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Posted by Betty D. on November 10, 2000 at 10:08:59:

In Reply to: Re: My DBS Update posted by Googy on November 10, 2000 at 01:35:40:

: : : Dear friends,

: Carole,

: what a great spirit you have.You had this surgery to have more on times.Remember that.And you will !!! Much love,

: Googy
: : : I just tried posting on the new boards, and to be redundant, I will post a similar update here!!
: : : As most of you who have been reading this board for a while probably know, I had a bilateral DBS-STN surgery in May, 1999. It's something I would NEVER give back and have never regretted having it. I am a young 47 and plan to live another quality 47, Lord willing. I had out-patient surgery today to replace my right-side IPG (similar to pace-maker battery replacement, I guess.) It all was a cinch and is getting easier all the time - lol. I had a similar procedure done in March on the left side. Both times, the device had filled with "gra-doo" (leaked) They can't tell what is wrong without surgery to investigate (the down side and risk of having STNs). The five minutes I was turned "OFF" before sedation was hell; I forgot what non-medicated PD was all about. Even the nurse who does this all the time seemed surprised by my total transformation of being turned "Off" and then "On." I had people popping out of the woodwork, offering me blankets; they must have thought I was freezing since I was shaking so much!! I'd say, "This isn't from being cold." and to give them credit, they'd say, "Oh, I know. I just want to find something to make you comfortable." I'm thinking, "...then send in the DRUGS!!!!!" Anyway, I'm feeling great. The malfunction was on the least affected side this time, which is good because I can't be programmed until next week, after the holiday. I know Medtronic is working on improvements all the time. It has been worth the "risks" in my case! I'm not giving these brain-boxes back (as if).
: : : Carole

: : Glad to hear you are doing ok Carole. I left you a message on the new board.

: Carole, I am glad you did well with your procedure of replacement, but was wondering(know there has to be a good reason) why you cannot have your sedation before removal, and eliminate the uncomfortable part. Betty D.

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