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Reccurrent vaginal pain!!! Help!

Hi im really in need of some advice!

About 18 months ago i was on holiday with another family looking after their children. i began to have severe pain in the entrance of my vagina. I also noticed a yeasty smell at first which i havent had in the lat year, and felt excruciating pain not only constantly but also when passing urine. although i felt a slight relief. In the portuguese chemit i tried to explain and was given zoviraz tabs which i later found out were a treatment for herpes! I came back home and went to the doctors who told me i had thrush.

I continued to get this pain a few times a month, lasting from an hour to the whole day and night, maybe sometimes longer. During this pain a few times i got bad cramps in the side, which led me to think maybe i had appendicitus- spent a day in A&E and was told it was not the case.

Was then told i may have IBS. (I know i dont!) i have been for STI tests. i have had three internal examinations at the clinics, the third i was told i had a large ovarian cyst. I had a trans vaginal scan and nothing was abnormal. I was then told by my GP it may be Pelvic Imflammatory disease, which was later dismissed.

Was sent to the Gynaecologist at Whipps Cross where i had Kidney urethra and bladder scan- nothing found. I have never been seen by the same doctor twice, and i fear my notes have been written wrongly, as i went back for the report and the registrar was talking only of abdominal pain which isnt the case.
They have now told me it may be endemetriosis and i have been booked in for a laparoscopy, but i have read symptoms of this and dont believe i have it. I scar very badly and do not want to ungergo operation if there is no need. I am scared about my fertility as this has gone on for so long now.

I recently self diagnosed myself with cystitus through the internet and talking to my boyfriends sister who has also been through similar problems and never found out what she had...i feel a relief when i go to the toilet and feel like i have a full bladder- but can never go properly. Also the only time i can reduce the pain is if i am in a bath. I told them this at my appointment the other day which they said it wasnt. I HAVE NEVER BEEN GIVEN A URINE TEST. I believe that this constant pain is something to do with a bladder infection, as i can sometimes smell a stagnant or yeasty smell. (Im sorry this is so gross but im at a loose end here!!)
I think it could be candida, a bladder problem or cystitus but i have no idea and am now so confused by all of these "medical opinions". I am 18 years old and have now had this since i was 16. It disrupts my life greatly, as i cannot attend college or work some days.
I have been buying co codamol for the pain, (which doesnt work as well now after two years) have been prescribed transexamic acid (that right??) and a few other treatments like the cystitus sachets which do help slightly and have been drinking lots of water and cranberry juice regularly. This has not helped.
Can anyone help? Has anyone had this before or can you give any advice please? Thank you for your time! I dont know if ive missed anything out but i think this essay is long enough! My mum is a nurse and even she doesnt know what it is. Please help!

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Re: Reccurrent vaginal pain!!! Help!


Try to get a referral to a uro-gynecologist. This is a specialist that deals with women's pelvic organs, including the urethra and bladder.

If you do have interstitial cystitis, the cranberry juice will make it worse. Cranberry juice is good for urinary tract infections but due to the cranberry's high acidity, it is exacerbate interstitial cystitis. Reducing the acidity in your diet will help with IC. You can do this by not drinking any coffee, regular tea (herb teas are OK), red wine, fizzy water or drinks (especially coke and pepsi) and by staying away from acidic things like tomatoes, oranges etc.. Drinking enough water will also help as will taking either potassium citrate or sodium citrate in order to alkalize your urine.

If you have a urinary tract infection, anti-biotics should take care of it but be sure to supplement your diet with some probiotics when you are on this treatment. Anti-biotics tend to kill indiscriminately and sometimes kill too many of the good bacteria in your colon.

A yeast infection can also be treated by prescription. Probiotic supplements can also help in this. If you have a yeast overgrowth, you may also want to stay away from anything with yeast for a while, in addition to the probiotics and the prescription. I believe there are now some over the counter cures for this as well.

Seems to me that a urine culture is warranted in order to rule out a urinary tract infection, as well as a vaginal swab for vaginal yeast. Try to get that referral to a uro-gynecologist if possible because this person will know more than either a gynecologist or a urologist.

Hope you find a diagnosis very soon. Take care.


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char123 HB User
Re: Reccurrent vaginal pain!!! Help!

Thank you for your reply! i am going to have to get a translation for some of it as im not very good with the terminology! Do you think it is worth the laparoscopy and do you think their opinions of edemetriosis are rubbish?
Thank you!

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estria HB Userestria HB Userestria HB Userestria HB User
Re: Reccurrent vaginal pain!!! Help!


I think that you need to see the specialist that I mentioned before going ahead with invasive surgery. The urogynecologist will at least do the tests that I mentioned and perhaps a few others, to be sure that it is nothing that can be treated medically with drugs (thus avoiding surgery).

Usually laparascopic surgery is recommended if all other avenues of exploration have been exhausted. In other words, if they cannot find the problem with the usual tests, they will go in and try to find out if they can see the problem. This is not always successful. Endometriosis usually occurs at around the time of your period. If this is when you are having the pain, then endo is a possibility.

I would definitely ask for the referral to a urogynecologist and go see this specialist before electing to have exploratory surgery. You may very well get a diagnosis from this doctor that the others could not give you. Urologists are not always up to date on the many female related issues with the bladder, urethra, vagina, vulva etc.. Many of them deal mostly with male issues (enlarged prostate, bladder cancer .. this is more common in men than women, prostate cancer, prostatitis etc..). Gynecologists and obstetricians do mostly pregnancy and pregnancy related issues as well as things like routine testing (pap smears, ultrasounds, pelvic exams etc..). Urogynecologists deal with more specialized women's problems, including interstitial cystitis, urethritis, pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapses, fistulas etc.. This is why you should see this type of specialist before opting for exploratory surgery.

If after seeing this other specialist, you still cannot find the source of your problem, then perhaps exploratory laparoscopic surgery may be an option for you. Keep in mind, however, that this is only exploratory and they may well not find anything. Telling you it is endometriosis without knowing for sure is irresponsible. They should simply have told you that it MAY BE endo and that the lap would be necessary for them to check out this possibility.

Keep in mind that I am NOT a doctor and this is not a medical opinion. I am just a person who has gone through the health system for a number of female related issues (irregular bleeding, a laparoscopy for a large ovarian cyst, urethritis/cystitis, numerous urinary tract infections etc..). This is only my personal opinion. You will have to make the ultimate decision, given the information at your disposal and your health preferences. I hope, however, that I have helped to inform you a little more about the options so that you have a better idea of what more can be done.

I am of the opinion that surgery should only be performed if there is no other choice. Surgery can sometimes be necessary and in this case, of course one should pursue this option, especially if it has a good chance of solving the problem, or worse, if this is the only way to stay alive. However, in some cases, it is better to exhaust all other avenues of exploration and testing before electing to have surgery which may or may not get to the root of the problem.

Take good care of yourself and I hope you get an accurate diagnosis very soon.


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