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Posted by Katie on November 01, 2000 at 14:06:55:

In Reply to: Please Help!!!!!! posted by Raggedy on November 01, 2000 at 13:42:40:

: Hi...I am so upset that I don't know what to do!!!! I am 31 years old and just went off the pill at the beginning of this year (stupid move) and now I am breaking out like crazy..every day I get at least one new pimple!! Arghhhh!!! I went on the pill to clear up my skin..I started breaking out when I was 23 and my derm told me to try the pill and it was a miracle, my skin was almost perfect while on the pill. I went off because I want to get pregnant soon so I want to make sure that the pill is completely out of my system.

: I dont believe in taking any chemicals/antibiotics so I am trying the natural approach to cure my acne. I went to a homeopathic doctor who said that I have a yeast and digestive problem and that is why I am breaking out. Ok...I admit that I was a sugar fiend and consumed way too much sugar and foods with sugar in them along with a ton of bread and pasta...the things that yeast just loves!!! I have changed my diet completely and take a bunch of different herbs/supplements (MSM, primrose oil, liver cleanser, digestive enzymes, vit e, acidophilis, etc.) for almost two months now and my skin seems to be getting worse and I am starving all the time!!!! I feel like I cant eat anything because I keep doing research and every article tells me to cut something else out of my diet!!! I am afraid to eat anything and have lost weight which I did not need!!!

: I know I have been rambling and the point of this whole post is that I am getting married on November 19th (about 2 1/2 weeks away) and I dont want to with this face...I want to cancel the whole thing at this point but we will lose so much money in deposits. Nobody understands...they just say, "Cover it with makeup" and true I can do that but I wont feel beautiful or even cute and aren't you supossed to feel that way on your wedding day???? And my skin is so sensitive that every pimple has created such a red mark that I have them all over my face and it's getting harder and harder to cover them all without looking like I have a ton of makeup on. I used to not have to wear any makeup!!!

: My wedding day is not going to be what it should and my memories are going to be of pimples!!!

: Thanks for listening..I needed to vent..nobody else understands and thinks that I am being petty

: Lisa

have you read any of the posts about b-5 you could see some results in a couple of weeks if you start right away. it you have any questions about this treatment you can scroll down on this board or check out absoluteacneinfo(dot)com if you have any other questions let us know there are several users on this board that would be happy to help you out. I say screw that restricted diet it is misery unless you think that you can live like that forever. you can always cut back which might not be a bad idea but dont give it up completly you will just be unhappy.

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