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D & C and Biopsy? Do they hurt?

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Old 10-02-2008, 11:04 AM   #1
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sandbar3000 HB User
Red face D & C and Biopsy? Do they hurt?

I am 33 years old and I have 0 children. I had a ultrasound (pelvic) last year and I was told that I have a small (2mm) sized cyst one one of my ovaries. I was told from my dr. not to worry about that.

However, my former dr. failed to let me know that I have a "thick uterus". I have a new dr and she said that I need to go see an ob/gyn and then that dr would determine if I need to have a biopsy or if I should get another pelvic ultrasound. I've never had a biopsy and I thought a biopsy is only for cancer? Can a biospy be used for other things and do they hurt? (Remember, I have 0 children. I never gave birth and I have never been pregnant).

My former dr. also told me that I can have a D & C and I didn't even know what a D & C was until I asked her! First question for a D & C is: Does it hurt? I'm guessing I'd be awake for a D & C? Second question is : For a D & C is the procedure much like a pap? What I mean is: will I have need to get in the same position as a pap?

The reason I am asking is due to my right hip-I dislocated it when I was 13 years old. (20 years ago) and it is very hard for me to get into that position since my right hip as a very limited range of motion. My hips always hurts when I have a pap and I would hate to have a D & C, knowing that I will have a hard time getting my feet into those sterups.

Which one would be better to get? A D & C or a biopsy? I'm not even sure how they would do the biopsy?

Thank you.

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LMF64 HB User
Re: D & C and Biopsy? Do they hurt?

sandbar3000- I just came home from the dr. and I had a endometrial biopsy. My dr. explained that I could have a d & c but this would involve going to the hospital, putting you under, and being laid up for the rest of the day. They scrape your uterus to remove any tissue. I chose the biopsy. They do biopsy's to rule out cancer, not because they may think you have it. (Everytime you have a mole removed they biopsy it as well, to make sure it is not cancerous.) For the biopsy, they had me in the stirrups, put in the scope thing like you're having a pelvic exam and put a tool inside to snip out a piece of tissue. He did this twice. It was pretty uncomfortable, but not excruciating. I am in no pain now and can go about my normal day. Sometimes you need to make the choice as to how bad your symptoms are.
If you're not having symptoms, I would choose the biopsy, it is much less invasive.

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Re: D & C and Biopsy? Do they hurt?

I've had both a uterine biopsy and a D&C and both were for uterine concerns. I wonder why your doctor would want to do either, if your only problem is an ovarian cyst. If they're doing it to determine why you have a 'thick uterus', then it's just a diagnostic test, not necessarily to check for cancer. Is your thick uterus causing any problems?

As for which would be easier, definitely the biopsy. A D&C is done with you out cold so for those of us who don't do well with anaesthetic, that can be pretty miserable. The biopsy was way easier. And it's like a PAP test but takes longer and feels like they're doing more in there, which they are. I did not find it nearly as bad as I've heard some women say.

Old 10-02-2008, 08:02 PM   #4
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sandbar3000 HB User
Re: D & C and Biopsy? Do they hurt?

Thank you! It sounds like I should go with the biopsy instead. I already had surgery on my right hip twice (to put pins in and to take them out) so I know I do not want surgery anymore. No way. I was scared at 13 and 14, so I know what to expect in surgery!

I guess I just need to see if I can stay in that position for the biopsy (since my hips do not want to coorperate). I'm sure that a nurse may need to hold my knees. It wouldn't be so bad and I'd be "normal" if I had a normal hip, instead of a dislocated one. It makes me feel like something is wrong with me and I can't even get a pap since my hips and legs don't work right? Talk about embarrassment!

My cyst is not the reason for my dr wanting me to go to a ob/gyn. she wants me to go to them since I have a thick uterus. I had pain yesterday (in my lower stomach) after my pap and I never had pain after a pap. Never. I'm thinking that it was the stress that I have been under the past week. The pap was stressful enough as I was not able to get my feet in those things (like always-they do not stay). my stomach does not hurt today (Thursday).

The only pain that I have on a regular basis is my period and that is only on the first 2 days. After that, my cramps are gone.

Does anyone know how a dr does a pap if a woman has a disability in her legs? I've never even thought about that question before. I guess it's good to ask right? I mean, people are born with disabilities. those people still need to get examined too!

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Re: D & C and Biopsy? Do they hurt?

I also think you should opt for the office-type biopsy. I have just had an operational hysteroscopy as well as the D&C, for polyp and fibroid removal. I was not completely out during these procedures. The good thing was that I got to watch everything on the monitor. It really hurt. As others have advised, unless there's a strong indication for a thorough examination of your uterus, which would require the D&C, go with an easier procedure instead. Don't worry too much. My large cyst is starting to shrink. Ovarian cysts are very common - everyone gets them. Most of the persisting ones go away after a few months.


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estria HB Userestria HB Userestria HB Userestria HB User
Re: D & C and Biopsy? Do they hurt?

Hello Sandbar,

Something that will minimize any discomfort during an endometrial biopsy is taking a couple of Advil approximately one hour before the procedure. This will completely negate any cramping that some women are prone to have with this procedure. My doctor was amazed after the procedure that I was not feeling any cramps or pain. I had read that taking the ibuprofen before was a good idea and I made sure to check with my doctor first. He said that it is not a bad idea and I even think it is a VERY GOOD idea to do so.

The procedure is basically that the doctor inserts a type of "straw" into your uterus and tries to get as close to the endometrial lining as possible (mine told me to say when I felt something touching and I did .. it did not hurt). Then he basically twirls the straw and sucks out (obviously with a machine .. for those of you with overactive imaginations) as much endometrial tissue as possible. Then he takes out the straw, snips off either ends of the sample, fixes it with a spray and encloses it in a container to send to the lab.

Keep in mind that since you have not had any children your cervix will be good and firm. I do not have any kids and my doctor had to use a clamp in order to hold the cervix open so that he could get the straw in. The clamp will feel uncomfortable, kind of like a needle sensation, but the biopsy taking is not long so you will be just fine.

The reason your doctor wants you to have a biopsy taken for a thickened uterus is because if your lining is very thick (usually anything over 1 cm is considered to be thick) this may predispose you to something called endometrial hyperplasia where the cells of your lining begin to change into precancerous cells. Cleaning out your uterus with a D & C would mean that they would be able to test your entire lining for any of these cells and it usually also solves irregular bleeding issues (which is why most women get D & C's) so perhaps this is why your doctor gave you this choice. However, a D & C is day surgery and not a simple biopsy that can be performed in a doctor's office. Since you have no other issues except most likely a PERFECTLY NORMAL follicular cyst (women grow cysts on their ovaries every month .. this is what releases your egg into the fallopian tube .. not all cysts are normal but a small cyst like yours which hopefully is fluid filled, is most likely a normal cyst) I think that an endometrial biopsy is all that is needed in order to rule out any more serious issues.

By the way, when did you have the CAT scan ? If you happened to have it just before your period, then most likely your lining was at its thickest point. I imagine your doctor would have taken this into consideration, right ? (you might want to ask because we sometimes give our doctors way too much credit).

Good luck with the biopsy and take care.


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estria HB Userestria HB Userestria HB Userestria HB User
Re: D & C and Biopsy? Do they hurt?

oops sorry Sandbar, I meant ultrasound and not CAT scan in my last post ..

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