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Posted by diane on November 02, 2000 at 15:26:21:

In Reply to: Re: PLease help im ready to kill myself.. pLEASEEEE posted by Jepoy on November 02, 2000 at 15:07:47:

: damn boy.. just relax... i used to do the same thing but putting make up in your face would make your red marks worse... just leave it alone...just wash your face with purpose soap.. trust me it will fade out.. just be patience ok...oh putting bleaching cream will help your red marks fade faster... you can get the bleaching cream on any drug store... good luck..

: : please help me... i had acne since i wuz in 7th grade... im now a soph in highschool.. with no acne thanks to accutane but istill have this horrible red dots and lots ofthem.. i wear make up to cover them up but ppl are starting to notice that i am wearing make up and i am very uncomfotable cuz i am a guy.. does neone know of nething that will help get these thing to go away pleaasssse respond b4 i killmyself... DOES GETTIN A TAN COVER THEM Up... nething u say will help me pleaseeeeeeeee

: yeah really, calm down, having red marks is nothing you kill yourself over. feel lucky there red marks and not some terminal illness. anyway, you just have to be patient. they will fade on their own...but it takes quite some time. getting a tan makes them worse...a lot should do the opposite..stay away from the sun!!! use sunblock, not sunscreen...sunBLOCK. you dont realize how little time it takes for the sun to do its job. i use sunblock and i definitely notice them fading now...i dont wear make-up either. exfoliating your skin helps too...gettin' off all that dead skin. i know being in high school makes it worse, because you probably feel like appearence is everything and its like the end of the world..but it isn't. to be really cares about your skin. you thinks its the end of the world because its on your face, when you see someone with you think to yourself "ew, their disgusting.." probably not, you probably dont even give it a second thought...thats how it is when people see you....they dont care. so chill out..dont worry so much. you'll be fine. just give it some time. about wearing make-up, i dont think it would make red marks worse, i've never heard of that and it just doesn't make sense to me...but if you're getting embarrassed then dont wear it. good luck and let us know how its going.

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