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A Very Nasty Toenail

A Very Nasty Toenail

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Posted by Matt on November 12, 2000 at 05:14:49:

Ok, heres the story... i got an ingrown toenail on the inner side of my left big toe. And instead of going to the doc like a sane person, i tried to "fix it myself" - a nasty, painful, trial and error proceedure that actually against all odds -worked- on my OTHER big toe (outside edge), which is perfect now (but probably could have been better faster with pro care) - but anyway... tried putting my "knowledge" to work with the left toe... but i wasnt able to do exactly what i did before, which was completely remove the offending side... i ended up with a section of toenail that was left deep in the groove but from the outside looks like i got the whole side... his results in that small section spearing ahead as the toe grows in... this happened the first time, but i got it out, smoothed the end of the nail, and everything was hunky-dory.. but i wasnt able to do that this time...

So cutting (ahem) to the chase... my nail tapers down -real- close on the left side, and as it gets close to the edge and deeper in, it suddenly spikes up inside, and i cant get to it do do anything. This hurts like hell, and looks like @$$, because even though im keeping it from getting infected, the inflamation from the nail cutting is making it 1000% more irritating...

But anyway... my main concern is... i sure with a little bit of pro maintenance, the nail will grow back ok, but im afraid the doc will take one look at it, decide its hopeless, and do that proceedure where they remove the nail, and prevent it from ever growing back - which i wont accept... Does anyone have any advice about this particular problem? Maybe some suggestions/alternatives/additional information to the worst-case scenario, and how it can be avoided when i go to the doc.


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