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Heather1973 HB User
Bulky Mass in Womb & Abnormal Smear results


I'm sorry to trouble you!!

I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right section - but do consider my probelms to be womens health - so ... here goes!!

I have problems with my periods for a long time now - years! I generally felt fobbed off by my GP, that there was nothing wrong and just felt I had to get on with it.

My periods are fairly regular, but they are very heavy and I lose huge clots - they are pretty painful too.

For a while now I have felt very uncomfortable 'down below', I can't really explain it but I feel 'swollen inside' sitting can be fairly uncomfortable and over the last few weeks I have felt pressure on my bowel - which is really uncomfortable - feels like I need to go to the toilet - but I don't - although I'm not constipated! I'm also having problems emptying my bladder properly and I have recently started to have bad lower back pain.

Just over a week ago, I decided to be 'brave' and consult my GP - again, he really didn't seem interested - I am overweight and I got the message that if I improved my diet then this would help :/

Anyway, I was overdue for a smear (about 6 months) so after my appt with this GP made an appt to have my smear done - this was done last Monday 27th June. I also decided that I just wasn't 'right' so I made an appt to see a female GP later that day.

She was wonderful - I didn't feel as if I was being a pain and she listened to me.

I had a urine test, which showed a trace - so she put me on anti-biotics, but while I was there examined me properly. She told me that I have a prolapse which is effecting my bladder - but she could also feel a 'bulky mass' in my womb, she explained that she would arrange a scan - which I am now waiting for an appt.

However, this morning I have received a letter saying that my smear test was abnormal and I have changes to my cells in the cervix called mild Dyskaryosis - these changes have persisted since my last smear (I was told that my last smear was clear?) and I need to be seen at the Colposcopy Clinic.

Now ... is this all just co-incidence? I am worried that the mass in my womb is something 'bad' and effecting my smear results - can this happen? Or am I just putting 2 + 2 together and coming out with 1,999,999!!!?

I am trying so hard not to worry - but it is so difficult.

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Re: Bulky Mass in Womb & Abnormal Smear results

Oh, honey. I'm sorry.
It's hard for any of us to say what it could be until you have further testing.
On the bright side, mild "Dyskaryosis" just means very mildly abnormal cells, which might be caused by infection or inflammation; here in the US, such PAPs aren't even treated, but simply monitored, because mildly abnormal PAPs tend to resolve on their own without treatment in over 85% of cases.

As for the "bulky mass" in your uterus, perhaps it could be fibroids. They're very, very common and they are always benign, although they can cause problems if they become large, such as pressure on your bladder and bowels. In these cases, the fibroids need to be removed.

Best of luck. Stay positive!

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Heather1973 (07-04-2011)
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Heather1973 HB User
Re: Bulky Mass in Womb & Abnormal Smear results


Thanks for your response

Before the results of the smear, I was going along the route of thinking it was fibroids - would certainly explain my periods. I was just concerned about the abnormal results and if there was any connection - however today I am 'slightly' calmer! I have my appt on Friday at the Colposcopy Clinic - which I think is really quick, less time to work myself up!

Thank you for your kind wishes x

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Heather1973 HB User
Update - Bulky Mass in Womb & Abnormal Smear results


Just thought I would update you on how my appt at the colposcopy clinic went.

The gynae I saw was lovely, as were all the staff. I had a quick chat with her prior to the examination and told her about the problems with my periods, etc and she initially recommended that I should think about having a mirena (think that's correct spelling) coil as they are really wonderful at helping to control heavy periods - I explained that I had already had one several years ago - which went astray and I had to have it surgically removed, hence my decision to be sterilised. But she said I had been extremely unfortunate and to perhaps give it further consideration.

During the examination she felt the mass in my womb and commented - wow, that is big!! And then went on to suggest once I've had my scan, if it confirmed as a fibroid then to have it surgically removed or even have a hysterectomy - not quite sure how I feel about that and I'm not going to even think about that until I've had my scan.

Then she put some, as she described, 'vinegar' on my cervix and said that she could see the area that had been picked up on the smear test, then she went onto do an iodine test which showed more and told me she was going to do a 'punch biopsy' and I should have the results in a few weeks. Not sure what the difference is between the tests - if anyone knows it and could let me know then I would appreciate it.

Now I am taking that as good?? If it was bad, surely I would have been given treatment there and then - it's just the term 'biopsy' is a tad scary!!

So, after this initial appt I get the impression that they are two completely seperate issues. Just got to wait for the biopsy results now and the appt for a scan.

I will update you again, as I have found other peoples threads very helpful and hopefully someone will find my experience helpful to them.

Very Best Wishes

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Re: Bulky Mass in Womb & Abnormal Smear results

Sounds like you have two separate issues: one is fibroids, and the second is that you have precancerous cells on your cervix caused by the HPV virus.
You had already been informed of this; this is what your previous "mild Dyskaryosis" PAP result meant. This condition is extremely common, and rarely progresses to cancer.

The colposcopy (vinegar on the cervix) and the punch biopsy are neither "good" nor "bad". They are standard practice when a woman has an abnormal smear result. The results of the biopsy will tell you how far advanced your condition is, and will determine how it will be treated.
Since your PAP indicated not long ago that it was "mild", I wouldn't expect it to be terribly severe now, although you never know. Sometimes these things progress quickly, but typically not.

If the biopsy results still point to mild dysplasia (also known as CIN1), your doctor may recommend no treatment, but simply monitoring with more frequent PAPs. That's because mild dysplasia clears up on its own without treatment the vast majority of the time.

If your biopsy results indicate that you have moderate or severe dysplasia (CIN2 or CIN3), then your doctor may recommend a minor surgical procedure such as LEEP, which will remove the precancerous cells from your cervix so that they can't progress to cancer. This procedure is very quick and simple, and you'll be home the same day.

As far as your fibroid, I don't know how they'll treat that. All I know is, if you don't want a hysterectomy, don't agree to one. Fibroids are benign, and there are surgical options for removing them besides hysterectomy, so consider all your options before agreeing to anything.

Best of luck!

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