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Re: Body Flex and breathing

Re: Body Flex and breathing

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Posted by Taylor on February 15, 2000 at 18:30:01:

In Reply to: Re: Body Flex and breathing posted by jenny on February 14, 2000 at 17:59:35:

Ahh okay, yes i DID overlook that...forgive me. And i hope you don't think i came across negatively.

But, breathing DOES play a small part in your exercising. If you were to take quick, short breaths
constantly, you'd keep a fresh flow of oxygen in your system.....but it seems like you would tire out
more quickly while running...that's just from my experience...dunno scientific stuff.

Whereas I would think that taking deep breaths while running would allow me to pace myself more, i dunno.

I know that while lifting, i like to take a deep breath going "down" with the weight and when i go
up, using all the resistance, i breath out heavily....

Okay i'm rambling now, don't know how much help i am :)

: taylor, maybe you overlooked what i was trying to say. don't get me wrong. i exercise daily. i run for 45 min. and do toning exercises. i was simply asking if deep breathing, as opposed to our routine and unconscious shallow breathing, along with daily exercise would help lose weight quicker. i agree with you 101% that breathing alone will not do anything for us. but that was not my question. my question was, can deep breathing along with exercise help us lose weight quicker?

: take yoga. many people have lost weight stretching and breathing deeply... meditating, i suppose. why are they losing weight from simply stretching? they're not sweating bullets, like many others, rather warming muscles. what do you think about that? i'm puzzled. do you understand what i'm saying? or is there anybody else who might have any feedback? thanks.

: : think about what you're saying.....if you learn to "breathe right" you will lose weight? If that was the case,
: : we'd all look like greek gods without doing an ounce of work.

: : There simply is no replacement for a good workout. You HAVE to work up a sweat daily to see
: : any sorts of achievement. Informercials try to make it seem like "oh wow all i have to do is buy this product
: : and do minimal work and it'll work wonders".

: : Those people you see on TV might actually use the product you see, but rest assured they also hit
: : the gym daily.
: : T

: : : Hello,

: : : I was wondering if anyone has tried of the fitness video "Body Flex" that's played on the infomercials. I know that we should stay away from those products but I've purchased TaeBo and that works.

: : : With Body Flex, they concentrate on breathing and do not need much exercise. Does anybody know what that's all about? Can concentrating on breathing help one lose weight quicker? Please give me feedback about the video is anyone has tried it. Thanks!

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