Top 5 Herbal Remedies for Anxiety

Whether you experience mild anxiety such as occasional sleeplessness or severe anxiety as in debilitating panic attacks, there are several natural remedies for anxiety that may help. The top five natural remedies for anxiety are:

1. Kava Kava Herb

Kava kava (Piper methysticum) has been used by the indigenous peoples of the South Pacific for thousands of years, but only recently came into widespread use as an effective and immediate remedy for anxiety and tension. Kavalactones, the active compounds in the herb, that produce the feeling of tranquility and peace that users of kava report. When purchasing kava, look for products labeled as an extract of kava, offering a minimum of 70 milligrams of kavalactones per dose. Doses of 70 to 210 milligrams of kavalactones can help address anxiety and sleeplessness. Kava is also helpful in reducing menstrual tension and cramps.

Kava kava is often combined with the other herbs below to create herbal formulas that not only relax the nervous system but also strengthen it.

2. Rescue Remedy

Resuce Remedy is a unique aid to people and animals experiencing emergencies and stress. Formulated by Dr. Edward Bach in the early 1900’s, Bach Flower Essences are based on homeopathic principles of healing and wellness and address the individual’s emotional and spiritual condition. Dr. Bach created 38 Flower Essences which are in wide use among natural and alternative health practitioners, with Rescue Remedy being the most widely known. Rescue Remedy is available in a liquid concentrate that is diluted in water and used by the drop, or in crème, spray and pellets. Rescue Remedy is a combination of five Flower Essences designed to help before, during, or after stressful experiences. It can be used when experiencing racing thoughts that interfere with sleep, before a stressful job interview or when in situations that generate panic thoughts.

3. Passionflower Vine

Passionflower vine (Passiflora incarnate) has a long history of pacifying mental worry and irritability. It is often used to induce sleep, so do not take passionflower vine while driving, operating machinery, or using alcoholic beverages. Passionflower may be helpful if anxiety prevents you from falling asleep or staying asleep throughout the night. Unlike some prescription drugs, when taken at bedtime passionflower does not leave a droopy feeling upon awakening.

4. Skullcap Herb

Skullcap is another herb long associated with relief of nervous and high-strung stress, restlessness and lack of sleep. Skullcap(Scutellaria lateriflora) is native to American and is also useful for migraine headaches, muscle cramps and spasms. Skullcap is considered calming for many nervous conditions and have a tonic effect on the central nervous system.

5. St. John's Wort Herb

Long associated with depression, in ancient time St John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) was believed to dispel evil spirits. The herb is now used for irritability and chronic, longstanding distress of the nervous system. St. John's wort is ideal for anxiety and nervous upsets, and is readily available in several forms.

As with traditional medicines, herbal remedies should be discussed with and monitored by a doctor.

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