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Posted by Cheryl on January 04, 2000 at 09:04:53:

In Reply to: Re: "Rolandic Epilepsy" posted by Joy on December 03, 1999 at 15:30:36:

: :My 7yr old daughter had a first time seizure about 1 month ago. The Ped. Neurologist said it was a childhood kind called "Rolandic", and that she would out grow it. He did not prescribe any med, since she has only had one. He said that over in Europe the drs. don't prescribe med., for this type of Epilepsy. We do not want her to go on med., if there is a natural alternative. Anyone who has a child with Rolandic Epilepsy? Have you tried any natural alternatives?
: Sherry, take heart! Rolandic Seizures are quite benign. My 13 year old son had them from age 4 to about 9 or 10, sometimes only 1-2 a year, sometimes 6-8 a year, always when he was in bed, about 4 or 5 a.m. We CHOSE not to medicate him, although our pediatric neurologist recommended it, but he did accept our decision when he admitted honestly that the Rolandic seizure would not cause any brain damage, it was unlikely he would have one while awake, and the medicines DO have side effects. He outgrew them with no ill effects whatsoever. We came to see Luke's seizures as part of who Luke is, and were able to remain calm and confident in our decision. You did not mention what your child's seizure was like--I know that Luke's first few were very "minor," just his lip twitching basically. They did progress to grand mal-type seizures but even then we did not medicate. Please e-mail me with any questions or for support. Good luck!
My son age 10 has benign rolandic epilepsy has
seizures only in his sleep, we donot have him on
any medication, lately he has had 5 seizures in
a 3 week period, he mostly has them if he gets to
bed late, but this morning he had one and he went
to bed early so I feel nervous again and I am thinking of putting him on medication, but I
really donot want to do this , I need some support
as well as you do, this if very scary to a parent
have your daughter do all the necessary tests to
rule everything out, but it sounds like what my
son has. Good Luck

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