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Posted by Susan on April 12, 2000 at 10:22:14:

In Reply to: Re: Lisfranc joint injury posted by David on April 11, 2000 at 17:04:53:

: : : : I have a lisfranc joint injury, I'm looking for others with the same condition. I would like to compare notes with someone.

: : : I have lisfranc fracture. Injury is year old. Had surgery in June 99 and am going to have another in Jan 2000. Feel free to e-mail me and discuss.

: : I got my lisfranc fracture dislocation in Sept 98. I had open reduction surgery within a few weeks and surgery for screw removal 15 weeks later. I also developed RSD (nerve damage) during my injury (car accident). I regret that my arthritis has already set in. My job requires me to be on my feet and I had to reduce it to only a few hours of week. Fortunately, I own the business and can work at home. However, the pain gets worse if I have to be on my feet for over an hour and absolutely intolerable if it is more than a few hours. Because I got the nerve damage at the same time, I cannot distiguish if what is causing the pain, although I think it the lisfranc injury because of the pain level when I am on my feet. My ankle is also very sore most of the time.

: : I regret that I must say that my pain has not improved since the initial injury, despite the surgery. Arthrosis is not an option as it may aggravate the RSD. I treat the pain with percocet, up to 4 a day depending on my activity level.

: : In spite of this, I have seen 2 orthopedic foot specialists, and am seeing my 3rd this month. I am not giving up. That would be my only suggestion to others--keep going. See as many people as possible. Someone must have answer.

: : Would like to hear from others with their experiences. Hang it. Keep trying.

: In January of 1996 I fell while launching a weather balloon and suffered lisfranc fractures in all 5 metatarsals. I was working on Wake Island and it took two days for our small medical clinic to get me an air evacuation to Hawaii.

: I was placed in an air cast, treated for pain, and sent back to my home on the mainland. By the time I saw my own orthopedic surgeon it was too late to do anything about my injury. The surgeon felt that he could do more damage than I'd already suffered if he tried to fix it properly.

: As a result of the injury I've been left with very little feeling in my foot. I walk with a limp and have "hot flashes" in the foot during which my toes feel like they are on fire. The foot continues to be black and blue four years later. I now wear a size 16 EEEEE shoe on that foot and a 12 EE on the other.

: At this time I'm in the process of attempting to get a permanent partial disability. Since I was working for the Federal Government at the time it's a big hassle. Lawyers shun my case since Federal Law limits attorney's fees to no more than 25% of the damage award.

Hi Dave and others,

I fractured/dislocated all five metatarsal 10 years ago. First, I had pins. About 5 years ago part of the foot was fused and a bone transpant was done. Not bad. Recently though, I fell, sprained the same anke, and aggrivated the foot. I am glad to hear of Dave's buringing sensation for I have that too and it is much more frequent and intense since the recent trip. Foot is back in a Cam cast (6 weeks). Don't know what is next but the cast feels great. Susan

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