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Posted by Mike C. on November 09, 2000 at 13:33:51:

About a year ago a participant with screen name of "JAS" posted this info about msm. It is very well done so for those of you new to the board and interested in msm this may be helpful.

JAS gave me permission to repost this info.

Posted by JAS on December 17, 1999 at 06:15:38:
For those of you that need some MSM info here is some that I found:

Sulfur (MSM)

A Basic Essential Nutrient Needed Now, More than Ever

Methylsulfonylmethane is a relatively new dietary supplement form of sulfur
that is found in our living tissues. MSM supports healthy connective tissues
like tendons, ligaments, and muscle. Thus, it is important in conditions such as
arthritis, muscle pains, bursitis, etc. MSM should be considered an integral
part of any health care practice because of its physiological action, indirect
importance, and current / future uses.

To understand MSM, some background information is necessary. MSM is a
"naturally-occurring nutrient found in normal human diets" (1). It gets into the
diet through the sulfur cycle. Ocean plankton release sulfur compounds which
rise into the ozone where ultra-violet light makes MSM and DMSO. DMSO,
dimethyl sulfoxide, is a precursor to MSM. MSM and DMSO return to the
surface of the earth in rain (1). Plants concentrate MSM and return it to the
earth and the sea. Evaporation into the air results in their return to the earth

MSM has a unique action on body tissues. It decreases the pressure inside
the cell. In removing fluids and toxins, sulfur affects the cell membrane. MSM
is an organic form of sulfur, whereas sulfites in foodstuffs are inorganic. Sue
Williams states "sulfur is present in all cells" and is in the form of "organic
compounds throughout the body’ (2). However, sulfur can be found in the body
in sulfate forms. It forms sulfate compounds with sodium, potassium,
magnesium, and selenium. MSM has a significance, because sulfur
compounds are found everywhere throughout the body and in nature.

Sulfur has an indirect importance, because sulfur compounds play a role in
many body organs and systems. Sulfur is in the hair, skin, and nails. Many
amino acids, the building blocks of protein, have sulfur as a component.
Taurine is a sulfur-containing amino acid formed from methionine (2). Taurine
stabilizes cell membranes (2). Methionine contains sulfur, detoxifies cells, and
is involved in pain relief (2). Carnitine comes from methionine and transports
long chain fatty acids preventing accumulations of lipoproteins (2). Many
B-complex vitamins interact with or contain sulfur. Sulfur is needed for insulin

One current use of MSM is for joint problems, as sulfur is found in and near
osseous structures. Sulfur supports healthy muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
Arthritic conditions have responded to oral MSM. Some researchers note
results from MSM when used for post-exercise muscle pain (1). MSM
normalizes pressure inside cells and removes toxins. Oregon Health Sciences
University has conducted arthritis studies with mice. The mice which received
MSM had "no degeneration of articular cartilage" (1). The other non-MSM
mice had cartilaginous degeneration. The university has used MSM on over
12,000 patents. Researchers make no claim about MSM as a supplement, but
osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscle soreness and muscle pain respond
to oral MSM.

One researcher claims MSM is about as safe as water. One should drink
extra water with MSM use. There are other dietary factors to consider.

Avoiding nightshade plants has helped arthritis patients (tomatoes / potatoes /
green pepper/eggplant). Biotin and vitamin C help the body assimilate MSM.
Biotin and vitamin C are found in fresh fruits. Eating fresh fruits while taking
MSM could be helpful.

In addition to arthritis, it may have other future uses. Dr. Stanley Jacob
believes ,'most people are deficient' in sulfur (1). Insulin synthesis depends
upon sulfur. Many vitamins require or contain sulfur. Some researchers claim
it has many future uses such as in allergies (1).

A good MSM product is both safe and effective. The MSM source for MSM
supplements is often lignin from pine trees. Lignin is a molecule in plants that
is part of a plant's cell wall. Lignin oxidation in oak wine barrels results in the
vanilla flavors of wines. The pine tree lignin is an ideal source for a good
MSM product.

For those who do not want to take MSM as a supplement, food sources of
sulfur are as follows: sunflower seeds, garlic, lentils, soybeans, and yogurt.
Persons with kidney problems or recurrent kidney stones may not want to
take MSM. Certain renal tubular defects can make a person susceptible to
recurrent kidney stones (2). Other kidney defects include errors of
metabolism in which processing of sulfur amino acids is altered (2). Such
persons may wish to avoid MSM.

One thousand to three thousand milligrams per day is a typical dosage range,
but some people take well above that amount. This author takes MSM alone.

From the cell walls of pine trees to the cells o the human body, a good MSM
supplement can contribute to good health.

Conditions That Have Reportedly Responded to MSM Supplements

Candida Yeast Infections
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Chronic Fatigue
Digestive Disorders
Fragile Hair & Nails
Migraine Headaches
Muscle Pain & Cramps
Skin Damage & Aging
Toxic Build-up

A body made up of healthy, flexible cells will not only feel better, it will look
better too. The body is continuously at work replacing old, worn out cells with
new ones. The process goes on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without stop.
When all the raw materials needed for cell-building are available, it is a very
efficient process. When there are deficiencies, the new cells may be weak,
rigid or deformed.

One of the most important raw materials for building healthy new cells is a
form of organic sulfur known as methyl sulfonyl methane (MSM). This
element is so essential to life that it is found in every cell of every plant and
every animal. Sulfur makes up 0.25% of human body weight. However neither
plants nor animals can use elemental sulfur directly. Sulfur is not easily
available to living organisms in its inorganic form.

MSM is not a medicine, a drug, or a food additive. It is a food. MSM is an
organic form of sulfur that can be easily absorbed and utilized by the body.
Although DMSO and MSM are chemically similar, each is unique. MSM is a
pure, stable, white crystalline powder without the unpleasant smell or taste of
DMSO. (1-3) Also, MSM does not give you a strong body odor like DMSO.

Since sulfur is a component of all cells, it is essential that the body have a
plentiful supply of this mineral in its usable form. There is a positive
synergistic effect on building healthier cells when MSM is taken in
combination with vitamin C. The new cells are more pliable and permeable,
allowing fluids to pass through the tissue more easily. (1) Internally this means
more efficient elimination of toxins, a reduction in inflammation and pain so
you feel better. On the outside it shows up as a softer, smoother complexion,
stronger hair and nails - so you look better.

MSM for Relief of Pain and Inflammation

Approximately half of the total body sulfur is concentrated in the muscles, skin
and bones. One of the most significant uses of MSM as a supplement is its
demonstrated ability to relieve pain and inflammation. When rigid fibrous
tissue cells swell and become inflamed, pressure and pain result. Since MSM
can restore flexibility and permeability to restore flexibility and permeability
to cell walls, fluids pass through the tissues more easily which helps to
equalize pressure and reduce or eliminate the cause of pain. Harmful
substances such as lactic acid and toxins are allowed to flow out while
nutrients are permitted to flow in. This prevents the pressure buildup in cells
that causes inflammation. (1)

MSM has shown a remarkable ability to reduce or eliminate muscle soreness
and cramps both in geriatric patients and in athletes. It's even given to race
horses before a race to prevent muscle soreness and afterward to reduce the
risk of cramping. People with arthritis report substantial and long-lasting relief
with MSM supplements. Taken along with glucosamine, a key substance in
the process of rebuilding cartilage, MSM can relieve pain and help repair
worn or damaged cartilage in joints, ligaments and tendons with healthy,
flexible new cells. (1)

How Does MSM Work?

MSM makes cell walls permeable, allowing water and nutrients to freely flow
into cells and allowing wastes and toxins to properly flow out. The body uses
MSM along with Vitamin C to create new, healthy cells, and MSM provides
the flexible bond between the cells. Without proper levels of MSM, our bodies
are unable to build good healthy cells, and this leads to problems such as lost
flexibility, scar tissue, wrinkles, varicose veins, hardened arteries, damaged
lung tissues, dry cracking skin, digestive disorders, joint problems, and
inability to defend against allergic reactions to food, animals and plants.

MSM is an anti-oxidant that helps to clean the blood stream and flush toxins
trapped in our cells. It is also a foreign protein and free radical scavenger. In
order to maintain good health, we need to supplement our diets with MSM, to
enable the body to heal itself. The body uses what it needs, and after 12
hours will flush out any excess amounts.

The Beauty Mineral for Hair, Skin and Nails

Sulfur has been called nature's "beauty mineral" because it is needed to keep
the hair glossy and smooth and keeps the complexion clear and youthful. It is
needed for synthesis of collagen and is prevalent in keratin, a tough protein
substance necessary for health and maintenance of the skin, nails and hair.

MSM is responsible for the flexible disulfide bonds between cells, including
those that make up the skin. It blocks undesirable chemical and physical
cross-linking or bonding of collagen which is associated with tough, aging skin.
Con consequently MSM enhances tissue pliability and encourages repair f
damaged skin. If there is insufficient sulfur in the body when new cells are
being manufactured, the new cells will be rigid. This rigidity can contribute to
cracking, wrinkling and unsightly scar tissue. When sufficient sulfur is present
for new cells, the skin is softer, smoother and more flexible. MSM provides
that sulfur.

Acne, including the severe acne rosacea, responds favorably to MSM
supplements. Adequate sulfur and vitamin C are also needed for healing.
When the body is deficient in these nutrients, the new tissue will be elevated
leaving an unattractive, raised scar. Because MSM makes the skin more
permeable and pliant, it can also help prevent blistering and promote faster
healing from sunburn or wind damage.

With MSM supplements, nails show not only an increase in growth rate, but
also increased toughness and resistance to chipping and cracking. This effect
has been seen both in human nails and horses hoofs.

Allergens, Toxins and Parasites

Flexible, permeable cells are also important in that they allow toxins, allergens
and foreign substances to be flushed out of the body more easily . When skin
cells are soft and permeable, many toxins can be eliminated through the sweat
glands, which takes some of the load off the liver and kidneys. While MSM is
not a cure for allergies, supplementation may reduce symptoms by allowing
allergens to be removed from the body more quickly. Even reactions to insect
bites, poison ivy and poison oak are less severe when the diet is supplemented
with MSM. Vitamin C is also synergistic in this application in that it can lower
histamine levels.

MSM has also shown amazing anti-parasitic action against Giardia,
Trichomonas, roundworms, nematodes, Enterobius and other intestinal worms.
When parasites attach themselves to the intestinal lining, they can live,
reproduce and rob the body of nutrients indefinitely. MSM blocks parasites
by competing for receptor sites on the mucous membrane. When parasites can
not attach themselves, they are simply flushed out of the system.

The same is true with food allergens. MSM coats mucosal surfaces and
occupies the binding sites that could otherwise be used by challenging food
allergens. It can also bind with offending agents to produce harmless
substances which are then excreted from the body. This facilitates normal
digestion and assimilation and allows the body to get maximum nutritional
value from foods that would otherwise cause a reaction. Individuals who
experience an allergic response to certain foods have reported improved or
complete tolerance to those foods when they take MSM supplements.
Healthy flexible colon tissues along with improved digestion, can also relieve


Sulfur is also a component of insulin, the hormone that regulates carbohydrate
metabolism and insufficient sulfur may result in decreased insulin production.
It is also possible that a lack of bio-available sulfur would make the cells so
rigid and impermeable that they become unable to absorb sugar from the
blood efficiently, leaving blood sugar levels elevated. Studies indicate that
regular MSM supplements which cause the cell to become permeable, could
help balance blood sugar and allow the overworked pancreas to return to

Why Supplement?

Since sulfur is present in every cell of every living thing, it might seem that we
would get plenty of this essential mineral from dietary sources and should not
need supplements, but that may not be the case. Meat, poultry, fish, eggs and
dairy products are the main sources of dietary sulfur, but we have been
advised to restrict or remove many of those foods from our diets. Vegetarians,
especially those who do not eat eggs, are at particular risk for sulfur
deficiency. Plants cells contain sulfur but not in abundant quantities and much
of the MSM present in unprocessed foods is lost in washing, cooking or
steaming. And, of course, MSM levels decline noticeably with age - doesn't
everything? So, the older you get, the more important it becomes to maintain
adequate sulfur levels in the body.

Usage and Toxicity

Due to its positive effects, particularly in maintaining healthy cell formation,
2,000 to 6,000 mg. of supplemental MSM daily is recommended. Of course,
the optimum daily dosage of MSM depends largely on body size, age and the
nature and severity of any deficiency symptoms you may be experiencing.
Since vitamin C provides a positive synergistic it should be taken along with

MSM ranks in the "extremely low" toxicity category with a toxicity profile
similar to that of water. When oral supplements are taken, the body will
distribute MSM where it is needed. After about 12 hours, any excess amounts
will be flushed out of the body. MSM, a member of the sulfur family, should
never be confused with sulfa drugs to which some people are allergic.


1.Total Health. 1998. "MSM". Feb/Mar, Vol., 20 No. 1. pp. 30-31.
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This info is from another health topic website BB:

Posted by Rosemarie on October 29, 2000 at 00:39:27:

As many of you know, I've recently done some research into MSM and had one question to which I couldn't find the answer. Basically I wanted to know if there was a "chemical" difference between the licensed and unlicensed MSM sold in this country.

Karl Loren has a website devoted exclusively to MSM (and DMSO) information. He lists his e-mail address and invites questions. So I sent him my question. Imagine my surprise when he answered the very next day. And what he said was quite revealing. I thought you guys might like to know it, so I asked for his permission to paste it here. He said it was okay as long as I don't change anything.

First, my question and then his answer:

Dear Mr. Loren,

I have a question to which I've not found the answer. What is the difference between the licensed and unlicensed version of MSM. The licensed one has a patent and therefore MUST be different in some way. Do you know what that difference is? And is yours the licensed version?

Thank you for your time

And now Mr. Loren's answer:
Dear Rosemarie,

Ah! I'm glad you asked that question.

There are so many false statements on the web! I work hard to expose them.

A company that manufactures MSM, Cardinal Associates, has a "license" to use a patent relating to MSM. For years they tried to prevent anyone else from selling MSM. However, this patent is called a "use" patent -- it is a patent on the use of MSM to stop snoring! (You put some MSM under your nose at night -- it helps stop snoring -- a guy got a patent on this "use!") This type of patent cannot be used to prevent anyone from "making" MSM. So, Cardinal was busy suing everyone else who was selling MSM. Their biggest competitor was Carolwood company. That lawsuit was in the courts for years. Cardinal finally lost. So, there ARE patents relating to MSM, but they are only "use" patents and they cannot be legally used to prevent anyone else from making and selling MSM. Nonetheless, Cardinal continues with the false claim that they have the only "licensed" MSM. Technically this is true, but in fact they are trying to make people believe that THEIR MSM is somehow legitimate when other MSM is not.

I have a copy of all the patents on my web at take a look.

Cardinal is pulling another fraud, saying that ONLY THEIR MSM is made "naturally" from pine trees. This is hogwash.

ALL MSM is made the same way -- including Cardinal's.

They all take TREES (often Pine Trees) for the purpose of manufacturing PAPER --- the process of making paper produces a waste product called DMSO -- when you use that material, boil it, you get MSM. Cardinal and Carolwood both put lots of lies out on the web about their MSM -- It really angers me.

Thanks for asking.

----end of his answer---he did sent along a page of info from his website concerning it. Anyone wanting more information can go to that website.


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