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Posted by maverick on December 06, 2000 at 09:41:18:

In Reply to: Re: itchy and burning foreskin tip posted by lance on December 06, 2000 at 05:50:59:

: : somebody please help me!
: : i am a 27yr old guy who had sex for the first time with my gf 1 1/2 weeks back. we actually did it the very next day after her periods were over and did not use any condoms.
: : i am seeing something strange happening to my penis is uncircumsized. recently since 4 days, the tip of my foreskin feels very itchy and it burns. i am applying body lotions to sooth it but i dont know if that is going to help me anyways or not. when i try to pull back my foreskin, i see that my glans is all dry and looks scaly white.
: : i am really worried if i caught something. i am too embarrassed to go to a doc.
: : can somebody tell me whats going with me? help please!!

: I'm uncut also so lets think through this a bit. Sounds like this is something you've not experienced before, you're sure its not smegma? Is the head itching also? How about any discharge from the penis? Obvious sores or lesions? Any pain, redness or swelling? Did you use any lubrication that could have caused this? Was the intercourse too dry (not very lubricated?) This could have caused a friction type burn or abrasion. I think I'd try a neosporin type ointment on the foreskin and just under and around the glans area. It may help us if you can answer the questions I asked. Sounds like just an irritation to the area that can be treated fairly easy, but unfortunately a visit to the doc may be needed if it doesn't go away. What I'm hearing doesn't sound like an STD but very well could be. Keep in touch!

:lance, thanks for replying back.
in answer to your question, yea, this is the first time i ever saw this kind of thing on my penis. to give u even more clear picture... when i pull back my foreskin completely back.. my glans looks like as if it was powdered with some after shower talk or something.. some kinda powdery.. white flaky stuff all over it and right around the bridge between the glans and the shaft.
there is no pain or swelling or any discharge.. atleast so far(and i hope not in future too).
the only discomfort that i am having is a little itchy sensation at the edge of the foreskin and some burning sensation... thats all...
i wonder sometimes... is it just cos of some over abrasion of my foreskin over my glans or what?.. like i said.. it was my first encounter.. and to be honest..i think we over did it.. the long weekend was really a very very long weekend for us :-)
right now i am just applying neosporin over the glans and the foresking and just hoping that it clears up soon.
any insight will surely help me...
thanks again...

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