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Posted by Jay on October 06, 2000 at 14:45:06:

In Reply to: Lemon juice mixed with water to lower numbers? posted by JJ on October 05, 2000 at 20:45:27:

: I read in a magazine that to cleanse the liver, take lemon juice mixed with water in the morning and at night before bed. Never heard this before, so has anyone else? I'm about to try anything to get off these meds. Good health to all!

Hello, in Russia where I was for awhile they recommend sodium carbonate or bicarbonate, you drink it lay on your side, put a heating pad on your liver relax, and wait for some giant purge, purge what, I am not quite sure, in my opinion I did not see anything I did not recognize, soooo I believe you can do the same by excercising much and drink a lot of water. There is one method I am sure would work - you drink a significant amount of vodka, and your body will purge your liver itself, guarenteed to work everytime, but the headache lasts two days. Do some research, there are other ways - i.e. Chinese or Ayurvedic also I am sure...Jay - To get off medicines which take care of the symptom - not the problem - EXCERCISE regularly is the answer - also Red Yeast Rice, though you probably should not do it while on Statins, because they mimic them, also Guggul Lipid, Time released Niacin, no flushing effect. Read Bob Kowlaski's book - 8 week cholesterol cure. This will help you on the path to good health. Jay

Get a complete blood work up from your doc to see baselines with liver, kidney functions, do the plan (excercise) and RYR, Guggul, etc, then retest in three months, and measure your progress. But without excercise, you will find it difficult to overcome your situation.

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