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Posted by Chris1 on November 07, 2000 at 12:38:24:

I am not that irrational. In fact in one of my recent posts on the same I gave a link to a site which had people from both sides carrying out a healthy debate.

I am saying that many people cannot tolerate the dairy milk well. A few in fact mentioned on this board itself that their acne aggravated with milk and calmed down once they stopped taking it.

I am saying that it's not a bad idea to take non-dairy alternatives for a month or two just to check if milk has some role to play in your acne. Dairy takes around a week to leave your body completely once you stop taking it in all forms. I guess if the dairy is responsible for aggravating your acne then you'd see visible results in a few weeks more.

When people talk about doctors I think about something.

We are in a age of information technology when we can get access to the latest reports, journals, research, experiments, personal experiences.... almost as soon as a doctor sitting in the Harvard Medical School or something and in some cases even faster than them.

This is particularly important for a condition like acne, for which their is still no perfect cure. No doctor on the face of earth can say with confidence that he has the cure for acne. Even the companies that say something similar to this e.g, Roche for Accutane themselves don't know how it works.

In the absence of progress in this field from the medical community or may be their disinterest we all have to face a lot of things on our own while going through this condition (I am not sure if I should call it a disease). A lot of us have to search on our own the most probable cause and a possible cure for ourselves.

We are all in this together.

Take care.


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