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Posted by DEBBIE on November 02, 2000 at 14:51:37:

In Reply to: Debbie Please Read posted by Shayna on November 02, 2000 at 00:56:36:

: No problem. I am having fun on the board today, I usually don't have much time to check in.
: Please read my post to Jenny, and Valerie . This will help with some of your questions. I have had
: acne all my life really and I am fully under control now. I don't believe cured, but symptom free at last.
: I had the most severe kind, cystic, and in my youth (what am I saying, I'm still a youngster! 46 is
: wonderful!) Anyway, my teens and twenties were horrible. I had huge cysts that left horrible, ice
: pick scars,always whiteheads, blackheads,even some boils on my back,face, yuk! And the oil was
: like none I have ever seen before! ( The plus side for this amazing body of oil is I never had any stretch
: marks with my babies, very few fine wrinkles, and the softest skin with never any lotion on my body!)
: Sorry, off track, but I just have to say there is something to be grateful for,in having so many years of
: suffering. In all sincerity, I thank my body everyday for what a wonderful job it is doing. I have an
: intimate relationship with my body, my skin etc. I have learned to honor it's innate wisdom, and
: listen to it. My body also listens to me, and when we are one, we have wonderful harmony, which
: brings health and much joy. As far as acne, I don't have all the answers. In my lifetime I have had
: many miracle cures, for deadly diseases, but this acne has always been there. My skin started
: clearing in my late 20's early 30's when I was having babies. After this, 35 or so I began again with terrible cysts
: etc. Up until this time I had always done the natural approach, never much success, but my
: beliefs, and research said this way is the best. Well I was sick of acne! So I went on tetracycline, and
: retinA,( I also used over the counter stuff first.) This didn't do much, so many other antibiotics and
: topicals later, I finally took accutane, and then repeated accutane again a year or so later ( I am a
: today person so I am very bad about past time frames etc.) didn't finish the second tx, and then
: discovered B5. The rest is history!
: So you see why I am trying to help my daughter avoid a life of acne misery, her chemisrty is different
: from mine and her prognosis is much better than mine. An osteopath is a Dr. of Osteopathy. In California
: they prescribe meds, give treatment to patients, they have many years of medical training, and generally
: have a more wholistic approach. They work with other MD's and many are specialists in a particular field
: of medicine. I hope I have answered all your questions, and plus some I'm sure. See ya, Shayna

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