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familiy issue

familiy issue

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Posted by figgy on April 23, 2000 at 09:52:56:

Hello I am a 28 year old and i am a caregiver to my 85 year old grandfather. I got the resposibility because my 24 year old sidter takes care of our disabled mother.
My biggest issues are outside influences. When he was in a sub acute rehab i received a call from one of his neices. Someone i had never met. we talked for hours and she said her sister lived near by me.
I thought this would be a big help to me being that i need to work 40+ hours just to survive and deal with my own health issues & bills.
Well since my grandfather moved in with me. I have been accused (not to my face) but that i don't take care of him. He has a roof over his head better that the one he was living in prior to his hopitalization.
I have a jam packed freezer and cabitnets with food. He can take care of himself for the most part but is difficult and stubborn when it comes to repsecting my wishes and his neice has over stepped bound by not consulting me in any decisions.
I really need someone whom i can talk to about what to do next. I don't feel that he needs to be in a nursing home but if i cannot take control of the situation and keep getting attacked for all i do.
He is forgetful and tells people what they want to hear obviously he has said something to his neice to give her this impression. He tells me he is happy here. There have
also been situations with alcohol. I have asked many times that his neice and family don not bring it into my house because of his health and safety issus that have arisen because of alcohol.
I have tried state respite thay cannot locate a home health aide at this time. they have contacted several agencies that they deal with, but no luck. I am just very stressed out!!

any advice or suggestions are welcomed!! even just someone who knows how i feel to talk with.

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