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Posted by Lisa on November 14, 2000 at 14:17:05:

In Reply to: Re: What to do regarding doc saying I need surgery for gall stones posted by Raymond on November 09, 2000 at 09:46:30:

The type of surgery can best be determined by your surgeon, his examination of you and his experience. He may be able to do laparascopic, but with your weight he may need to do open. It is really the surgeon's call.

: : You will be able to get pain meds after surgery - commonly Lortab or Darvocet is what I see used (I'm a nurse). Most gallbladders surgeries these days are laparascopic and day surgery, but with your weight they may need to do an open procedure, which will mean more days in the hospital.

: : Also, especially with your weight, you need to be up and about as soon as possible, even if it is uncomfortable. You are at high risk for blood clots in your leg, which can to your lungs and can kill you.

: : : I'm a 34 year old man who weighs 360lbs. I've been having sever pain in my left side for about a week whenever I
: : : sneeze or caugh. The pain is EXTREME and lasts only for about a minute. The doc did a ultrasound and said I have aalot of tiny gall stones and I need to have the gall bladder removed ASAP.
: : : My question is: What should I expect? Will I be given pain medication after surgery (i have a LOW LOW tolerance for any kind of pain) or will I just be told to take asprin? I'm a little concerned about the pain aspect for that reason. Any recomendations from anyone on a good pain med?
: : : I have had tylonel #3 for a bad sunburn several years ago and it was like taking candy. The doc then gave me Tylonel #4 and that worked better but for only about an hour.
: : : I am going in for the surgery in 4 days, so any help would be great!

: : : Thanks to all,

: : : Scared in Maryland.
: ______________________________________________

: Thank you Lisa for your prompt response. The surgeon has not seen me but will this afternoon when I take him the ultrasound sheets. Do you really think I may have to
: have the longer stay in the hospital because of my weight? Like I said I'm 360 pounds but I'm 5'10" tall. Do you think from a nurses standpoint that I should have the other type of
: surgery and have them keep me a few days longer to keep an eye on me?
: Also, what if the surgeon says he's going to do a small surgery instead of the longer one? Should I be at all concerned?

: Thanks for all your help and anybody elses.

: Regards,

: Still scared in Maryland

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