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We need Docs to treat BV like this...

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Old 05-28-2010, 10:31 AM   #1
Wishful Thinkin
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Wishful Thinkin HB User
Lightbulb We need Docs to treat BV like this...

Found out that I have bv about a year ago. It keep occuring. I am extremely frustrated and have a horrible sex life bc I never want to have sex with my super sweet and amazing boyfriend of 5 years.

Here is what I dont understand...

Why r docs only prescribing either the prescription pills or vaginal gel?

I feel that a cure for most of us would involve this:

* Prescribe the pills for 10-14 days instead of 7...and vaginal gel at same time. (I dont know why i keep getting pills for only 7 days when that is obviously not long enough to kill all the bacteria.- duh)

* Our sexual partner should also be treated

* Prescription strength probiotics should be given. (Not sure if there is such a thing)

That sounds like a good plan to me. I feel like we are being scammed by lack of sufficient treatment. I really think this would be the end of bv for me.

What do you think?

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Old 05-28-2010, 05:03 PM   #2
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SwtSimplicity HB User
Re: We need Docs to treat BV like this...

The thing is, doctors/gynecologists can only prescribe you safe proven treatments, which can be very limiting. What you should definitely do is take a female probiotic such as RepHresh Pro-B or Fem-dophilus since those are the only two probiotics on the U.S. market that are specifically made for urogenital health and vaginal health for women. As far as I know, there aren't any others. There are two patented strains in those probiotics that are clinically proven to improve the urogenital tract (urinary and vaginal tract). Practice safe sex. Having unprotected sex often makes the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis worse since the flora is basically over powered by the negative bacteria and sperm can slightly change the pH of the vagina which is normal; but if your a woman with bacterial vaginosis, that can flare up your symptoms which is what you don't want.

Take the RepHresh Pro-B or Femdophilus along with your course of treatment. You have to take it two to three hours after taking an antibiotic just so your not canceling out the antibiotic affects.

But of course, don't forget to realize that you can always go to see a specialist. It's always okay to get another opinion. Some gynecologists/doctors are less experienced than others.

I did read a clinical study that was about women and yeast mentioned: women that suffered from yeast infections, the same strain of yeast would also be isolated from the urethra of their sexual partner. You should keep this in mind, infections can be passed back and forth although doctors don't offer treatment for the partner most of the time. I guess there isn't enough reason to since men often don't develop any symptoms from sleeping with women that have vaginal infections yet they still carry the same strain of yeast or bacteria from the woman. This is mainly due to the fact that men and women's sexual organs are shaped differently. The vagina is moist, warm, and wet. The perfect environment for all kinds of micro-organisms. The male sex organ is shaped differently so that isn't an issue.

So, to get to the straight forward answer, doctors need to really do more research on this topic. Research of course is expensive and money is usually what it all comes down to in the medical community. Sometimes clinical research has to be stopped simply because of a lack of funding.

P.S. Regular acidophilus doesn't colonize the urogenital tract so don't bother taking plain acidophilus everyday in the hopes of it helping. Always use a certified probiotic. Fem-dophilus/RepHresh Pro-B is certified and that is basically the only two probiotics I recommend.

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Old 06-05-2010, 03:34 PM   #3
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ketaof4 HB User
Re: We need Docs to treat BV like this...

Wishful Thinkin, I totally understand what you are going through. I have had this problem for about 3 years now and I think the doctors don't even know what to do. I don't think they know what is causing it. I have tried everything and it still keeps coming back. I just got over one after 7 days of Flagyl and the doctor recommended that I eat Activia everyday. I don't like yogurt that much so I eat it every other day. I have been eating the Activia for about a month now so I hope this helps. For a while I stopped douching, taking baths, and having sex and 2 months later it was back. Totally frustrated!!!

Old 06-07-2010, 02:09 PM   #4
SwtSimplicity's Avatar
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SwtSimplicity HB User
Smile Re: We need Docs to treat BV like this...

Ketaof4: I can see the Activia doing your digestive tract some good but as far as it truly impacting your bacterial vaginosis, probably not much. Its true doctors don't know what causes some women to develop BV or why it reoccurs in some women and not others, but there are studies that are studies being done on it. Iíve read a couple of them but there never totally conclusive so thereís really no use in stating it is fact. It's interesting that you mentioned you stopped douching yet douching is what causes bacterial vaginosis and pelvic inflammatory disease. Have you been douching prior to developing bacterial vaginosis? Douching won't do anything but make the situation worse since it is rinsing out the good bacteria even if there is very little of it.

You should never have to stick anything inside of the vagina to rinse it out or clean it since that affects the flora and the bacteria. Women think if they have a vagina odor that they aren't clean or they have poor hygiene and buy products to get rid of the odor and mask it or douche, yet these are the same products that cause irritation and disrupt the vaginal flora causing irritation and sometimes even infection.

I have a theory that a lot of the vaginal flora resides in the intestines. The GI flora contains more bacteria than the vaginal flora of course but the two are interrelated. Your mouth actually contains more "bad" bacteria that the vagina. There was a phrase I heard somewhere that said, "The vagina is as clean as a container of yogurt." I believe, with the right foods in your diet, mainly [organic] foods that contain plenty of complex nutrients and enzymes; which are basically fruits and vegetables, ranging from wild yams to pomegranates, your giving your body the nutrients it needs to work properly and keep you healthy. Highly pigmented fruits and vegetables are strong indicators for complex nutrients, not only will eating these fruits and vegetables improve your digestive tract but also your vaginal tract. The western diet which consists of lots of starchy foods, lacking in color and nutrients is causing a lot of health problems and 70% of your immune system resides in your GI tract. I'm sure you've heard of the obesity issue. An emphasis should be placed on eating foods that are organic and pesticide/antibiotic free, that way most people wouldn't be out from work as much. The meats that we eat today are loaded with all kinds of bad things like growth hormones and antibiotics. This increase in antibiotic use in animals also causes antibiotic resistance. You are what you eat after all.

The beverages these days are also loaded with really toxic chemicals especially sodas and energy drinks. Those drinks are the kind to avoid entirely. The great thing about eating organic is you know exactly what youíre eating and what your putting into your body is safe and wonít negatively impact your health. Organic foods also taste better. If you havenít tried 100% organic beef, it really does taste much better than the conventional stuff. Whole Foods offers so many options.

Taking antibiotics over and over again may not be the long term answer for you. Has your partner been on antibiotics in case s/he carries the bacteria?

Old 06-07-2010, 05:35 PM   #5
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bvforayear HB User
Re: We need Docs to treat BV like this...


So sorry to hear about your woes! This stuff really takes the wind out of any sail! I had BV for about a year - but I have finally figured out a way to manage it and keep it at bay. I am experiencing symptoms (now that I know what they are!) but I know it is because I drank a lot of beer on Saturday night and had a few shots of rum to boot! Mistake number 1! OK, so here's the list of things I've tried - and how I keep it at bay. i think it is very important to remember that every woman has a very, very different body, and what works for one, may not work for another. That being said, this is what I do now...

1. limit sugar (especially in the form of alcohol - bummer!) I'd give up ice cream, sweets - any sweet food if I could just be able to drink wine, etc... (don't worry - not an alcoholic) However, I do find that I can have a glass of wine or two with dinner, a pint after work etc...but Saturday was a hot moving day, with a BBQ afterwards, and then a party late into the night. So now I know my body can't handle a dozen beers and liquor - that made the symptoms come back in a flash!

2. know your symptoms! Mine are these - specifically and generally in this order. Within 24 hrs of consuming that much sugar in the form of alcohol I felt the tell-tale tingle in the back inner part of my left thigh, than I got a few big red pimples/zits on my butt cheek (kind of hurt to touch - wouldn't pop, not itchy), then my labia tingles (bummer that it ain't in the good way! LOL!), and then I start to itch - just as if a yeast infection was coming on.

3. Maintainence - I douche one a week with 1/2 hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 water, and a few drops of grapefruit seed extract. Douching does bring out a fair amount of controversy - but it works for my body. I also wash myself every night before bed with unscented soap (glycerin or GSE works, too), and I finish off with a salt pat down. A gynocological oncologist told me to go to a pet store and get the sea salt that is used to create saltwater in fish tanks (when in the ocean for nearly 3 weeks straight last summer - my symptoms were nearly non-existent) - so I do this: finish rinsing off soap, stick clean fingers into box of salt, gently pat salt onto inner and outer labia, then lightly rinse by wetting hand and patting myself down.

4. After sex (married, vasectomy, no condoms) Apparently, semen can make one's vagina more base (I want mine more acidic to keep a hostile environment so bad bateria can't produce) so I immediately douche with the peroxide/GSE mixture. It used to be that after sex, within an hour I was itchy all over again! Important to note - the good flora in our vagina's naturally produce H2O2 aka hydrogen peroxide... though I am sure for some, it might be too much. Oh, doc told me that generally men do NOT get BV - not sure how i feel about that, however, since this infection has cleared up I have had lots of sex (yippeee!) with husband - and did not get re-infected. His doctor tested him and he was neg for anything. I think mine is more diet related - but that doesn't mean that your Bf doesn't have it and that you might pass it back and forth - that would require testing.

5. I eat well - but when I was suffering from the full effects of BV I put myself on a very strict diet - NO SUGAR WHATSOEVER!!!! I can't stress that one enough! I take the hardcore, Femdophilous acidophilous pills, I also take Reuteri Pearls - they have a coating of coconut oil-based stuff, so they penetrate deeply into the gut - as close to the reproductive organs as possible. i am also taking 2 SolaRay Yeast Cleanse capsules 2xs a day (especially now that I am fighting it off again) - I have yet to figure it out - I know there is capryllic acid in them - but I have developed an odd discoloured patch of skin on my left forearm, not painful or anything, just there. There were two on my neck as well - but I think they have faded now. I was also taking 800 mg of folic acid every day. I am playing with these amount bc I don't knwo what was causing the brown spots - I don't want to damage my liver or anything like that. So take with caution and monitor your symptoms and reactions!! RECORD THEM! OH - I just saw another post say something about eating fruits and veggies - yes and no - I eliminated fruits for about two months bc of the sugar content in them... Yeah, it was kind of a sucky diet for a while - but man oh man, after cutting otu sugar for a noth - I lost 5 lbs AND not bloating -AT ALL!

6. I have inserted acidophilous capsules, helpful. I have done the same with pharmecutical grade boric acid (I made my own little capsules) and that seemed to work too. But I did have to stop because the boric acid along with a tampon soaked with either hydrogen peroxide, gentian violet, or a mix of both just made me raw inside. But boy oh boy, it sure knocked it out! I sit here with a tampon in with gentian violet AND GSE (diluted with water - the GSE) as I write - gotta shake this thing!!!

7. If it helps anyone - I also developed horrible allergies (sneezy, plugged sinuses etc...) when I got sick. Docs kept telling me it was just a bad allergy season - NOT!!! I am taking antihistamines more frequently now, and I knwo the season is terrible this year - but this appeared, literally, overnight!

8. When using gentian violet - use rubber gloves and use a pantyliner. if your partner has a sense of humour (and boy do I know - you and your partner will need a sense of humour to get through this!) invite him or her to check out your PSP (purple-sharpie-*****) as it will (if you apply GV on the outside) a brilliant, beautiful hue of purple sharpie marker...

9. Drink lots of water - flush that system! Get lots of sleep! And keep sharing what works for you - and asking questions until you get an anwer that works for you.

10. I did notice that there was no itching of BV symptoms while menstruating - acidity level of vagina increases with menstruation...

I have to stress again, that BV (I can't speak to the other things) is tough to shake for many women, and in my year-long experience, conventional drugs didn't do a darn thing - I think they made it worse. Try to stay away from the metrogel (really heavy duty and bad for your liver!) bc you will just devleop a tolerance for it AND you might end up having to take Diflucan to get rid of the super-yeast-infection you just might develop bc of it!

Wear loose clothes, preferably of natural fibers (oh, here's something I forgot - I went to a party 6 months ago - thought I was ok - had a few glasses of wine - was wearing snug jeans - woke up with that crazy itch the very next morning...) so you might want to scrap the jeans for awhile. Skip underwear at bed - and try to avoid thongs for a bit - they are great at transferring bacteria from anus to vagina - just not waht you need at this moment - or ever, really! don't use smelly soap and try to keep your bird dry, dry, dry!

Please contact me if you need to talk more - anyone! You CAN get rid of it - but I am betting that EVERY treatment is different depending on the woman's chemistry. But keep trying!

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Missy7 HB User
Re: We need Docs to treat BV like this...

wishful thinkin, I completely agree with you regarding doctors and prescription meds. Time and time again, I caught various GPs out completely oblivious to some medical facts and alternative treatments...and hence not even knowing what to prescribe...other than what they've been taught. It's like they're programmed to stick to what they learnt and that's as far as it goes. All I can say is thank goodness for the internet where I'm able to research alternatives and this board certainly is a wealth of knowledge.

bvforayear...I only just caught onto the whole hydrogen peroxide thing; I'm currently being treated by my naturopath for candida and considering making hydrogen peroxide a part of my routine to keep bad bacteria at bay. It's amazing some of the info I came across regarding its uses and benefits. Certainly well worth looking into as my candida problem is affecting my sex life majorly also.

Best wishes to you all with your treatments

Old 06-10-2010, 12:59 AM   #7
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Ria88 HB User
Angry Re: We need Docs to treat BV like this...

Originally Posted by Wishful Thinkin View Post

* Prescribe the pills for 10-14 days instead of 7...and vaginal gel at same time. (I dont know why i keep getting pills for only 7 days when that is obviously not long enough to kill all the bacteria.- duh)
Couldn't agree more, my doc has told me that the gel antibiotics never get all the bacteria and that oral antibiotics are better but not perfect! we need to be given both at once. My bv has not gone away in 4 months with 2 treatments of oral antibiotics, hp provides a little relief, anyone have any ideas???

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bvforayear HB User
Re: We need Docs to treat BV like this...

Do a search on clinical studies and the effectiveness of BV treatment drugs - what you will find may or may not dishearten you... I know I fall into the category of "not effective" when it comes to metrogel (or whatever the generic drug name is...) because it only ever worked when I was actually using it (I mean, 6 hours after I stopped - the BV was back) AND it gave me the worst, I mean the WORST yeast infection I have ever experienced. That's why I have resorted to self-treatment with non-prescription drugs - but with natural compounds. Just because the almighty FDA hasn't approved it, doesn't mean it cannot work for you. Remember who makes the big money in this situation...

Old 06-12-2010, 05:49 AM   #9
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Exclamation "Seldom do remedies work in the longterm."

What you really need to ask your self about self treatment and remedies is, "Is this actually working or is it just keeping my symptoms at bay?" Many women say remedies work and they work so well; but they only work just as long as you keep doing them. Very rarely is there a remedy that you do just once and you don't have to do it again. Most of the self treatment methods that I know of rarely work in the longterm.

I know of women that spend over a $150 every month on supplements and supplies for an infection. If they even stop it for one day, their symptoms come back. It gets to become very expensive and it really doesn't do anything for you at the end of the day. I think it should be a rule of thumb to focus on what really works.

Old 06-12-2010, 08:00 PM   #10
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tictactalk HB User
Re: We need Docs to treat BV like this...

I am not sure if my medications work but whenever I get BV, I take metronidazole. It goes away and only comes back after a few months. I've had BV since 2009, up to now, it has been recurring 5 times already. At first, i was given the suppository. On the second, I was prescribed with oral metronidazole for 7 days. And the next recurrence, 2tabs metronidazole. I noticed that the BV becomes present when I wash my vagina too often using soap or scented feminine wash. Also, it is present after my period. Right now, i try to avoid eating sweets and eat more vegetables. I hope it goes away forever.

Old 06-13-2010, 05:18 AM   #11
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Smile Vulvovaginal Health

Yeah, you don't have to use soap to wash the vulva. All you need is warm water. If you feel you need to use a soap, it needs to be mild and unscented, Dove Sensitive Skin should do the job. Never use those feminine washes that you see at the drug store. Those are chalk full of chemicals that will set off the vaginal pH. Try going without underwear as much as possible. I can't recommend that enough since it is so important for the vulva to breath. Underwear just traps sweat and odors anyway especially if you have a lot of vaginal discharge or secretions.

Do you live in Massachusetts? Because there is a vulvovaginal specialist I can recommend you to. She has written a book called "The V Book". You'd be in really good hands. If you don't live in Massachusetts, you can always read her book. It will give you some really great insight and it has an entire segment on bacterial vaginosis; and I'm pretty sure it would help you deal with your reoccurring bacterial vaginosis.

Old 11-08-2010, 04:24 PM   #12
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clover86 HB User
Re: We need Docs to treat BV like this...

Thats so helpful to anyone.. I like your post... very useful thanks. I can say I feel a better understanding of helping my body be more healty. So Thanks BVFORAYEAR

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