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Old 10-22-2012, 01:16 PM   #1
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munkiejunkie68 HB User
Pea-sized "bumps" on areolas.

I had 3 small pea-sized bumps around my nipple on my right breast. They were hard like knots and swollen, standing out from the skin- NOT resting inside the skin like a pimple. I asked my primary care physician about this back when the first one developed (about 2 years ago). She said it was more than likely a swollen or infected montgomery gland and that it was totally normal, especially because I had had my nipples pierced at the time. However, since it ached and hurt- I insisted on a mammogram.

I am almost 27 years old. Family history of breast cancer, so I know how important it is to be checked! My mammogram came back with clean results after the first bump. I wasn't too concerned and just shrugged it off. I took out the piercings as not having the bump was more of a concern to me than keeping the piercings.

About 4 months ago TWO MORE of these little bumps sprouted up (almost forming a triangle around my nipple). They are all hard, raised and painful. As I was cleaning them one day, I accidentally squeezed the oldest one and it "popped." I was mortified. So much puss came out- and it wasn't like a pimple AT ALL. It was like a harder, more dried out puss. And SO MUCH OF IT. After the puss came out it bled more than I thought it would, requiring me to change the bandage several times. I noticed once I cleaned it out there was a hole where the bump had been, almost like a crater. Nothing like a pimple- but an actual opening that went DOWN into my skin, you could SEE inside this opening.

The only thing I can compare it to it when I was bit by a brown recluse- the puss and the opening after it was cleaned. The only difference is the skin surrounding these lumps looks like regular areola, not red/black and decaying like the spider bite. My doctor continues to insist this is normal, but it's been freaking me out. So I took it upon myself to get rid of them, since she insisted they were so harmless and I'd cut off a wart on my finger before with no problem.

The first one opened on it's own, I cleaned it out and bandaged it. I purchased a brand new set of nail clippers, sterilized them, and the skin- and TRIED to cut one open. I COULDN'T do it. It HURT like I was trying to cut a chunk of my finger off. It surprised me, it was almost like my bumps have NERVE ENDINGS in them. Not common with "swollen montgomery glands," at least in my understandings.

Since it hurt too badly to cut off completely, I just cut a gash into the side and drained the puss- after which I cleaned and sterilized the utensils and openings after each cut. Aside from the opening, the pain is gone and the bumps are no longer there to stand out. They are healing fairly well, it's difficult to "air them out" since they're on my breasts- but I was wondering if anyone knew of a down side or side effect that someone else may have gotten from doing this or something along these lines... I've never heard of anyone else trying to get rid of them themselves- so I figured what the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks?

I will keep this thread updated as they heal / progress- if they get worse or go away altogether, etc. Any input is GREATLY appreciated!!

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Old 11-14-2012, 04:36 AM   #2
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KaylaKa HB User
Re: Pea-sized "bumps" on areolas.

I am a 20 year old woman. I have developed a small pea sized normal looking lump/bump which is about 0.5 cm in diameter and it is really painful to touch all around and on it. It's above my left nipple in the areola. My breasts normally get really sore and painful around my periods and I just got done with them so I can't say for sure how long I have had this bump. Today in the bathroom I tried to see whether it was a boil by pressing around it although it hurt while doing it. Then a little white puss oozed out of it and I tried to get more out but it was too painful to continue. I am worried because my maternal grandmother had breast cancer and I have read that it normally skips a generation so I think I am at risk. Should I get a mammography done immediately or wait and see if it grows or something? It now looks like a second nipple through a thin top. Help!

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Aprilhaylee HB User
Re: Pea-sized "bumps" on areolas.

In response to the comment above; GET YOUR BREASTS CHECKED! ASAP! Not trying to freak you out, but discharge from the nipple or surrounding areas are a well known sign of POSSIBLE breast cancer. A women only wrote to a magazine I'm reading a week ago about how her doctor didn't see an issue with her discharging nipples, so he told her to wait three months. Because she listened to him, in that three months her breast cancer spread to her liver and now she will not live for very long. PLEASE DO NOT WAIT. If you have a feeling something is wrong, trust your guy instincts and don't stop asking questions until you get answers that make sense.

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KaylaKa HB User
Re: Pea-sized "bumps" on areolas.

Thanks for replying. I did see a gynac and she examined the area after I explained to her what I was going through and she was pretty confident on examination of the area that it was just a heat boil. She gave me anti inflammatory antibiotics to clear it up and I took them for a 5 days course. The bump is still there however the pain is all gone. It's like a painless bump now. I am assuming the boil has dried up or something. She said that I am too young to develop anything and that it's very uncommon for cancer to develop in areola. Should I take a second opinion considering I still have the bump? I think I will wait a week and see if I still have it. And then I can see another doc and maybe get mammography-ed.
Thanks for your help!

Old 01-22-2013, 10:02 AM   #5
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Location: Mumbai, India
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KaylaKa HB User
Re: Pea-sized "bumps" on areolas.

And it's back! I've developed another one right next to the earlier one which healed when I used antibiotics. I have a theory that this one too is a heat boil. I popped 2 combiflams this week due to a bad throat and because I had no other medicine to take at that time. Stupid I know! So I think the heat came from there. This time I have decided not to see the gynac and just wait for it go on it's own. It seems a tad bit bigger than the last one but the pain's the same. It should ease off in awhile I hope! Going to give it a heat compress every day in the shower for a minute or so so as to get it removed. I don't want to go the gynac because last time she gave me pretty heavy antibiotics for it and I don't get why that's required especially since it's just a heat boil! Anyway, just thought I will mention it in this thread..

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