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beige138 08-28-2012 09:03 PM

Breast pain for 2 weeks during and after af
A little back story:
I have cyclic, unilateral breast pain which I've been told is normal. I have mammograms and ultrasounds every two years (I'm in my late 20s, but I have two maternal aunts with breast cancer). I do see a breast specialist for these mammograms, but that is the only time I see her. I'm just trying to get some feedback to see if another visit might be warranted. I also have fertility issues which are probably due to hormonal imbalances and ovarian cysts (I don't have PCOS, and I have a healthy weight). I've been told that one round of clomid will probably fix these issues, but since my fiance and I aren't actively trying to conceive, I'm not taking them.

The issue:
I had my normal breast pain before my last af (august 11), but it hasn't stopped and has worsen.:confused: The pain affects both breasts, and it feels more tender and full - similar to when I was pregnant with my daughter. Some days are better than others, it's just really strange and uncomfortable. I would normally just make an appointment, but my daughter is disabled and with school starting back up, we have to make are rounds with her doctors (so I don't want to worry about myself at this point if this really isn't something to worry about). Also, I'm not on birth control. Right about the time I started having cysts, I started having problems with hormonal birth control. I also can't have an IUD because I had an ectopic pregnancy.

Any advice or words of wisdom would be much appreicated!

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