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Re: Panic attacks

Re: Panic attacks

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Posted by Turtle on November 30, 2000 at 19:35:32:

In Reply to: Re: Panic attacks posted by Lena Mautz on November 17, 2000 at 15:01:02:

: : : : I was diagnosed with panic attacks over four years ago. I took Xanax and am now on Klonopin Unfortunately, this seems like a problem that will never go away. I go crazy if I am stuck in traffic or have a feeling that I can't escape. Large crowds also adversely affect me. Has anyone ever "recovered" from these attacks or can offer any suggestions? I am tired of living like this (Paxil and Serzone do not help-they only make me more edgy!!). Any help would be greatly appreciated!

: : : I also have Panic Disorder I know what you are going through I have been through every epsiode you speak of. I am currently taking xanax just at bedtime and elivil 10mg at bedtime. I have been through relaxation classes, panic classes and therapists. The only think that helped me was to remind myself when i start to panic or when I feel those feelings coming on that it is just a panic attack and it won't hurt me. Keep repeating that to yourself and focus on something other than your symptoms and you should start to relax. I know it is not easy and it took me years to try this but it does help. I am not totally free from panic attacks because I think that it is a chemical imbalance. I do hope someday that they find the right medicine to correct this imbalance in the brain so I can be free of them. I hope I helped you in someway if you want to ask me anymore questions feel free.

: :
: : Have either of you tried doing specific breathing exercises? I'm speaking of the techniques (very simple to learn) proposed by Dr. Herbert Benson. You may wish to go to a Public Library and look for his books on panic attacks and his breathing techniques. Also, some of the newer medications may work better for you than the older ones. Remeron works particularly well for anxiety. Zoloft may work well also. There may be better choices as far as the medicine goes, but this might be a start.

: Hi I'm Lena, I have had pannic attcks since 1981. I gone to hospital after hospital and they say there is nothing wrong with you! I go through spells, for the last three years they seemed to be very few and in between. but since september of this year the are worse than they have ever been 5-6 in arow two to three times aday. Im so tired i want this to stop . i have been through the talking positive to myself after 20 years i think i could write a book. As of write know it is so hard just to sit still. and here i go again to the dr. today to try something else. i just cant talk my way out of these. i would like to know if ther is anything knew anyone has tried that sems to help.

Has anyone tried beta blockers for panic, I take 1/4 of a 10mg Inderal and it works like a seems the fast heart rate was a precursor for the rest of my symptoms, once I got the pulse down, I can control the rest of my symptoms. Barbara Streisand went on it to help with anxiety before performances. The thing is,, it makes me tired so I take it only when I know I've got to speak (in front of a crowd) or when my evaluation is due or times when I know I may have an attack,...this is not to say I don't have attacks without warning, I still do...but otherwise it's been a life saver.

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