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Posted by Lisa on November 02, 2000 at 16:03:52:

In Reply to: Re: acne annoyance posted by Venting Also on November 02, 2000 at 15:04:21:

I so know what you are saying!!! Everywhere I turn, I read or hear something about what I am not allowed to eat because it will contribute to my acne...I am afraid of everything that I put into my mouth now for fear that it will make my face worse. It is so hard trying to find things that I believe to be ok, only to read a few days later that I should not be eating tomatoes, I love fruit but hear that it is not good cuz of the sugar so I started snacking on tomatoes and then I read somewhere that they are not good...too much acid!!! Arghhhhhh!!!! I am trying to eat a lot of veggies and drink a lot of water to fill myself up but I am still always hungry!!

k...done venting...let me know if you find some great things to eat!!!!


: I'm in complete agreement, and would like to add to your "vent."

: I hate the fact that I am a slave to acne. I'm afraid to eat cereal with milk and frozen yogurt because supposedly dairy is bad for acne. Can I eat fresh fruit, or not? Some say it will help, others say it will hurt. Do I use face wash for oily skin, or will that dry out my skin and cause more oil? I can't wear make-up to work any more because I'm afraid it will cause more breakouts. I shudder when someone hugs me because I'm afraid they'll touch my face. I look like a goofball with my hair pulled up and out of my face when I go to sleep. I don't pick my zits any more, so I have to walk around with big pimples screaming "hey, look at me, I'm a zit!" from prominent places on my face. Do I ice it, or use a warm compress?

: I shouldn't eat anything with iodized salt (it's amazing how much that includes). No refined sugar. No fruit. No dairy. What else is left? I'd better start taking vitamins, because before long I won't be able to eat any real food!

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