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Oxycontin medication

Oxycontin medication

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Posted by Brad on December 19, 2000 at 02:21:41:


I have been taking oxycontin and vicodin for about a year now for pain in my hip due to an auto accident/sever injury (and a bit of a botched surgery).

I dealt with the pain for about two and a half years before finally going to my doctor who referred me to a pain clinic. They were really wonderful there and did several things; the first thing was to get me to a really great physical therapist who did some soft tissue work on me (he loosened up some knotted muscles and such which allowed me to start strengthening the affected area), the clinic gave me cortizone injections along with a long-term steroid that was intended to loosen any nerves that might be caught in scar tissue, etc... that may haven been contributing to the pain, the third thing they did was to start prescribing me pain medication - 20mg oxycontin 3 times a day with 6-5 mg vicodin a day for breakthrough pain. Initially this was AMAZING, the combination of these three things seemed to change my life almost back to normal and most importantlty, allowed me to start towards walking normally again (I'd walked with a pretty bad limp up until that point, due to the auto injury).
However, after the amount of time I've been going to the clinic they have stopped the injections, for now anyway, they only want to do so many injections for "x" period of time and after several months or so the injections may be resumed but I'm told that these injections constantly, every month, can be a bad thing. Also, I feel like I've really developed a tolerance to the pain medication. I've, since I started going to the clinic, went from 6 vicodin a day down to three but continue to max out the oxycontin. In fact, I prefer them because they are time release and seem to be easier on my stomach/digestive system. The doctors, though, don't like the idea of increasing my dose on oxycontin. I would think it'd be better to increase the oxycontin dose and reduce the vicodin dose as I don't feel as disoriented mentally with the oxycontin as compared to vicodin and with the higher tolerance combined with the cessation of the injections the pain seems to be creeping back.

I have a surgery coming up this spring that will hopefully cure the pain all together, but until then I would like to get a higher dose of oxycontin with lower dose of vicodin to help me keep the pain off my mind and continue my life as normally as possible. The doctors, on the other hand, don't seem to warm to this idea. I'm not sure what to do but I'm considering switching clinics.

Does anyone have any advice on this topic?
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


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