CV symptoms occassionaly, esp. before my menstrual cycle, but it's nothing like I had before. I don't know what the cause was, and I hope it never comes back like I had it before...I do eat sugar, but still try to cut down, and rarely drink OJ....and I still drink my one glass of milk a day. I think certain foods aggravate and some foods help the CV.

Hope you don't hate milk...and even if you have lactose problems, try the milk anyway to see if it works. I have lactose problems, but I'd rather have that than the CV!


Old 09-27-2007, 11:58 AM   #4
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meow28 HB User
Re: I think I have cytolytic vaginosis...Please help

I wanted to further respond to my last post.
I pretty much cut out drinking anything with sugar in it....I drink a lot of water everyday, as well as my glass of milk and I rarely drink fruit juice.

I really don't think a dr will cure this for you....I think it has something to do with what we eat, as well as hormones and PH levels. someone posted that their symptoms are worse in the well as it was with me....which tells me that it could be what we eat during the day. I think the sugar or something we are eating/drinking isn't either breaking down properly in our symptoms and giving us an 'allergic' reaction....or possibly, the sugar or whatever, is causing too much acid in our urine...water will cut down on the acid and make your PH more alkaline. There are many drs that will disagree with this, in fact, they don't agree about the the PH theory (I've had dr's tell me it doesn't matter about your PH)....but, I don't care what they say, I know what is working for me!

just pay attention to the foods you eat and drink. by the way, I eat healthy yogurt many times a week, and it doesn't seem to aggravate my CV..they will tell you not to eat it, but I don't think it bothers fact, anything dairy seems to help my CV. Hope it works for you. keep me posted.


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sb111 HB User
Re: I think I have cytolytic vaginosis...Please help

Meow- thanks so much for replying to my post. It's good to hear that others have been through this and know how I am feeling. I just feel so helpless all of the time, and have cried in my doctor's offices as well. I wanted to ask you one question. One of my biggest symptoms besides the discharge is the burning with urination. The only time that this symptom goes away is when I drink tons and tons of wate. I've been to the urologist 1000 times, and i definitely do not have a UTI or anything like that. Did you have a lot of burning with urination when your CV was bad?

Old 10-09-2007, 01:23 AM   #6
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meow28 HB User
Re: I think I have cytolytic vaginosis...Please help

HI, I did have problems with urinating....I could tell the difference from yeast and CV....when I had a bad yeast infection, which I had prior to CV, the itching was more intense and constant and really intense when urinating...I think from constant treatment for yeast infections, I ended up
with CV...when I urinate when the CV is at it's worst, the itching is not as intense as with yeast, but the best way I can describe it when urinating with CV,is that it did burn a little but mostly afterward, it was like I was allegic to my urine....If I took a shower afterward, I was usually okay until I had to urinate again. that's how I started to piece it together that something is in the urine, something to do with PH. trust me, I tried everything, even bought PH kits, all kinds of stuff..went to all kinds of doctors. I knew I had to figure this out myself.
It's not that I am completely cured...but, I am soooo much better, it's not constant anymore.
CV does affect my sex life....intercourse is very painful for me..not sure if it has something to do with the PH...
I do think that hormones affect CV..but, the regimine I have tried has atleast made it manageable....believe me, there is hope.
try this exactly..
1. try the baking soda douces, once a week, or when your symptoms are unbearable....should relieve you immediately. if not, take another shower and do the same. Don't need much of the baking soda.
2.stop eating anything that has lactobilli, such as healthy yogurt.
3.take one calcium pill a day. I bought the kind that you chew. I think the others were too big to swallow.
4.stop drinking soda and all fruit juice with sugar (only drink langers low sugar juices, if you can find it) actually, I just drank water only.
5.drink one glass of milk a day. I drink 2 percent, but 1 percent and maybe nonfat is also okay. don't drink whole milk-too much fat.
6.cut out all sugars, such as cookies, cakes, any white sugary foods, including unhealthy cereals. I also think Cheerios might give me a reaction, but I could be wrong, I am fine eating 'Total' cereal, plus, it's good for you. Its okay to add fruit, just not too much.
7.cut out acidic foods, feta, vinegar, etc (or atleast cut down) should notice that your symptoms will be worse just before you menstruate, so stay clean and dry, and make sure you do all above. you might also notice more symptoms just after your cycle.

Do ALL of the above for atleast one month. see if you start to feel better.
If you don't, I will be surprised, but keep at it, atleast a little longer. If you do start to notice a difference, here's the next step:
1. stop the douches completely, you shouldn't have to do it ever again once this becomes manageable.
2. start to eat healthy yogurt, I eat Mt High, it's really good. (I live in So Cal, so not sure where you are located, I'm sure you can find a healthy yogurt somewhere). It might take time for you to get used to it. It doesn't make my symptoms worse, and it's very healthy for your digestive system.
3.I stopped taking the calcium, but it doesn't hurt to keep taking it.
4.I rarely drink soda and fruit juice, this really should never be introduced back in your diet, atleast not until you are in the managable state, and still limit this, especially OJ...I still drink lots of water...but, it's okay to have an occassional Langers or really low sugar fruit juice....the healthier the better. Learn to read labels!
5.I still drink one, sometimes 2 glasses of milk every day. I am almost scared to stop drinking milk..I never want to go through what I had before! I have no clue if the milk was what stopped it all, but why take the chance is my philosophy. It's the same with OJ, I used to drink it every day, and since I stopped and replaced it with water and/or milk, that's when I noticed a big change. I hope you like milk.
6.I love sugar,so can't give it up completely, but I think it's a big culprit to people like us. so, I really try to limit it. I notice when I start to eat too much sugar, my symptoms start to creep back.
7.I can now eat feta,vinegar and other similar acidic foods with no problem.

I can't say for sure what is causing my problems, or if it's a combination, such as food and hormones, or something else..all I know is what worked for me. I have been tempted to eat a bunch of sugar, and OJ and no milk, just to see if the CV comes back....because if it did, it might help find the answer, but I am not brave enough to chance it....I never want to go back to what I suffered with.

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